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  • Strong technical background to configure IP Telephony, Wireless LAN and Microwave links.
  • Over 10 years of experience of technical support of Voice over IP,  troubleshooting in traditional TDM protocols such as ISDN, SIP and H323.
  • Advanced understanding of internetworking, including new architectures, standards and solid knowledge in support and configuration of Router and Switch.
  • Developing technical application instructions, drawings of the network topology and technical materials related to IP Telephony and Network solutions.
  • Customer and Sales team support in designing, configuring technical solution and defining of the project prerequesites of VoIP and Unified Communication.Survey of prerequisites for implementation of the system, following the manufacturer's best installation practices.
  • Solid IT background - IP Transport (switch/router) protocols, Wireless LAN, Microwave links, GPON network and VoIP in either environment of Cloud or Hybrid.
  • Conducting technical trainings in different verticals like Unified Communication, Radio Frequency concepts, Microwave links prediction study, Wireless LAN Radio Frequency design and IP Networking.

Work History

Oct 2016Sept 2018


Axyon Distribuidora LTDA

Key responsibilities:

  • Working closely with assigned Account Manager to develop new services opportunities understanding the customer´s need.
  • Responsible for new products homologation from different manufacturers to be comply with the brazilian telecommunication laws before its commercializing.
  • Providing support of the end-user to design Microwave links, Unified Communication, Collaboration and IP Telephony and Wireless LAN solutions.
  • Solid skills in designing and implement Mitel solution in PABX clustering, Unified Communication and Collaboration, NuPoint and Contact Center.
  • Diagnostise, report, document, and solve issues related to low performance, interference, network problems and misconfiguration in Microwave Radios and Wireless LAN Network.
  • Performing link budget calculations and frequency layout documents for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint design.
  • Solid backgound in troubleshooting of SIP, ISDN and IP Trunk XNET protocols.
Jan 2015Jan 2016

Senior Solution Architect

Agora Soluções em Telecomunicações LTDA
Set 2013Dez 2014

Connectivity Analyst III

Agora Soluções em Telecomunicações LTDA
May 2010Aug 2013

Wireless Projects Technical Analyst

Agora Soluções em Telecomunicações LTDA

Key responsibilities:

  • Translating the client's business needs to meet the requirements within a specific solution such as IP Telephony Solution, Contact Center, Unified Communications, Video Conference, Microwave radio, Wireless LAN and GPON.
  • Develop application instructions, drawings of the network topology and technical materials related to technical presentation.
  • Cooperate with the sales team advising in the preparation of the technical design, technical presentations and RFP and driving customer to adjustable solutions of IP telephony services, WLAN and  Microwave Links.
  • Prepare, format and present the IP telephony projects, Contact Center, Unified
    Communication, WLAN, Microwave Links and GPON that meet customer requirements.
  • Implementing IP Telephony, WLAN, Microvave Links and GPON following the best installation practices according to the manufacturer.
  • Perform link budget calculations and frequency layout documents for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint design.
  • Ensure the equipments are operating at optimal efficiency, taking corrective measures as needed to maximize customer availability.
  • Elaborating proof of concept and document the technical specifications for implementing the solution reporting the data collected in the field for further analisys.
  • Carrying out technical training to partners and customers for different solutions such as IP Telephony solutions, Contact Center, Unified Communications, Video Conference, Microware Links prediction study, RF concepts and Wireless LAN design planning.

Mar 2009Abr 2010

Telecommunication Support Analyst

Aerotech Telecomunicações LTDA

Key responsibilities:

  • Managing the portability system of PSTN operators. Support and problem solving for the end customer to identify and correct problems in digital E1 trunks - CAS, CCS or even SIP Trunk and H.323.
  • Maintaining and configuration of CISCO voice Gateways AS5400 Series, 5350, 5300 designated as Gatekeeper to work along with softswitch for managing different Carries calls. Besides, the maintenance on the route plan for Carriers and end customer.
  • Assistance for the major operators such as Telefonica, Embratel and GVT to establish new digital circuits ISDN, R2 or SIP Trunk.
  • Project design to corporate network, technical presentation and technical feasibility analysis.
  • Operator's network link monitoring to analysis of the quality of voice related to calls, delays and bandwidth consumption of servers and gateways.
  • Statistical tools for network analysis.
Jan 2007Mar 2009

