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Reverend Evan Drake Howard reflects on theology and biblical history with his published work, using both fiction and nonfiction to share his vision of faith. With The Lost Epistle of Jesus, Reverend Evan Drake Howard explores The Good Thief’s embrace of faith through a fictional letter from Jesus of Nazareth. Reverend Evan Drake Howard pairs the psychology of belief and studies on Christianity with spiritual life and religious traditions as an author, and in particular, uses The Lost Epistle of Jesus to address The Good Thief’s own story as it relates to repentance and divine connection. