Ralph Heath

Ralph Heath



Wood Work

Understanding how to shape wood or create a sub enclosure is a must when dealing with custom or even stock sound systems as well as other interior aspects

Audio Installation

I have been doing my own installations since i was able to touch a vehicle by my self, i have never had a system fail, unless it was from cheap subs. I Understand the Space = Bass concept as well as Highs should never out weigh lows and vice versa.

Cutting (Grinder/Torches)

Cutting its self is self explanitory, you use the tool to cut the peice, simple. I Have been using die grinders, grinding wheels, cutting wheels, cutting torches ect for a couple years; not perfect but i can get it done.


I Have a basic Knowledge of welding as in i know what to do and how to do it, i just need to spend more time doing it and perfecting it

Mechanic Repair

I Have a pretty good knowledge of how vehicles run and what needs to be looked for or what needs to be repaired when broken. Generally if I don't know how to fix it i will ask for help or figure it out myself. With the help of UTI my knowledge is expanding at an amazing rate and i will continue to learn more to put forth in the field.


My Current Objectives

Intern For Custom Shop [x]

Work In Auto Shop or Parts Store [x]

Take extra classes out of H.S. to better my knowledge of vehicles [x]

Attend the Arizona Universal Technical Institute Campus [x]

Graduate with all Auto/Diesel, Ford "F.A.C.T" and GM Technician Career training credentials [ ]


My interests include:

Anything to do with cars (ie. building, repairing, customizing, destroying ...)

Avid Member of the Local Finesse Car Club

Customizing anything and everything


Aug 2013 - Present

Universal Technical Institute

I am currently a student at UTI and i plan to finish in the top percent of my class, after the main courses i plan on attending the Ford Accelerated Credential Training class as well as the GM Technician Career Training courses

Aug 2009 - May 2013


Cactus High school

I am a graduate of Cactus High school.

I Plan to further my education by enrolling at UTI.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2014 - Present

Public Safety Aide

Maricopa County Comunity College District

I must create and maintain a safe environment for students and faculty alike, As well as provide detailed information on any and all situations which might arise during my shit. Due to this i have learned to maintain a calm and focused mind during times of emergency or stress.

Feb 2013 - Dec 2013

Parts Specialist

Oreily's Auto Parts

I provided the correct parts and supplies to all who come in. A vast knowledge is required in order to work in this field, i must also be able to locate and order parts by any means necessary in order to keep the customer happy.

Jan 2013 - May 2013


Mouse's Custom Fab.

As an intern i helped with projects being completed for major shows and competition. I was also put on small projects by my self, as long as my mentor felt had the skills to do so. I learned new skills as well as strengthened current skills.

Jan 2012 - Feb 2013

Sandwich Artist


I Performed the nessecary duties to fulfill the needs of my manager. Also i gave perfect and amazing customer service by doing my best to make every customer happy.


Aug 2012 - Present

Certificate Of Arizona Skill Standards

John Huppenthal (Arizona Skill Commision, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Arizona Department of Education)
Nov 2012 - Present

Valvoline Certificate Of Completion

Thom Smith, Technical Director Valvoline Brand
Jun 2014 - Present


Arizona EPA