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Ricardo Nicolas Temperini

Security Consultant / Sr DevOps Engineer


Im a very passionate person and I really enjoy all related to cutting edge technologies and their architecture on challenging contexts. Always looking for a new perspective of my work and my life, trying to get the best of me making high skilled teams. Ready to solve new challenges on a fast paced environment, working with a cutting edge technologies and with great people.

I like enjoy of all sports, my family, and my friends, trying to get a good life balance based on the respect, hard work and always stay hungry of knowledge.

Work History


Sr Devops Engineer on Artificial Intelligence Projects

Ernst & Young - Palo Alto - Remote

As Tech Leader of a Devops Teams We are pushing the boundaries of distributed architectures on the cloud using microservices to run on  Kubernetes environments. As part of this architectures we use argo, kubeflow, Azure Devops pipelines, Ansible, Python, Tensorflow/keras, Azure Cloud, prometheus/grafana, jaeger, traefik, ca/hpa scaling

NLP, Computer Vision, OCR, Cluster autoscaling and workload distribution, multi-cluster pipelines, version management, monitoring


Technical Leader for IoT Intel USA Projects on Vates / Devops & Bigdata Sr.


I work as technical leader of a team directly related to Intel USA projects with the focus on IoT devices and platforms to provide cloud solutions to their products. As a part of this team we design and provide tools to integration of several kinds of embedded devices to private and public clouds (AWS, Azure, Bluemix and GCP). Im responsible to design and evaluate the architectures and infraestructures based on reliability and security concerns to each project related to IoT intel products for large companies.

- Define IoT architectures, leading design, implementation and deployment of E2E solutions in a variety of places, from bare-metal environments with low-power devices to high performance distributed clusters including Deeplearning / ML services with realtime processing
- Project leading, architecture/infraestructure definition and implementation.
- Devops pipeline definition and implementation using microservice patterns on distributed cluster techonlogies (kubernetes / nomad) 
- Deeplearning model training, evaluation and implementation of this models on real computer vision use cases (object detection, tracking , re-id, ocr, segmentation)
- Cutting edge technologies research and deployment  on real use cases in a variety of protocols (ble, LoRa, Zwave, Zigbee, modbus, quark archs, nfz, rfid, beacons, wifi tracking).

Technologies/Tools: Python, Node.js, C++, REST, Docker, Kubernetes, MongoDB / DynamoDB / Cosmos DB / SQL, AWS greengrass, AWS IoT, Kafka, Kinesis, Github/Gitlab, Azure / AWS, Machine Learning / DNNs / CNNs, OpenCV, Openvino, Spark, yarn, Hadoop.


Sr. Security Consultant  


Working as independent security consultant on Asegurarte company to audit and conduct security assestments on several industries, companies and personal cases. As security consultant and pentester I have experience on risk evaluation, secure software development and best practices based on OWASP principles, proeficient on SQLi , xss, csrf, remote/local exploits, metasploit payloads, SIEM implementations and pki / encryption infraestructures ,also I had working on designs of cloud infraestructures/architecture over aws, azure and bluemix services. Network expertise in public clouds and on premise facilites (router, switchs, load balancers, vlans, vpc, sg, acls, waf, ips, hids).


IT Department Chief / Sysadmin Level 3

Casino Puerto Santa Fe

How a part of the starts of this company I was responsible for design and implementation of all datacenter services, also of managment of procedures and human resources, definition of technologies and architecture of our systems

How the chief of the IT department I have to manage the groups of security, network, development and support, to provide service to the company on 24x7x365 working periods

Server clustering, network administrator, vmware and cloud computing implementations, resource managment, veeam, openstack, siem, ossim, openvas, sap, git, nginx.


SysAdmin Sr

Highdensity / Creekds

I'm working remotely with a distributed team of sysadmin supporting a cloud infrastructure based on kvm/xen and opennebula to provide a hundred of vms and cloud services to a several customer of retail and marketing. How a part of this team Im working to maintain the core of opennebula, ssd provisioning using a io metrics and working with the low level api. Also as a part of this team we work on the design of our services architecture over datacenters located  on USA and emirates on facilities of tier 3 & 4.

opennebula, openvswitchs, cloud services, logstash, elasticsearch, puppet, kvm, xen, graphite, saas, paas  


Level 3 Sysadmin engineer sr. 


