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Rhona MacKintosh


I consider myself to be a focused, studious and confident individual. I am good at working both individually and in a team. I also enjoy undertaking volunteer work with other people in my spare time.  I am a very mature person and am able to use my initiative to solve problems and deal with stressful situations but can follow given instructions well too. I have shown a strong commitment to pursuing a future career in medicine through my academic and extracurricular activities and wish to do so as it combines both my enthusiasm for the power of modern science and working with people.  Attending the Doctors at Work programme 2016 would thus provide vital work experience which would aid my application to study medicine at university in 2017.


Aug 2011Present

Lochaber High School

Higher Prelim Exam Results 2016

Human Biology                                A

Chemistry                                         A

English                                              A

History                                              A

Maths                                               B


Music –Higher                                  A                                               

Biology -N5                                       A                  

Chemistry -N5                                  A                       

Maths -N5                                         A                      

English -N5                                       A                    

History -N5                                       A                     

French -N5                                       A                     

Drama -N5                                       A

Work experience

Apr 2015Present

Waitress/Housekeeping Staff

Glen Spean Lodge Hotel and Restaurant

I currently hold a part-time job at a local hotel where I work as a member of housekeeping staff on weekend mornings and as a waitress in the evenings. I am responsible for cleaning the hotel rooms to a high standard, working as part of a team to ensure the hotel is ready for arriving guests and serving meals and drinks to customers in the evenings. I have consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism and excellent communication and timekeeping skills.

Dec 2015Present

Work Experience Day

Belford Hospital, Fort William

I recently spent an afternoon with a local surgeon and general practitioner in my local hospital where I was taken on a tour around the hospital. I found it fascinating to see the various departments and workings within the hospital and enjoyed spending time in a clinical environment. I was also able to ask questions about a career in medicine and to discuss its advantages and disadvantages.


Mar 2015Oct 2015


Bunroy Caravan Park and Campsite

I previously worked at a local campsite where I was responsible for cleaning a number of self-catering lodges. I demonstrated an ability to work alone and undertake a large amount of responsibility.

References available on request.

Personal Interests

For several years I have volunteered with a young girl with autism which has developed my patience and compassion, showing me that whilst medicine may not always be glamorous, it can be hugely rewarding. In October, I attended an international medical conference which allowed me to explore other science careers (confirming my choice of medicine) and fueled my passion for science.


Outside of school, I play violin in the Highland Regional Youth Orchestra which develops my teamwork and leadership skills and my ability to work well under pressure. I enjoy playing the violin and piano and have been heavily immersed in musical opportunities from a young age. I enjoy weekly lessons and attend a local music school through which I have achieved many ABRSM music awards; I am currently working on Grade 8 violin and Grade 6 piano. I also go busking locally in summer and love to travel to the city with friends to perform on the streets there too. Furthermore, I enjoy training at my local Judo club and coaching younger children there. In my spare time, I also enjoy baking for friends and family and reading both classic literature and science/medical related non-fiction books.