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rIamande jelita

Work experience


I am a student at the Gunadarma University seeking a position that will allow me to use my science. I have a strong will to achieve the goal , I learn and understand quickly . I would like to work and active environment where i can apply what i was taught at university to progress and develop within my job




Gunadarma University, Depok

Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, Information system


SMAN-2 Padangsidimpuan



Developing Mobile Application On Android

  1. Getting Started With Android
  2. Mastering Android Development Tools
  3. Design User Interface for Android Application
  4. Android Activity Life Cycle
  5. Working with Android Hardware Management
  6. Integrating Google Maps API on Android Application
  7. Using SQLite Database
  8. Communicating with Server

Building Mail Serever Using Qmail

  1. Introducing Netwoking
  2. Introducing Mail Server
  3. Installing and configure Qmail
  4. Installing and Configure Packet Support

Organizational experience

Music Community : an organization that gathers all the musicians in Padangsidimpuan and improve personal skills and also help people to get to know each other closely.


2011 : 3rd champion in the music competition among high school students in Padangsidimpuan


Guest star on Band Competition X5 2011 in Padangsidimpuan

As participants in the workshop on journalism , Kompas TV

grade point average : 3.50