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Work experience

Aug 2015Present

Insurance Advisor


Currently working from home as a phone-based insurance advisor, utilising a Citrix-based solution to access the tools required to perform my duties.

Aug 2013Present

Full stack DevOps


Development of bespoke solutions on a freelance basis. Primarily web-based.

My latest project was a web-based file management solution allowing external organisations to submit legal and technical data to the client.

On the back end, the tool managed automated report generation and outgoing communications to members of staff to facilitate their day to day operations.

Jul 2012Aug 2013

Developer/Globalisation Lead

IT Systems Finland Oy

IT-Systems is a small company providing bespoke digital marketing and web app solutions on behalf of several major agencies representing global clients. My role initially was back-end developer, providing technical solutions to complement the front-end visual design provided by other members of the company.

This role quickly evolved due to the small size of the company and my expanded duties incorporated strategy decision making and copy-writing. From this stemmed our Globalisation project, an ongoing effort to redesign our web presence to appeal to clients internationally. My responsibilities in this capacity include producing all English-language content for the new site, writing articles for our developer blog and other social media outlets, and acting as external POC and liaison for international clients and consultants we on-board.

In addition to these duties, I assumed the role of server administrator when our previous systems admin resigned. This required a lot of on-the-job learning, as our servers are all linux based and I had no prior experience in this environment. Included in these roles were managing our web-hosting clients and acting against intruders attempting to exploit client's sites to inject malicious code.

Aug 2009Jul 2011

Business Process Analyst


This role combined the responsibilities of Product Manager, Software Engineer and associated roles (training, technical documentation, etc).

Our team was based primarily in the US with members in Shanghai and Dublin. Our mandate was to develop tools and automated solutions based on tickets received from departments company-wide based on arising needs. As the sole member of my team based in the EU, I acted as point of contact for all BUs in the region. I also developed software per their requests, rolled it out and provided training where required.

Our team was also responsible for the development of automated solutions based on our own reviews of existing systems and processes, with a view to increasing efficiency, SLA performance and saving money. To this end we developed a suite of tools which automated much of the process of performing security analysis of compromised customer accounts, as well as the handling of customer-initiated 'Item Not Received' claims. 

As of my departure, these solutions were providing approximately €250,000 of savings per month, limited by the VM resources available to us at the time for running consecutive automated instances.

Jan 2008Aug 2009

CS/Claims Investigate/Fraud Analyst


During this period I worked in a variety of roles, beginning with CS agent providing support for customers, moving on to claims investigation where I handled customer-initiated claims of items not being received and damaged/counterfeit goods. This role required I perform investigative and analytic tasks, obtain verification documents and make decisions related to fund reimbursement.

I moved on to PayPal's account review team, where I would be required to employ this experience as well as learning new skills to investigate instances of fraud committed by and against our customers. Investigative work included collecting documentation from the customer, tracing activity on our site by IP and proprietary tracking information, determining probable cause of events and predicting the possibility and nature of future fraudulent activity


Sep 2002Aug 2004

A-Level Qualifications

City & Islington College London

Computing, Electronics