Riccardo Bua

Riccardo Bua


  • Six Sigma / Lean Method.
  • Internet, Web 2.0
  • Chess, argentinian tango


  • English (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • French (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Italian (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Spanish (Professional working proficiency)
  • German (Limited working proficiency)
  • Dutch (Elementary proficiency)


My personal sentence would be: People liked to work with or for him

I am a +13 years experienced manager/senior application engineer that loves to work with people, coach/help and facilitate them(processes) and make sure we are on the right track(projects/programs)

Not fearing to step outside the boundaries and bust sylos, I jump started two technical teams within my corporation so far: participated in the creation and integration to a global support organization in the first one(first European IPCC TAC), brought the second one to become a 3 million $ gross business within 4 years from inception(UCC SOS).

I make use of my analytical skills to lead Vision transformation in day to day ops with a key metrics system, moving from startup mode with shared responsibilities and daily challenges to a well-defined ISO certified model (build something to last).

Broad range of tech expertise (Software, Network, Telco, VOIP, Call Center) mixed with knowledge in specific industries and/or solution areas. Credibility and interpersonal skills to work effectively with client staff at all levels, on a variety of industry environments; in-depths experience of technical support, business, operations, with a bit of marketing and a certain degree of sales. Used to requests on different domains to be carried out at the same time.

Operational excellence: used to high pressure environments, escalations mgmt. (SLAs), "never drop the ball" spirit.

Acquired and shared technical, industry, and Cisco architectural perspective and knowledge with the customers, partners and within Cisco, leveraging and/or generating applicable best practices white papers.

Successful executive-level interactions on solution design, services development, implementation, support expertise in a consulting/operational environment(PPDIO cycle), from the strategy build-up, to the planning up to the final implementation, operations and optimization, bridging the Sales focused team to the technical side.

Leading and led locally and remotely, global and multinational CCIE level engineering teams(max 10 people) from over 20 countries, supported up to 2500 World Wide Customers on complex and leading edge technologies.

I am used to be a Change agent/architect for a client environment, dealt with vendor/partner selection and strategy work, with good business judgment, an open communication style, working globally.

My team leadership style is shifting between hands-on, coaching, high energy, can-do, highly collaborative style, as I adapt well both to theoretical and pragmatic.

Happy to learn from others and best practices: Lean/DMAIC, ITIL, PMI-PMP, SCRUM/Agile, among others


Call Center expert, Quality, People, Process, Project Management, [CISCO, IPCC, Windows, Microsoft, SS7, SIP, ISDN, MS SQL, Oracle, CRM, CTI, Java, Gateways, Gatekeeper, Voip] - Change agent/architect for a client environment, used to vendor/partner selection and strategy work -Good business judgment, open communication style, work in a global team. -Team leadership coupled with hands-on, high energy, can-do, highly collaborative style, always shift between theoretical and pragmatic


Be challenged in my day by day work activities. Be a bridge between business and technical resources.


34 Awards in 12 years at Cisco for exceptional service(CAP Award)

Nominated for 4 global emerging leader programs:

1)  2009 Council Apprentship Program with the Services Acquisition Group[6 months rotational program]

Identifiy potential services M&A targets in the Collaboration space and evaluate their financials and service offering.

Analyze the implication and the needs for cloud services deliveries and the general market space and the possibilities/risks for Cisco Services.

Help the Services group define their strategy working with the Advanced serviced global practices groups while assessing suitable M&A targets. Market research and report on competitive intelligence sources, suitable new technologies and deliverable methods.

2)  2009 Ace Leadership program[3 Weeks program]

The acronym ACE stands for Accelerated Customer Service Exposure, and is designed to give participants broad exposure to CS business functions and to current CS leaders and executives. In addition, participants are given the opportunity to grow themselves as leaders through experiential learning about leadership and communication.The program is both challenging and rewarding as participants explore leadership experiences outside their normal comfort zones. The multi-dimensional nature of the program provides exposure and experience opportunities that give participants the edge they need to push past current leadership challenges into a new level of excellence in collaborative leading.

3)  2010/2011 Global Technical Center Talent Strategy Leadership Development Program

The program focuses on developing critical business and leadership skills and will be offered globally and in phases.  The program has three primary objectives:

·        Raise the level of leadership skills within the GTC organization

·        Develop the business skills of our technical managers

·        Create the leaders of tomorrow’s GTC

Training in Leading High Performing Teams, Next Generation Change Leadership and Mastering Personal Impact.

