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Welcome to the graphic design portfolio of Roch Herrick, aka Grafx Impact.

I am a independent graphic artist specializing in graphic design and motion graphics, I work primarily with logo design, branding, as well as print & video and web graphics. Please have a look around, just scroll down this page to see my skill sets and designs. Just click on the image to see it up close.

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Quick Overview of Skill Sets

Print-Broadcast-Corporate Images

Design Skills

Image Re-touching & Manipulation

Digital Painting

3D Animation Still Frames

Having Fun withTechniques



Ringling College of Art and Design


Roch (Rock) Herrick's unique style incorporates professional experience within a wide range of expressive media including graphic design, fine art, film, video and digital animation.An honors graduate of Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida, Roch parlayed his degree in Computer Graphic Design into a successful career as a digital animator and effects artist.  His credits include producing computer generated graphics, animations, and special effects for the syndicated series “Super Boy” and “Super Force” for Century III Teleproductions, located at Universal Studios Florida.Roch helmed the graphics and animation department of a leading Midwestern Production and Post Production facility from 1992 through 1998.  In this position, Roch created dynamic 2-D and 3-D graphics, animations, and effects for non-broadcast and broadcast clients.  He quickly established a reputation for dazzling, sophisticated, and elegant work.In 1998 Roch set up his own digital animation and effects studio, Grafx Impact™.  This created an opportunity to focus on high-end work. While working on his own or with local production companies, his clients have included Sprint, Radio Shack and Hallmark. He also contracted with Flagler Productions, a company specialized in producing Wal-Mart’s live event conventions.  Here he focused on the opening and closing visual segments for the conventions. Roch Herrick is available as a staff adjunct, or as a complete, turnkey solution for graphic design, animation, and motion graphic needs for corporate, broadcast, live event, and web-based projects.

Work experience



Grafx Impact

Contract work or freelance graphic design, motion graphics and 3D graphic design and 3D animation for print, web and video broadcast.


Graphic Design/Animator

Metro Productions

Created dynamic 2-D and 3-D graphics, animations and effects for non-broadcast and broadcast clients.


Animator/Special Effects Artist

Century III at Universal Studios

Digital animator and effects artist, producing computer generated graphics, animations, and special effects for a syndicated series “Super Boy” and “Super Force.” for Century Three Teleproductions, located at Universal Studios Florida.