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Ronald Hidalgo is a senior at West Virginia University earning his B.A in Communication Studies. Ronald is currently a Resident Assistant for WVU. He has much experience interacting with individuals on a professional and social level. At the end of his junior year, Ronald was awarded the 2010-2011 Resident Assistant of the Year Award. He was voted by his fellow co-workers and superiors. He shows exceptional balance between his academics, professional work, and social life. 

Ronald and his peers wrote an academic paper on perceived message sensation value and the Health Belief Model that will potentially be presented at a national communication conference in the spring of 2012. He recently conducted an informal study on achieving compliance through the use of nonverbal gestures in which he wrote a literature review on. During the spring semester of his junior year, Ronald developed and executed an ad for the testicular cancer campaign based on the research he conducted for the campaign, CheckYoNutz. Based on all the work and research he has done Ronald is motivated to continue on into graduate school to earn his masters in Communication Theory & Research. He is a highly motivated individual who thrives under high-pressure situations and shows exceptional organizational skills. 

Work experience

Mar 2007Present

Crew Member

Trader Joe's

Ronald has been a crew member of Trader Joe's for 5+ years. He is one of the more tenured crew members of the store. Trader Joe's store 647 consistently leads the region in comp sales throughout the year. He is recognized by his co-workers as a team player and strong team leader.


  • Interact with customers on daily basis
  • Train & Mentor new crew members; part-timers and managers
  • Apply managerial skills with organization of truck deliveries
  • Handle minimum 200 dollars at a time
  • Punch in product orders of over $1,500 frequently
Aug 2010Present

Resident Assistant

West Virginia University Resident Education

Ronald started as a Resident Assistant in his junior year of college. He maintains constant interaction with a minimum of 60 residents on a daily basis. After his first year as a RA he was voted 2010-2011 Resident Assistant of the year.


  • Organize academic/social programs twice a month
  • Mentor/Resource for over 60 residents
  • Managed desk and apartment keys for all residents in building
  • Trusted with confidential information of residents and profession


Colleen Malachowski

Dr. Ann Richards

Morgan Sharpless

Locke Eldridge

Mike Tackett

Close family friend



West Virginia University