§  Leading High Performing Teams enables participants to identify their team’s strengths and weaknesses and create strategies that lead to team improvement

§  Next Generation Change Leadership teaches organizational change. Participants will learn to apply the Next Generation Change Leadership (NGCL) framework, how to embed the GTC vision and Change Leadership skills into the DNA of the organization and how to accelerate the adoption of the portfolio business value

§  Mastering Personal Impact will focus on individual change by helping participants develop self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and relationship management skills

4)  2010-2011 I-Count PMO Project Manager

Selected with 50 emerging leaders for a volunteer HR part time assignment/leadership development program outside of the area of core specialties as an additional resource to the European HR PMO

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2009 - Present


Cisco Systems

Supervisor of a high touch escalation engineering group in the unified contact center space

UCC-SOS Technical Team Lead

ØSupporting ATT, Sprint, T Mobile, Comcast, Cox, Goldman Sachs, CW, AAFES, USAA, Accenture, AAFES on their mission critical Contact Center Solution

ØBDM for our group service offering inthe EMEA Theater

ØResponsible for the hiring and training of the new team members, insourcing and outsourcing

ØService definition scoping and overall group Strategy initiator/reviewer

ØWorldwide Technical escalation on UCC Solutions attending our clinic in partners/sales events, public speaker.

ØGroup SaaS, Hosted solution, Multitenant Unified Communications expert

ØManaging a group of 9 expert engineers(CCIE certified)

ØCurrent duties:

-Business operation management

Service Request Routing enablement

Workload reporting and analysis

Operational environment monitoring


-Business development management

New technologies/support opportunity scoping

New service definition / Scope of service definition

Contract quoting

OEM relationship

-Collaboration Space Operations Analyst

Evaluate the collaboration space

Scope current deployments for strength and weaknesses

Proactively engage in new services and engage relevant customers displacing their alternate solution provider

Cooperate with Product Management in the Agile development of new solutions

-Service Delivery Management

Executive briefing

Quarterly Business review

Business escalation

Interactions with the extended sales/services teams

-Escalation Management

Technical escalation

Critical issues management

SLAs management

Incident management

-Team Lead

People management

Operations review

Resource scheduling

New hire interview/screening

                Job profiling

Sep 2010 - Aug 2011


Cisco Europe

Volunteering 12 months Part time rotational program working withhr pmo and the european leadership on defining the processes needed for the employeesto participate in cross-functional projects as part of their career development

  • Working across different organizations to collect different experiences and consolidate them in a specific framework
  • Handling the project plan, the processes definition, supporting the program manager in the planning, designing and executing phase
  • Defined the scope of the activities within one fishbone diagram and provided a dashboard and a project plan to document all the activities performed
Jul 2010 - Oct 2010


Cisco Inc US

Temporary assignement while group transitioned into a different organisational structure and line of reporting.

  • Managed a team of 9 engineers, started discussion for 3 contract renewals, 3 new customers prospected, reviewed the possibility for a new service offering for some of our critical accounts.
  • Investigated the possibility of an OEM support agreement with an external partner/vendor and the commercial implications(cobranding)
  • Managed the ongoing escalation for 2 critical accounts, large service providers.
  • Acted as a point of contact for the extended service delivery team, business unit, sales groups.
Aug 2009 - Feb 2010


Cisco US

Council Apprentship Program with the Services Acquisition Group[6 months rotational program]

Identifiy potential services M&A targets in the Collaboration space and evaluate their financials and service offering.

Analyze the implication and the needs for cloud services deliveries and the general market space and the possibilities/risks for Cisco Services.

Help the Services group define their strategy working with the Advanced serviced global practices groups while assessing suitable M&A targets. Market research and report on competitive intelligence sources, suitable new technologies and deliverable methods

  • Reviewed companiesas potential M&A Targets in the Collaboration space(special focus on Software as a Service)
  • Change agent at the C level for the services group strategy in the Collaboration Space
  • Market research and competitive intelligence provider for the services business dev group
Aug 2007 - Aug 2009


Cisco US
  • Supporting Sprint Telecom the largest and most critical IPCC deployment on their Contact Center Technologies,
  • Part of the High Touch worldwide Services group. Acting as a Worldwide SME on Contact Center Technologies and as a Technical escalation point for our customers/ partners being part of the extended Partner Desk International team (mainly working on design and implementation scenarios).
  • Rewarded for the support in deploying and troubleshooting the largest Cisco Voice Portal migration with over a 100 US stores migrated from a SS7 network to a true IP Telephony solution.
  • Bootcamp Trainer for all the new team members on the customer specific technology and environment.
  • Interviewer for the new team members.
Jun 2002 - Aug 2007

TAC Europe IPCC Team Lead I & II


Managing a 8 engineer team supporting eleven thousands customer installations worldwide, spread in different countries within Europe, with all the challenges that a geographically distributed team brings.

