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Primarily involved in marketing television series and feature films, Mr. Blu is extremely experienced in all aspects of print design, creative direction and commercial film production, including set design and main title design.  For over a decade he has also been involved in motion picture development, worked as a successful studio photographer and designed dozens of websites including e-commerce.  An experienced professional in marketing package goods, he has worked with United Vinters, Sunkist, Wells Fargo, BMW of North America, Nissan Motor Corporation and Levis Strauss.  A graduate of Art Center, the artist resides in Beverly Hills with his wife and two sons and whenever he is not working he is a volunteer with his son's high school football program.

Work experience

Art Director/Designer

Illusion Factory

The Illusion Factory is a very unique, agile company capable of doing extraordinary work.  They have successfully been involved in special effects for the film industry, creating and designing posters for television and film and creating trailers and infomercials.

After ten years of successful collaboration I maintain a relationship and continue to work with Brian Weiner on special projects.  This includes title design, poster design for television and films and web site development and design.

Jan 2005Present

Creative Director/Producer


If necessity is indeed the mother of invention then this company is definitely her offspring. I began creating posters for all my son's youth sports teams and always wondered if there wasn't a quicker and more productive way of working.  The posters I was creating were one-of-a-kind.  Eventually I figured out that I could create backgrounds and apply almost any photo: boys or girls involved in any sport would work.  Now the challenge for me is to keep updating the background designs and continue to make each poster look original.  

I'm continually engaged in developing this site and promoting the concept of custom posters, and at the same time I keep involved in strategic search engine marketing.  Overall the big challenge is to keep the background designs fresh while making each poster original.

Jul 1998May 2003

Senior Art Director

While at Fox I was extremely fortunate to introduce and market such breakthrough TV shows as X-Files, Ally McBeal, American Idol and Joe Millionaire.  I've also had the unique experience of working on the Simpsons, Futurama, The Family Guy and the Tick.  Working in television and particularly animation has given me a more complete perspective about what kind of visuals are motivating to consumers. 

I was involved in main title design, marketing concepts for the shows and photo shoot planning and production. Ultimately all of this planning and production came together in the form of posters and outdoor boards.

Apr 1995Jun 1998

Senior Art Director

BD Fox

While at BD Fox I had the opportunity of working on several dozen CBS movies and many films among the most notable, Moll Flanders and John Singleton's Rosewood.  I designed title treatments, created television posters and designed DVD boxes.

BD Fox remains a very innovative and creative studio and has the singular distinction of having created three of the top 30 most famous posters of all time according to Entertainment Weekly.



University of California at Los Angeles



Adobe CS3
Well versed in all things Adobe.  Additionally I use FCP, AE, Soundtrack Pro Flash and DVD Studio Pro.
Expert with almost any kind of camera equipment.  Trained and experienced on Arriflex and Panaflex cameras.