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Cover Letter

June 21, 2011Clearly ContactsRandi-Lee R. Duhamel

320-2985 Virtual Way

Vancouver, BC

V5M 4X7

Dear Randi-Lee Duhamel:Re: Email Marketing Coordinator:

I am a young marketing professional with a passion for digital media and storytelling, interested in applying for the position of Email Marketing Coordinator with Clearly Contacts. I believe that my experience in determining customer segments and targeting them with content-specific advertisements combined with my educational background make me an excellent candidate for this position. I feel that I am the detail-oriented, self-starter that you seek who meets all of your technical requirements; having experience with HTML and Excel. Furthermore, I also possess those qualities that you deem as assets: I am comfortable using Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator; acquainted with Google analytics; have recently embarked on an email marketing campaign; and hold a BBA with a marketing concentration from Simon Fraser University.An evaluation of my attached résumé will reveal additional qualifications and accomplishments and give insight into how I can make meaningful contributions to your marketing team. Some career highlights include: Acting as project coordinator for Grupo Chulavista, where I crafted and implemented a marketing plan that allowed Grupo CADI to surpass its sales targets by 10%, or a total of 2 additional house sales per month, by increasing the traffic of potential buyers.Independently consulting for Sobre de Ahorros, where the scope of my responsibilities was vast and included strategic  planning, market research, budget preparation, graphic design, product sales and staff training and development.Working as a business consultant for Creativity in Business Canada, where I exceeded client expectations by concurrently learning the new skills that arose while completing the assignment on time. This effort eliminated the need for my employer to assign additional resources. For example, I taught myself how to use unfamiliar editing software and video lighting techniques in order to produce a 30-minute documentary.In addition to these experiences, I possess diplomas in digital illustration and web design. These designations enable me to plan and create emails, craft HTML templates and fashion the graphics that these campaigns would require.What my résumé fails to illustrate is the amount of dedication, enthusiasm and imagination that I bring to each professional endeavour. This, combined with my experience, allows me to confidently apply my creative and insightful approach to immediately add value through contributing to the realization of Clearly Contacts´ marketing goals. I have built an esteemed reputation among employers, clients and peers for being trustworthy, dependable and devoted in all of my responsibilities and I welcome the challenge of proving this to your organization.I look forward to scheduling a more personal meeting where we can discuss my abilities and your expectations in more detail. Please feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Sincerely,Ricardo DíazEnclosure: Résumé


Results-oriented professional with a BBA from SFU and demonstrated achievements in marketing, promotions and sales. Resourceful and motivated as a team member, charismatic and encouraging as a team leader. Effective problem solving and decision-making skills are showcased under conditions involving time constraints. A creative talent with the poise and tact needed to successfully execute corporate mission and vision. Proficient in MS Office, iWork, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Fluent in English and Spanish.

Work experience


Business Consultant

Self Employed

Developed a new and successful product for a direct marketing company in Mexico and assembled a skilled team to sustain it in my absence.

  •  Was able to make this product profitable within its first 2 months by performing all of the necessary functions with minimal help or supervision. Such duties included: market and distribution research, graphic design, finding the best suppliers and, eventually, persuading new clients to sign up.
  •  Met sales objectives by gathering key information from the sales team and then using it to create a practical manual that was needed to overcome objections and concerns from prospective clients.
  •  Addressed clients’ needs by offering them unique solutions to ensure that they were satisfied with the product, allowing us to not only gain but also retain their business.

Business Consultant

Creativity in Business Canada Inc.

Reported directly to the CEO. Was required to learn, concurrently while working, the diverse skills needed to complete a variety of projects.

  •  Ensured the effective communication of a project’s core values by collecting and then editing relevant stories into a 30 minute documentary.
  •  Enhanced team effectiveness by training and organizing 25 volunteers prior to a 1,800 attendees multi-day international conference.
  •  Contributed market research and analysis to a report recommending ways of increasing the exposure of a faculty of a renowned University.

Project Coordinator

Grupo Chulavista

Led several task-specific teams in accomplishing a range of marketing-related functions for Grupo Chulavista.

  •  Exceeded sales targets by 10% through conceptualizing an integrated marketing campaign for CADI Group, a residential development company, through first crafting the advertisements and then administering them directly to the target market via direct marketing, printed media and tactical outdoor positioning.
  •  Co-organized a successful 2,500 person event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Mexican Federal Electricity Company.
  •  Compiled a detailed database of all advertisements within the Estate of Mexico in violation of the regulations set forth by the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

Summer Intern

Arcelor Mittal

Directly assisted the Western Canada Product Manager in various areas such as conducting market research, maintaining inventory levels and implementing logistics.

  •  Applied an array of investigative methods, such as cold calling the competition and performing extensive database research, in order to formulate a reliable market profile report on the Canadian steel tubing industry.
  •  Improved inventory control by utilizing software applications to effectively track and update steel levels in the CN yards for the  cities of Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.
  •  Supplied logistics by inspecting incoming steel bars from Taiwan and redistributing them to various destinations within Canada according to client requirements and demand.

Student Fundraiser

Simon Fraser University

Tactfully made phone calls to SFU Alumni so as to procure donations necessary to help both current and future SFU students.

  •  Employed effective telephone solicitation techniques in order to achieve the fundraising and relationship-building goals of the  Annual Appeal.
  •  Maintained and updated alumni records by carefully documenting the information received from each phone call.



Bachelor in Business Administrarion

Simon Fraser University



Diploma & Certified Adobe Associate

Digital Arts Institute, Mexico

Diploma & Certified Adobe Associate

Digital Arts Institute, Mexico


Robert McKee´s story seminar