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Ricardo Aparecido Nogueira de jesus

  • São Paulo, Brazil, BR

Senior Solution Architect with over 5 years of experience in deployment of IP telephony solutions, Wireless LAN, microwave radio, routers and switch.


Strong technical background with over 5 years of experience in deployment of IP Telephony, Video , Wireless LAN, Microwave radio, Router and Switch and with over 9 years of experience of technical support in Voice over IP, troubleshooting of TDM system such as ISDN and R2 addition to SIP and H323 signaling. Advanced understanding of internetworking, including new architectures, standards and solid knowledge in support and configuration of Router and Switch.

Ability to understand the needs and processes to design technological solutions and offer the adequate solution for the proposed scenario.

Developing technical application instructions, drawings of the network topology and technical materials related to technical presentation.

Technical support to customer and Sales team in designing and configuration of solutions IP telephony system, Contact Center, Unified Communication and Collaboration, Video Conferencing, WLAN, Microwave Radio, GPON, Router and Switch.

Survey of prerequisites for implementation of the system, following the manufacturer's best installation practices.

Provide pre-sales assistance for Sales opportunities to customers and partners.

Conduct compelling demonstration for the architectural solution and technical requests at Customer locations, workshops and Business events.

Support the customers and Sales team in defining the prerequisites and requirements in response of RFI/RFP requests.

Providing proof of concept in customer environment to demonstrate the integration of the presented solution in the customer’s network environment.

The proper precaution to resolve any outstanding issue between the organization and technical staff usually acting as an interface with the manufacturers.
Contributing to training of the channel partners and local team to broaden the technical and commercial expertise.

Technologies Skills:

  • Solid IT and ICT background - IP Transport, Wireless, IP Telephony, Applications Switches
  • Good knowledge of OSPF routing protocols, BPG, IGRP.
  • IP Telephony System: solid expertise in Mitel cluster PABX, UCA, MCA, NuPoint, Contact Center and excellent problem solving. troubleshooting, creative resolution skills in SIP, ISDN, R2 and IP Trunk-XNET protocols.
  • Responsible for design, implement and customer support for Unified Communication, Dect, Collaboration Advanced, NuPoint, Contact Center and PBX´s clustered systems.
  • Wireless LAN: solid expertise in the project design, prediction study for indoor and outdoor coverage, site survey to determine to outcome of the study. Wi-fi installation in various environments such as Hotel, Public and Private University and Mining.
  • Microwave Radio: prediction study to link microwave radio frequency licensed and unlicensed, offering the customer the better solution to meet the demand and keeping focus on the best practices according to the specifications of manufacturer.
  • GPON: good skillset of network design for GPON solutions, product specification in accordance with the technical requirements, customer support for implementation and technical presentation of the solution.
  • Excellent teaching and technical expertise to conduct technical traning in product line: Mitel - MiVoice, WLAN - Motorola / Zebra, Cambium Networks Point-to-Point and Multipoint Radio licensed / unlicensed, Router and Switch CISCO.

Work History

Mai 2010Nov 2015

Senior Solution Architect

Agora Soluções em Telecomunicações LTDA

Company in the Telecommunications sector, distributor of Motorola radio, Cambium Networks microwave radio, as a leading Mitel distributor of IP Telephony System in Brazil, Magor Video Conferencing as well.

Key responsibilities: translating the client's business needs to meet the requirements within a specific solution such as IP Telephony Solution, Contact Center, Unified Communications, Video Conference, Microwave radio, Wireless LAN, Router and Switch and GPON.

This includes working directly with customers to identify functional requirements and therefore make technical presentations, topology design, proof of concept and document technical specifications for implementing the solution, prediction study of Wireless LAN Indoor and Outdoor systems, analysis of reference terms for bid participation and elaborate questionnaire, level 2 support.

Technical training to partners and customers in IP telephony solutions, Contact Center, Unified Communications, Video Conference, Microwave Radio, Wireless LAN and Router and Switch.

Mar 2009Abr 2010

Telecom Support Analyst

 Aerotech Telecomunicações LTDA

PSTN telecommunications company (Fixed Commuted Telephone Service) focused on providing fixed telephony service in the cities of São Paulo and Campinas.

 Key responsibilities: managing the portability system of PSTN operators. Support and problem solving for the end customer to identify and correct problems in digital E1 trunks - CAS, CCS or even SIP Trunk and H.323.

Maintaining and configuration of CISCO voice Gateways AS5400 Series, 5350, 5300 designated as Gatekeeper to work along with softswitch for managing different Carries calls. Besides, the maintenance on the route plan for Carriers and end customer.

Assistance for the major operators such as Telefonica, Embratel and GVT to establish new digital circuits ISDN, R2 or SIP Trunk.

