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Ricardo Narváez Cueva

Chemical Engineering - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

General information

Nacionality: Ecuadorian

Date of birth: Dec-17-1986


Apr 2013Present

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - currently registered

Loughborough University (UK)

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Oct 2010Sep 2012

European Master in Renewable Energy

Loughborough University (UK)

Master of science (M.Sc.) program in renewable energy

Sep 2004Nov 2009

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

Universidad Central del Ecuador (EC)

Work Experience

Sep 2015Present

Deputy Technical Director/ General Technical Coordinator

Instituto Nacional de Eficiencia Energética y Energías Renovables (INER)

Main task: Directing, coordinating, evaluating and controllling scientific research in energy efficiency and renewable energy carried out in INER.

Apr 2016Present


Universidad Central del Ecuador - Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Automatic control

Aug 2014Sep 2015

Director of Scientific and Technological Research

Instituto Nacional de Eficiencia Energética y Energías Renovables (INER)

Scientific and technological research management in INER

Main task: Developing and executing scientific and technological research lines in energy efficiency and renewable enrgy.

May 2012Jul 2014

Technical Expert

Instituto Nacional de Eficiencia Energética y Energías Renovables (INER)

Research projets in energy efficiency and renewable energy - Conceptualization, grant obtaining, project execution/ management, reporting, research.

- Deputy Project Director  "Assessment of alternatives for increasing thermal power plants energy efficiency" -

Budget USD 886 616.41.

- Deputy  Project Director "Supercritical water gasification of plantain waste" - Budget USD 751 147.10.

- Project Director "Energy exploitation of Jatropha curcas seedcake" - Budget USD 890 000.00.

- Project Director "Liquid Fuels Production based in Cogasification of Municipal Solid Waste and Vegetable Charcoal" - Budget USD 842 260.58 -  Completed.

- Project Director"Implementation of biomass thermal characterization laboratory facilities" --

Budget USD 750 000.00 - Completed.

Jan 2012Sep 2014


Universidad Central del Ecuador - Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Transport phenomena, Unit operations, Process simulation, Process control

Jan 2014Dec 2014

Cleaner production consultant - Water & energy

Renssnature Consulting Cía. Ltda

Evaluation and definition of cleaner production actions in mid-size industries for the Chamber of the small and mid-size industries of Pichincha - Ecuador (CAPEIPI)

Jun 2011Apr 2012

Renewable energy consultant

Corporación para la Investigación Energética (CIE)

Wind farm implementaion prefeasibility study of El Aromo and Montecristi zones - CELEC EP.

Feasibility study of the use of biomass for a urea production process - INIAP.


Material Selection using Multi-criteria decision making methods (MCDM) for design a multi tubular fixed bed reactor Fischer Tropsch reactor (MFBR), Inderscience, International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research, Accepted - to be published in Mid 2018.

Low-Cost Syngas Shifting for Remote Gasifiers: Combination of CO2 Adsorption and Catalyst Addition in a Novel and Simplified Packed Structure, MDPI, Energies, February 2018.

Thermoeconomic analysis of integrated production of biochar and process heat from quinoa and lupin residual biomass, Elsevier, Energy Policy, January 2018.

Dynamic modelling of updraft gasifiers: Incidence of feedstock quality and operational variables in the transient model structure, ASME, ASME DSCC 2017, October 2017.

Use of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)-Derived Hydrogen in Ecuador: Potential Applications for Urban Transportation, Springerlink, Waste and Biomass Valorization, December 2017.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Internal Combustion and Electric Engines for Maritime Transport, Springer Science + Business Media, Environmental Processes, December 2017.

Hydrogen from Municipal Solid Waste in Ecuador: Potential and Feasible Uses, Curran Associates, Inc., 21st World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2016 (WHEC 2016), Pages 316-317, June 2017.

Phototrophic culture of Chlorella sp. using charcoal ash as an inorganic nutrient source, Elsevier, Algal Research, Volume 11, Pages 368–374, Sep 2015.

Microwave pyrolysis process potential of waste Jatropha Curcas seed cake, Chapter. 9, Springer, Renewable Energy in the Service of Mankind Vol II, Nov 2015.

Potential of Waste- to- Energy Implementation in Ecuador, SAPUB, International Journal of Energy Engineering, 2013.

Use of Rice Crops Waste for Energy Production in Ecuador, SAPUB, Energy and Power, 2013.

Grants/ Achievements

Patent granted, Ecuador, 2016-116 IEPI.DNPI.DP., 11th may 2016,

Doctorate studies grant - Convocatoria Abierta SENESCYT 2013

Master studies grant - Convocatoria Abierta SENESCYT 2010

Additional activities

Head of the chemical engineering school students' association - Universidad Central del Ecuador (2008 --2009)

Saxophone performer


To be provided under request