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I am convinced that to be successful in a world that is changing rapidly, you have to be able to change with it, and I have the ability to adapt to change and fight through adversity. 

fast learner

I am quick at learning new things. With this trait, I am able to climb to new heights and am able to work efficiently by myself or with a team.


I have displayed leadership abilities throughout work and school. In high school I earned the Leadership Award from my football team senior year. This came by leading by example. I was one of the hardest workers on the team and I was able to motivate my teammates to sell out.

microsoft office

Throughout my educational career, Microsoft office has played a big part in achieving academic success, and I am very familiar with and know how to use the programs.

critical thinking

College has quickly taught me the skill of critical thinking. Being a critical thinker enables me to dig deeper on questions and figure out messages behind various literature. Critical thinking has helped me deal with high pressure situations such as solving problems in school, or the workplace.


I have worked with some sort of customer service in all of my previous jobs, and have played on a number of organized sports teams, and I have learned that communication is a key to striving in many aspects of life. Nobody can read minds, and to be on the same page you have to be able to communicate effectively.

Work experience

Jul 2014Present


Alaska Corn Company
Manager, I accomplish daily tasks such as stocking the store with products, popping and cooking the popcorn, maintaining a clean facility, providing exceptional customer service, purchasing new products, taking and finishing orders, and constantly thinking of ways to improve sales, advertisement, and the front end of the store.
Oct 2013Jun 2014

Courtesy Associate

Courtesy Associate, Wal-Mart I provided customer service when needed, I retrieved the carts from the parking lot, maintained safe sidewalks and entry ways for customers, picked up trash from the parking lot, worked with other associates to ensure customers had carts available at all times. I cashiered at times when we were short-staffed, and always finished tasks assigned by my supervisors in a timely manner.


University of Alaska