I worked as a part of a remote team to manage 3 datacenters with physical and virtual managed servers for a hundred of customer. I was the responsible for the team working behind the support helpdesk (level 1 and 2) to assure our SLA. Also working with my mates on USA, canada and moldavia to implement new network and virtualization projects to solve all performance problems. Load Balancers, PXE, XEN, Cpanel, Plesk, RedHat, varnish, apc, nginx, shared hosting, vps, openstack


Sysadmin Ssr Level 2


Working in this company with a highly professional engineers was a part of the design and implementation of a new datacenter to host an important soda company of my city with more of 20 locations around the country. As a part of that implementation and migration of the whole information from another facility we work with AS400 mainframe, MPLS links, freebsd environments and a mix of Microsoft Windows and linux. In this kind of customer we implement a custom implementation of openldap working together with the active directory ldap to authentication and authorization of each service to provide to users. Also we work with a complex iptables implementations and custom modules to manage the whole infraestructure



Bachelor Degree on Information System Engineering

National Technology University (UTN - FRSF)

7 years engineering based on information system ecosystem with a strong emphasis on mathematical and architecture principles of information technology systems


Oracle DBA administrator

Oracle University

Implementation of oracle databases, tunning and management of HA environments and usual incident response


CCNA certified professional (CCNA 1-2-3-4)

Cisco university

Network certification based on the most important vendor of devices. All configuration environments on switchs and routers (BGP, OSPF, IGRP, RIP, load balancers, routing, acls, vpn) 



Each service should be monitored on syadmin world, so i implemented nagios, zabbix, zennoss, elasticsearc+logstash+kibana , syslog-ng+ossec+ossim,  snmp monitoring, cacti and graphite,etc.


On my experience how sysadmin on multiple environments are worked with a lot of database engines, on this list i can include mysql, postgresql, mssql, oracle, as400 db2, sqlanywhere, firebirdsql. I implemented balanced databases, master-slave scenarios, distributed drbd with corosync and active-pasive mssql clusters. Nosql databases like mongodb, dynamodb , documentdb and cassandra.

Application Services

Deploy and configuration of cloud providers services on AWS as EC2, S3, RDS, AWS IoT, Elasticsearch, redshift, kinesis, sqs, sns, ML , rekognition, cloudwatch, dynamodb, etc and over Azure some services as IoT hub, stream analytics , cosmosdb(documentdb), data lake, container services, Active directory.

Internet services implementation of DNS, smtp, pop3, imap, ipsec tunnels, puppet centralized management, git/hg/svn implementation to developments team. Apache, nginx, iis, tomcat web servers to application containers. Sip servers based on asterisk or propietary solutions over h323 


Experienced penetration tester over multiple plataforms, network scanning, software owasp audit, escalation and intrusion methods,  ids ips detection and implementation, SIEM implementation and log audit. Forensic methods over multiple devices. Metasploit, burp, w3af and multiple tools knowledge to make a pentest audits & reports.


CCNA certification , vpn configurations, multivendor firewall (cisco asa, nortel/avaya, fortinet, iptables) BGP, OSPF, load balancers (phy and over software), advanced network troubleshooting, performance review, acls and vlans segmentation.

OS managment

Debian, RedHat, Centos, Ubuntu, Freebsd. Windows Server(2000, 2003, 2008 , 2012), servers y clients over AS/400

Cloud / Virtualization

 Proficient with devops operations using puppet, docker/docker-compose and implementations of continuous integration flows with jenkins , hudson and gitlab-ci. Using terraform to mantain infraestructure as a Code on AWS and Azure environments. Virtualization experience with VMware, KVM, HyperV, cloud environments over  Opennebula, Openstack and, managed AWS services, Azure and Bluemix.