Telecommunication Support Analyst

Telefree do Brasil Telecomunicações LTDA

Key responsabilities:

  • Softswitch platform, Voice Gateway (Cisco AS5300, AS5400, 2621, 3600, IAD2400 Series and Asterisk) magagement.
  • Maintenance plan routes, customer support and carriers.
  • Support and configuration of voice gateway to communicate with PBX through the protocols: SIP, H.323, CAS (R2), CCS (ISDN). Interconnection to Tandem telephone switch through SS7.
  • Assistance to establish new digital circuits or for troubleshooting with ISDN, R2 or even SIP Trunk signaling with major carriers such as Telefonica, Embratel and GVT.
  • Operating network link monitoring to analysis of the quality of voice related to calls, delays and bandwidth consumption of servers and gateways.                                      
  • Configure and troubleshooting network related to switches and routers.


Fev 2005Dez 2008

Bachelor Degree in Information System

Universidade Bandeirantes de São Paulo
Mar 2014Feb 2016

Specialization Degree in Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems

INATEL - Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações


Projects Accomplished

2014 FIFA World Cup Nov/2013 - Aug/2014:    Responsable for designing and installation of IP Telephony System such as MiVoice Business, MiCollab, MiVoice Call Recording, MiContact Center and Magor Video Conferencing , total budget of USD $2M consisted 12 sites. The integration of the state and federal forces of the brazilian government with others municipal government systems was one of the greatest benefits, which stood for an extremely faster access of information by authorities. It also made possible, in a transparent and secure way, the 12 (National Integrated Command and Control Centre) CICC brazilian police force offices to establish VoIP calls and Video Conferencing sessions with others PABX like CISCO, Alcatel, Avaya and Leocotron, besides allowing outside officers to join into video conferencing sessions. I have also developed training technical agenda for both Mitel IP Telephony and Magor Video Conferencing solution to convey the knowledge of solution to the end users and system administrators.

Click here - National Integrated Command and Control Centre will coordinate security actions during the World Cup

Certification & Training

  • Cisco
    • CCNA-RS CISCO Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching
  • Mitel
    • MiCloud Management Portal Rel 6.0 Technical
    • Mitel Communications Director (MCD) for 3300 ICP Rel 4.1 Basic and Advanced Leader-Led
    • Mitel Standard Linux (MSL) Rel 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 I+M Update Self-Study
    • Mitel Oria Rel 5.0, 5.3 Technical
    • MiCollab (MAS, UCA, MCA) Rel 7.0, 7.3, 8.0 Technical
    • MiContact Center (MiCC) Rel 6.x, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1 Technical
    • Mitel Certificate Associate – Cloud (MiVoice Business Rel 8.0)
    • MiVoice Border Gateway (MBG) Rel 8.0, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 Technical
    • MiVoice Business (MCD/3300) Rel 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 8.0 Core Technical
    • MiVoice Business Rel 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 8.0 Networking, Clustering and Resiliency Technical
    • MiVoice Business Hospitality Certification
    • NuPoint Unified Messaging Rel 6.0, 7.0 Technical
    • MiVoice Business Sales Engineering Design
    • SIP SSCA Certification Training for NA/CALA/SA Students
    • Mitel Communications Director rel 6.0 Engineering Overview and Solution Design Leader-Led
  • AudioCodes
    • Audiocodes Certified Associate for Gateway Essentials and Configuration

    • RADWIN Official Trainer in Brazil – Certificate ID CALA-2017-328
  • Training Education Service
    • VMWare vSphere– Install, Configure, Manager 6.0

  • Huawei - Optical Communications
    • HCS-Access Network Pre-Sales
    • HCS-Transmission Network Pre-Sales