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Wood Work
Understanding how to shape wood or create a sub enclosure is a must when dealing with custom or even stock sound systems as well as other interior aspects
Audio Installation
I have been doing my own installations since i was able to touch a vehicle by my self, i have never had a system fail, unless it was from cheap subs. I Understand the Space = Bass concept as well as Highs should never out weigh lows and vice versa.
Cutting (Grinder/Torches)
Cutting its self is self explanitory, you use the tool to cut the peice, simple. I Have been using die grinders, grinding wheels, cutting wheels, cutting torches ect for a couple years; not perfect but i can get it done.
I Have a basic Knowledge of welding as in i know what to do and how to do it, i just need to spend more time doing it and perfecting it
Mechanic Repair
I Have a pretty good knowledge of how vehicles run and what needs to be looked for or what needs to be repaired when broken. Generally if I don't know how to fix it i will ask for help or figure it out myself. With the help of UTI my knowledge is expanding at an amazing rate and i will continue to learn more to put forth in the field.


My Current Objectives

Intern For Custom Shop [x]

Work In Auto Shop or Parts Store [x]

Take extra classes out of H.S. to better my knowledge of vehicles [x]

Attend the Arizona Universal Technical Institute Campus [x]

Graduate with all Auto/Diesel, Ford "F.A.C.T" and GM Technician Career training credentials [ ]


My interests include:

Anything to do with cars (ie. building, repairing, customizing, destroying ...)

Avid Member of the Local Finesse Car Club

Customizing anything and everything


Ramon Guerrero

Mr. Guerrero is the supervisor for the majority of my shift and has a full understanding of my capabilities of fulfilling my duties,

Travis Yoakum

Mr.Yoakum was the RSS of my store, he oversees most of my shifts and is the acting manager when the manager is off.


Aug 2013Present

Universal Technical Institute

I am currently a student at UTI and i plan to finish in the top percent of my class, after the main courses i plan on attending the Ford Accelerated Credential Training class as well as the GM Technician Career Training courses

Aug 2009May 2013


Cactus High school

I am a graduate of Cactus High school.

I Plan to further my education by enrolling at UTI.


Work experience

Jan 2014Present

Public Safety Aide

Maricopa County Comunity College District

I must create and maintain a safe environment for students and faculty alike, As well as provide detailed information on any and all situations which might arise during my shit. Due to this i have learned to maintain a calm and focused mind during times of emergency or stress.

Feb 2013Dec 2013

Parts Specialist

Oreily's Auto Parts

I provided the correct parts and supplies to all who come in. A vast knowledge is required in order to work in this field, i must also be able to locate and order parts by any means necessary in order to keep the customer happy.

Jan 2013May 2013


Mouse's Custom Fab.

As an intern i helped with projects being completed for major shows and competition. I was also put on small projects by my self, as long as my mentor felt had the skills to do so. I learned new skills as well as strengthened current skills.

Jan 2012Feb 2013

Sandwich Artist


I Performed the nessecary duties to fulfill the needs of my manager. Also i gave perfect and amazing customer service by doing my best to make every customer happy.


Aug 2012Present

Certificate Of Arizona Skill Standards

John Huppenthal (Arizona Skill Commision, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Arizona Department of Education)
Nov 2012Present

Valvoline Certificate Of Completion

Thom Smith, Technical Director Valvoline Brand
Jun 2014Present


Arizona EPA