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Work experience

Feb 2007Present

Senior Fisheries Development Specialist

Foodworks Company Limited

Worked in Pakistan under the Foodworks umbrella providing services to the Competitiveness Support Fund, and now a senior partner.

Recent activitiy with Foodworks includes a trip to Dubai, Somaliland and Yemen (June 2012) to look at the feasibility of a fish export business for a private client.

Currently working in South Sudan with a Japanese Company,  IDCJ, preparing the fisheries chapter of the Comprehensive Agricultural MasterPlan (CAMP).

May 2012Aug 2012

Fisheries Expert

IBF International Consulting

Building national capacity in Pacific ACP States in devising national policy instruments.

Preparation of a Training Module (that can be used for future training) for the formulation of policy instruments is developed and its delivery to fisheries planners from the ACP Pacific States at a workshop in Honiara

Preparation of guidelines to support devising of fisheries policy instruments at the national level.

Two trips.  Second trip in August 2012 to deliver the regional training workshop input in Honiara, Solomon Islands

Mar 2012Apr 2012

Fisheries Expert

World Bank

Wrote the Fisheries Chapter of the 2012 Balochistan Economic Report

Dec 2011Mar 2012

Senior Fisheries Policy Specialist and Team Leader

Cardno Agrisystems Emerging Markets

Preparation of Fisheries Policy for South Sudan.   The Policy  prepared in a participatory fashion following international best practice in both the policy development process and the scope and content of the document.

Mar 2011May 2011

Senior inland fisheries policy expert (Team leader)

Megapesca LDA

Revision of National Policy for Fisheries and Aquaculture in Malawi and National Fisheries Policy in Swaziland


Fisheries Specialist

Competitiveness Support Fund

Various assignments for the CSF and the Sindh Development Fund (managed by the CSF) covering management of the Karachi Fish Harbour, Sindh Province Fisheries Strategy, assessment of the Keti Bandar Model Fish harbour feasibility, and Balochistan fisheries development potential.


Coastal Fisheries Specialist


4 assignments over 10 years

1999 - 2000 Fishing Practices Special Study.  Facilitator - Burundi, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo & Tanzania

2004 Fisheries Expert &  Team Leader.  Review of the PNG Coastal Fisheries Management and Development Project.  Papua New Guinea.

2004 Coastal Fisheries Expert. Economic Valuation of Coral Reefs and Adjacent Habitats in American Samoa (For MRAG Americas)

2009 Team Leader & Fisheries Specialist.  Review of the SPCs Marine Resources Division. New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, PNG, Fiji, Kiribati, Cook Islands, Tonga & FSM. (For MRAG Asia/Pacific)


Coastal Fisheries Specialist


Worked on assignments in Pakistan and Solomon Islands

2005 - Coastal Fisheries Infrastructure Specialist - Pakistan (Sindh)  ADB PPTA

2007 - Rural Fisheries Development Specialist - Solomon Islands.  SIMROS Project.  2 visits


Coastal Fisheries Development
Team Leadership & ability to work within a team coupled with administrative and organisational skills related to time bound studies Use of the Logical Framework Approach and Project Cycle Management for the design, implementation and evaluation of projects and programmes, including stakeholder analyses and consultation. Liaison with government departments, NGOs, bilateral and multilateral aid donors and regional organisations A thorough technical knowledge of general fisheries, fish quality, fishing techniques, resource management etc. Preparation of donor funded project proposals & programmes. Business development in the fisheries sector for the private sector Full CV available on request


Geoff Bastin

Sample report

Sample Report

Sample Report

Other references

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About me

I am a Fisheries Specialist with more than 30 years experience spent working on Fisheries development projects in more than 22 countries across Africa, the Middle East,  Asia and the Pacific, most recently in South Sudan (2011 & 2012 & 2013), Dubai, Yemen and Somaliland (2012) Malawi and Swaziland (2011),  Pakistan (2012) and Solomon Islands (2012).

The assignments worked on have been mostly in coastal or riparian fisheries, and have included rural development, fish quality control, fisheries management, fisheries infrastructure and training, as well as management of projects.  I have also been involved in the design, evaluaton and monitoring of projects for donors and private business, and development of fisheries policy and strategy for governments.

I am, with a body of other professionals, associated with the Foodworks Company, of which I am a senior partner.

Foodworks provides innovative consulting services for agriculture, fisheries, agribusiness, the food industry and life sciences