Project design to corporate network, technical presentation and technical feasibility analysis.

Operator's network link monitoring to analysis of the quality of voice related to calls, delays and bandwidth consumption of servers and gateways.

Statistical tools for network analysis.

Jan 2007Mar 2009

Telecom Support Analyst

Telefree do Brasil Telecomunicações LTDA 

PSTN telecommunications company focused on providing fixed telephony service in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Londrina.

Management of Soft-Switch platform, Voice Gateway (Cisco AS5300, AS5400, 2621, 3600, IAD2400 Series and Asterisk). Maintenance plan routes, customer support and carriers.

Administration and support of voice gateway to communicate with PBX through the protocols: SIP, H.323, CAS (R2), CCS (ISDN). Interconnection to Tandem telephone switch through SS7.

Assistance to establish new digital circuits or for troubleshooting with ISDN, R2 or even SIP Trunk signaling with major carriers such as Telefonica, Embratel and GVT.

Operator's network link monitoring to analysis of the quality of voice related to calls, delays and bandwidth consumption of servers and gateways.

Jun 1999Mar 2006

Network Administrator

Editora Páginas Amarelas LTDA

Company in the sector of print and digital ads for the residential market segment and corporative, about three thousand employers, 8 branches in Brazil.

 Key responsibilities: technical support to end users of the branches and head office.

Managing Internet and Intranet access policies.

Network maintenance of branches over Frame-Relay technology along with OSPF routing protocols to broadcast the networks.

Administration, configuration, network troubleshooting in routing protocols, switches and LAN connectivity between users and services.

Analysis and troubleshooting of technologies such as

Frame Relay and PPP network, in addition, configuration and troubleshooting of access and distribution Cisco switches such as 2900, 3700 and 3800 series.


Jan 2005Dez 2008

Graduated in System Analyst

Universidade Bandeirantes São Paulo
Jan 2014Mar 2016

Postgraduate in Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems

INATEL - Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações

Projects Accomplished

FIFA World Cup 2014: in this project I was responsible for the design of all IP telephony solution for the 13 sites and was the technical leader for deployment of IP Telephony solution / Unified Communication / Oaisys Call Recording / Border Gateway and Contact Center in the field.

We had 07 months as deadline for installation, functionality testing and acceptance of the solution. The IP telephony solution has been designed from the numbering plan to allow scalability up to 500 users per site.

 We carried out several integrations with existing IP telephony systems of federal and states government agencies through SIP Trunk signaling with manufacturers like Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel and Aastra.

The project´s composition was designed to meet the requirement of resilience in VMWare environments along with vCenter to provide High Availability - HA.

Complementing the solution, they were installed 13 Videoconferencing systems - Magor and an MCU controller in the main site to connect the Command and Control Centers in video conferencing sessions.

We accomplished the integration of the video conferencing systems along with the solution of Mauell video wall in each of the 13 sites by means of WebRTC, allowing that the meeting room session were broadcast throughout the Command and Control Integrated Centre, including mobile devices which might participate in video session wherever they are.

 Sao Paulo Civil Police: technical responsible for the design and implementation of IP Telephony solution / Contact Center Mitel to five police stations in Sao Paulo, integrating with other 230 PABX third-vendors like Avaya, Siemens, Aastra, Siemens, Alcatel. In addition to terminal installation for the hearing disabilities in 5 police stations.

Petrobras Salvador: optical link, FSO technology to provide access to the remote building about 2 km, available bandwidth STM-1. Responsible for configuration, alignment and acceptance testing.

Vale do Rio Doce: Prove of Concept (PoC) for deploying Wireless LAN, Microwave radio, IP telephony and DECT at sites. The DECT infrastructure enables users to be mobile between places without the frequency range DECT compete or interfere with the WLAN frequency range. The WLAN solution allows farthest users communicate with the base through Softphone, and microwave links enables the flow of data and voice traffic between the construction sites.

UFMG (University of Minas Gerais): technical feasibility study for WLAN solution to the campus of the University. Technical support during implementation of Wi-Fi solution.

Certification & Training

  • Cisco
    • CCNA
  • Mitel
    • Collaboration Advanced
    • Contact Center
    • MCD Basic e Advanced
    • Mitel Communication Director Engineer
    • Mitel System Design
    • Mitel System Enginner
    • NuPoint Unified Messaging
  • Motorola – Access Network
    • Motorola Wireless Field Enginner 
    • Motorola Wireless System Enginner
  • Motolora - WLAN
    • Wireless solution implementation – WLAN e Air Defense
  • Huawei – Optical communication
    • HCS-Access Network Pre-Sales
    • HCS-Transmission Network Pre-Sales