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Rhonda Davis Lovejoy L.S.W.

Student/Family Liaison, The "New" Apex Academy, National Heritage Academies

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Highly motivated and community driven  Licensed Social Worker with 30 years of work experience serving children, youth, and families within community and organizational settings. Educational training in human resource management and educational leadership. Volunteer experience in building community neighborhood groups, community asset mapping,  and researching neighborhood histories.

Work experience

Apr 2015Present


The Center for Social-Emotional and Cultural Learning

Oversee the development and administration of the organization's mission to improve and enhance the functional behavior of school aged children in school, home, and community environments by strengthening their social and emotional skills through educational programming, research-based activities; and enhancing knowledge of cultural traditions, history, and perspectives through  collaborating with existing academic institutions and organizations, both social and civic; representing the fields of science, mathematics, arts and humanities.


School Based Therapist

Applewood Centers Association

Provided emotional and behavioral mental health counseling  to students at the primary and secondary grade levels. Created linkages to community resources and advocated on behalf of families in need of community and social service support. Developed and administered training sessions in social skills and conflict mediation to students, and provided training and consultation to staff in classroom management and enhancing interpersonal relationships with students. 


Family Service Liaison

National Heritage Academy/Apex Academy

Provided counseling, and social service related referrals and follow-up to students and their families. Conducted small group sessions with students from kindergarten through 8th grade. Provided technical assistance to classroom staff and parents in working with students with behavioral concerns. Provided peer mediation as designated by school principal. Provided support to administrative team in the implementation of a school wide discipline plan. Provided social skills training to middle school classroom students. Coordinated support services to students and families categorized as homeless. Participated as a member of the Intervention Assistance Team. School Leadership Team, and functioned as a liaison between the assigned school and the community at large. Developed recruitment and marketing activities within the community to increase school awareness. 


Technical Assistance Consultant

Applewood Centers Association

Provided technical assistance to teachers in working effectively with early childhood and school aged children with special needs. Coordinated service streams of community resources on behalf of children, families, and staff in efforts to improve their quality of life and overall mental health. Provided training and consultation to program administrators in classroom management and decreasing negative behavioral patterns among children.


Head Start Director

Catholic Charities Corporation

Managed and administered the daily operations of the organization's Head Start program.   Supervised key individuals with primary responsibility for coordinating program services. Insured financial stability of program through grant and proposal development and submission to federal and state funding sources. Maintained the guidance and oversight of  program compliance through development of an internal monitoring  and self-assessment system. Developed collaborative relationships with external community organizations, which provided a continuity of services to children and families.  Directed and supervised timely  development and implementation of program strategic plans under the auspices of organizational mission statement.


Parent Involvement Coordinator

Council for Economic Opportunities

Worked  closely with program staff, parents and community to create, support, and strengthen strategies and activities for parents with students at risk for social, emotional, and academic concerns. Developed, coordinated, and implemented training sessions for parents and board members in program policy decision-making, and accessing community resources.


Social Service/Parent Involvement Coordinator

Neighborhood Centers Association

Responsible for overseeing recruitment, enrollment and social services for enrolled children and families in accordance with state and federal regulations and provided program-wide administrative support. Coordinated efforts of referral and follow and advocacy efforts on behalf of children and families, and coordinated education and training sessions for parents and policy board members in accessing community resources and enhancing parenting skills. Established and maintained relationships with civic, social, and business community to acquire the necessary assets for program target population.


Health/Disabilities Assistant

Neighborhood Centers Association, Head Start Program

Assisted Health and Disabilities Coordinator in monitoring program compliance, training staff and parents, and developing program policies and procedures. Monitored the administration of health services to preschool children and facilitated health education to parents and staff. Assisted the Health Coordinator in creating and maintaining collaborations with community agencies and local health providers. Worked in cooperation with other program coordinators in the delivery of education, mental health, and social service activities to children and their families.



Masters of Arts in Organizational Managment

University of Phoenix

Bachelor's of Arts in Social Work

Cleveland State University



Licensed Social Worker

Counselor and Social Worker Board



2014 Ethics & Boundary Issues

2014 Renewing Our Commitment : Religious Teaching & Social Welfare

2014 State of America's Children

2014 State of America's Children & Ending the Cradle to Prison Pipeline

2014 Bioterrorism: A New Role for Social Workers

2014 Heroin Addiction and Abuse

2014 Chronic Disease Prevention

2014 Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension

2014 Work Related Stress

2014 Clinical Supervision and Professional Development of the Substance Abuse Counselor

2014 Marriage & Family Counseling-A Christian Perspective


Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite: Excel * Word * Power Point * Outlook * Google Docs


2015 Future Heights Community Building Workshop Series

  •            Asset Mapping
  •            NEO CANDO Database
  •            Community Resident Engagement