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Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Student Researcher

UTD Research Lab

This research position has involved many different types of programming skills and projects. I have created interfaces which control and track information from a motion tracking system, and using this i developed a Half-Life 2 Mod which uses the tracking system to control the player in-game. Recently i have updated the mod to simulate a virtual environment where i can track movement in real time using OpenCV algorithms.

May 2011Nov 2012

Software Developer


  • Developed ServerPDF, a C# powered automated document conversion server
  • Developed PDFzen, an online PDF editor web application
  • Helped develop deskPDF Editor, a Java powered PDF editor
May 2010Aug 2010

Web/Application Programmer

IoSoft Inc.

Created an AJAX/ASP.NET driven web application which was based on their previousapplication. This job was extremely helpful in giving me an inside look into how programming is done in the real world. I actually got to be a part of the development team as a intern, which let me make decisions about how the application was designed and developed.

May 2009Jul 2009

Robotics/Programming Mentor

UT Dallas

Over the Summer i helped in a summer program where i taught freshmen how to create/program Lego Mindstorm's. The class consisted of many different problems where the students had to engineer their robots to find a solution to the problems. I also mentored for a programming class throughout the summer semester to help the students who had trouble in their classes. 


May 2007Present

Bachelors Degree


I have been playing guitar for around 8 years and piano for 2 years now. I taught myself for a long period of time, but started taking music classes in college. I am trained in music theory and composition. I am insterested in teaching intermediate/beginner guitar and beginner piano.
After having been a muscian i wanted to try writing my own music. I took a class in college for starting with composition, and i have been writing constantly since. I have a few pieces that have been played by my schools orchestra, but i am looking to get the others played also. I am interested in composing for small projects.
Software Programming
I started really getting into programming software at the end of my high school years and then stepped it up a lot once i got to college. I have expierence programming in Java, C#, C++ and also DirectX and OpenGL. I mostly program projects just to use them in competitions and for my portfolio. But i am always looking for new interesting projects to be a part of.
Web Programming
I have been programming websites since early high school, that is how i started my programming career. I have been a part of a many web projects, including a class final project. I am proficient in PHP, MySQL, Java, Perl, HTML, and Javascript. I am also familiar with AJAX, Flash, and Actionscript.


Richard Prieto

Our top instructor at the karate school i worked at.  

Bob Pellerin

James Allen

Richard van der Dys Jr.



I have placed second and third at the ComputingFest at my University, for the above projects. These projects required months of preparation and a presentation during the competition.

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