Rick Hedin

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2006 - Mar 2009

Tradelink, LLC
  • Pink - (http://www.pinksheets.com) I wrote the Pink trading interface for our organization. It is a FIX protocol. Pink is unique in that there is no matching engine. [C++, STL, Tcl on Solaris]
  • Liffe - (http://www.liffe.com) I updated our price feed to the new version of their protocol. New feature was batching orders. Also replaced the order canceling sub-system. [C++, STL, Tcl on Solaris]
  • Quantam - (http://www.quantam.net/pages/Presentation%20English.pdf) I wrote a price feed using our company as the source so that Quantam could run their trading models. [C++, STL, Tcl on Solaris]
  • Wombat - (http://www.wombatfs.com) It was decided to replace our price feeds and instrument servers with third party components, over time. I wrote a gateway that was an application from Wombat's point of view, and a price feed from the instrument servers' point of view, so applications that we had not yet converted could run without changes. [C++, STL, Boost, Tcl, SQL on Solaris]

People seem particularly interested in my use of STL.  I used mostly the generic containers.  I used lists, vectors, maps, bitsets.  I made very little use of the generic algorithms. 

I also used some features of Boost.  I used the Posix date and time manipulations, and boost::optional.

Sep 1998 - Oct 2006

University of Illinois
  • Created object-oriented contouring module that could be used in multiple applications, increasing the marketability of our suite. [C++ on Windows]
  • Inserted object-oriented module to make graphs come "alive" (so axes could be dragged, for instance) without changing the rest of the code. [C++, Tcl/Tk on Windows]
  • Separated the GUI (Tcl/Tk) from the calculations (C/C++) so that a calculation module could be changed without affecting a GUI module, and vice versa. [C++, Tcl/Tk on Windows]
  • Introduced Tcl/Tk to our programs, making them cross-platform, and increasing development speed. [C++, Tcl/Tk on Windows]
Mar 1997 - Sep 1998

ERES Consultants
  • Made inventory system for the Department of Transportation in Virginia. [C++, MFC, Windows]
Sep 1996 - Mar 1997

Computer Sciences Corporation
  • Cellular telephone billing. Mainframes, Ingres, the Ingres 4GL.
Sep 1995 - Aug 1996

Customer Database Technologies
  • Created a relational database engine from scratch. The engine had an SQL interface, but internally was column-oriented rather than row-oriented. [C++, MFC, Windows]
Nov 1993 - Jun 1995

SUBlogic Corporation

Real time flight simulation.  I made an artificial horizon, a mouse driver, a scenery driver, others.  [C, 80286 assembler, Unix, DOS]

Apr 1986 - Nov 1992

Deluxe Corporation
Jan 1984 - Apr 1986

University of Illinois
Sep 1982 - Dec 1983

Illinois Natural History Survey


1982 - Present

• Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineer

University of Illinois


  • Mensa Society



C (22 yrs), C++ (13 yrs), SQL, Win32 API and MFC (11 yrs), Unix shells, Tcl/Tk, Javascript (1 yr), x86 assembler, STL (2 yrs)


Microsoft Visual Studio (11 yrs), Unix development tools (7 yrs), Lex and Yacc (2 yrs), Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) development tools (7 years), Harris development tools (3 years), Apollo development tools (3 years)


Windows (11 yrs), Unixes (Linux, IRIX, HP/UX, SunOS, Solaris) (17 yrs), DEC's VMS, Harris' Vulcan, Apollo's Domain


  • Brain Bench

I took the Brain Bench C++ Fundamentals and C++ (Advanced) tests.  I scored at the "Master" level in both tests.  My score exceeded 93% of other test takers in the Fundamental test, and 92% of other test takers in the Advanced test.  My transcript is at http://www.brainbench.com/transcript.jsp?pid=8066029


  • http://www.abecoco.com

This is something I did in 2006 in an attempt to replace my wife's income when she left her job.  It shows how my mind works, and how I arrange programs.  I would focus on the portion of the webpage that demos Abe the Abstracting Editor.