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Riadh Hamdi

My real strength is to analyze things before to do it, organize it to avoid any mistake that could make the failure. I'm a skilled IT engineer with more than 9 years of expertise in managing IT projects especially in infrastructure and software development. Seeking a position to develop my IT level and give efficiency and performance to my future work company.

Work History

Dec 2014Present

IT Operations Manager


-  Manage the IT department operations including planning projects and managing resources.

-  Manage the planning, deployment, monitoring, maintenance, development, upgrade, and support of all IT systems, including servers, PCs, operating systems, networks, hardware, software, and peripherals.

- Managing application operations based on ITIL.

-  Interact with end users at all levels to help resolve IT-related issues and provide answers in a timely manner.

-  Provide support for data retention/recovery and production job schedule environments.

-  Analyze report on, and make recommendations for the improvement of the IT infrastructure and IT systems.

-  Keep current with the latest technologies.

-  Practice asset management for IT hardware, software, and equipment.

-  Coordinate with Business Unit Managers for new requirements and changes in the setup.

-  Implement new process and give assistance to project's team to increase software's consistency and quality.

-  Manage and execute software Release builds and deployments for Java applications in all environments.

-  Review and optimize Development’s designs to ensure applications are operationalized when be in production.

-  Evaluate vendor proposals, provide technical recommendations and review the IT supplier contracts

-  Provide solutions and recommendations to end users.

-  Maintain the documentation for application integration.

-  Setup a cluster solution for Squid proxy.

-  Setup and maintain a solution coded by PowerShell to save and backup the users's workspaces to avoid losing data.

-  Manage the active directory server.

-  Analyze and prepare all steps to ensure migration of servers and services.

- Follow standard procedures to secure application in production servers.

- Setup a VCentre solution for virtual servers.

Qualifications : IT operations, ITIL, IT service management, Linux Redhat, Windows server, Virtualization, VMWare, Networking, DevOps, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgresql, Python, J2ee, Perl, Php, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, Integration Continious, Jenkins, Maven, Ant, Nexus, Svn, Git, Cvs, Jira, Squid. 

Jun 2013Nov 2014

IT Project Manager


- Manage Web projects using Agile methodology.

- Analyze projects requirements.

-  Plan tasks and make assistance for developers team.

-  Develop web solutions using PHP, Symfony2, Yii and Elgg.

-  Follow quality assurance by designing test routines.

-  Administrate Linux and Windows servers of test and production environnements.

-  Administrate and optimize DB servers such as Mysql and DB2.

-  Design and develop SOCIAVITA platform for voluntary associations, the platform offers all
Facebook features, also project spaces, videoconferencing, campaign management
marketing, ...

-  Setup CALLISTO application, is a BI solution to help managers of distribution's industry and supermarkets in their activities.

Qualifications : IT project management, Windows and Linux servers administration, PHP, Python, Framework Elgg, Symfony, Agile methodology, Mysql, DB2.


Feb 2010Apr 2013

IT Operations Manager


- Management operations team : work plan, team assistance, analytic thinking and prioritize tasks.

- Administrate and monitor 100 Redhat and Debian servers.

- Production support projects : check and secure applications and backup data.

-  Manage and execute software Release builds and deployments for PHP and Perl applications in all environments.

- Ensure the integration continous process by managing jenkins deployment patch and manage versionning system tools.

- Ensure the procedures for migrate the whole infrastruture from/to datacenters.

- Maintain Dialog platform by resolving technical problems and bugs.

- Setup a new process based on ITIL to manage the deployment operations and incidents for both fitness and production environments.

- Support the customers for their requests.

-  Keep current with the latest technologies.

Qualifications : ITIL, Redhat, Debian, Windows server, Virtualization, VMWare, DevOps, PHP, Python, Perl, Agile methodology, Mysql, SVN, RabbitMQueue, Integration continious, Patchs, Deployement process, Apache, CGI, Oracle, MySQL, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server, Zend, Symfony. 

Aug 2006Jan 2010

Analyst Developer


-  Develop and maintain features on Dialog the EDATIS's platform for customers AirFrance, 20 minutesand Regus and RandStad.

-  Design and develop a new CRM software to manage customers requests.

-  Debug and resolving conding issues based on PHP, Perl and JavaScript.

-  Migrate the platform to new functional requirements and follow steps to valide tests routines based on ISTQB standard.

-  Create and update technical and functional documentatitons.

-  Support levels 1 and 2 for cusomers and internal users.

Qualifications : Windows and Linux servers, PHP, Python, Perl, Agile methodology, Mysql, SVN, RabbitMQueue, Patchs, Deployement process, Apache, CGI, Tomcat, Oracle, MySQL, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server, XML, C, Frameworks Zend, Symfony.


Sep 2008Jun 2012

Engineer Diploma

Private Higher School of Computer Science and Technology (ESPRIT)

(Information Technology)

Sep 2003Jun 2006


Higher Institute of Computer Science(ISI)

(Information Technology)


Project management

Leadership, teamwork management, good communication skills (with clients and co-workers), prioritize tasks, highly motivated person, initiator, strong decision-maker, problem solver and multi-tasker.

IT Infrastructure

IT service management, Infrastructure management, virtulatization and cloud computing

Software development

Agile methodolgy, solid design, coding best practises.

English / French / Arabic

Good communication skills