  • Several internal rewards for excellence in customer support and satisfaction
  • Responsible for Projects and Processes surrounding the team activity, quality of the responses, team readiness to support new products/solutions(ISO coordinator)
  • Customer escalation point in the event of a critical event, incident tracking and service delivery leader reporting to the extended business team(sales, customer services, marketing)
  • Interviewer for over 100 candidates for positions within the team or member of the extended group involved in the graduates assessment days
  • Executive Business Center speaker for the technical services on contact center technologies, Subject Matter Expert.
  • Worldwide Technical Documents reference, coordinating technical writer documents, initiator of support online documentation, technical reviewer of the Products Literature
  • Matrixed worker interfacing different side of the business, sales, marketing, services, technical support, consulting services as a team contributor; or different theaters and organizations, in a multinational environment
  • Good pressure handling in situations where downtime is measured in terms of service level agreements and money loss.
  • Coach - Trainer mentored the new joiners to the team and provided engineering short talks on the different products we work with
  • Business Analyst – Leader reviewer of the team overall numbers in areas like customer satisfaction, productivity, effectiveness in dealing with the field
  • Project chart member – Tiger Team member in new services, products or service offering projects surrounding our day by day activities(Specific Customisations, New tools, New support contract offering), I was never just ‘a’ or ‘the’ technical resource, I was instead also the team/project member aware of the business goals and how those had to be translated in action items to be accomplished, looking at the schedule, risk, communication plan and so on.
  • Partner enabler and business interface
  • Engineers Technical point of escalation, principal resource in dealing with the Engineering Group, technical leads.
  • Senior Technical Support Engineer involved in Deployment, Solutions delivery and Maintaining scenarios surrounding Voice, Video and Contact Center Solutions.
Mar 2000 - Jun 2002

Customer Support Engineer III

Cisco Systems Inc

Started the local Contact Center TAC Support Group in Brussels in 2000 following Cisco acquisition of Geotel. Focal Engineer for TIM/BT/Energis/AT&T Unisource and CW I improved quickly and got promoted to a senior role. Worked on biggest and newest solution in the ICM/IPCC Arena providing assistance to customer and detailed reports to Engineering and Product Manarketing on possible software improvements.

A common set of requirements are(the list is all but conclusive):

1)Good understanding of TDM ACDs and how they operate, ISDN supplementary services and so on.

2)Good understanding of SS7 networks and INAP in particular.

3)Good understating of VOIP(H323/MGCP/SIP) and Call Manager in particular

4)Good application world understanding – client/server|multitier|Web 2.0[We support solution on several application servers: IIS, Sybase Jaguar, Tomcat, IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic]

5)Good Microsoft Products understanding – our solution might integrate with Active Directory, so in a sense we all need to be also system administrators and verify all users issues or specific systems integration

6)Good Security principles understanding to validate open/closed ports, user rights based on the customer requirements, domain awareness, etc.

7)Good Database products understanding(we support solutions on Oracle, Sybase and MSSQL)

8)Good IOS understanding when it comes to a voice gateway (dialpeers/destination patters, gatekeeper, TCL, etc.)

9)Good campus experience and networking tools to troubleshoot any interconnect problem(sniffer).

10)Programmer mindset and experience with Perl, Java, VB, Visual C++ in a CTI/CRM environment.

11)Tester abilities when dealing with customer acceptance

12)Log reviewer and troubleshooter

Apr 1998 - Jan 2000

System Architect / Consultant

Teorema Engineering / Microsoft Italy

Supported the Beta testing for enterprises, service providers, PMI and public in Italy of Windows2000. Outsourced to Microsoft I provided on my own Q&A/Technical support and Consulting. Deployed large e-mail, fax server, database systems and two/three tiers applications based on Microsoft technology.

Jan 1998 - Mar 1998

CGI Programmer Internship


Web programmer, Oracle DB admin and UNIX Solaris Admin for E-Commerce web sites mainly in the finance sector, banks and insurance companies


2012 - Present

Cisco CAMS

Cisco Learning group

The Cisco Advanced Manager Series is designed for managers with more than three years of people management experience.

CAMS is a in person (four global locations) workshop with pre-work and post workshop activities.

Participants will:

- Develop a horizon leadership mindset and a proactive approach to the manager's role.

- Accelerate business results by adopting best practices for fostering innovation, leading change, and creating collaborative trust-based relationships.

- Expand their professional network at Cisco by networking with Cisco managers and executives from diverse organizations; a key step towards our One Cisco vision.

2010 - Present

CMS 101 (Cisco Manager series)

Cisco Learning group

CMS is a 16 week consolidated curriculum that covers foundational training for people managers at Cisco.

It is based on an award-winning Management Development Solution which has been tailored to support the Cisco C-LEAD Management Competencies.

The CMS 16-week Curriculum is required for all new people managers who have zero (0) to three (3) years in a Cisco people manager role.


Oct 2010 - Present

Stanford Advanced Program Management(SCPM)

Stanford University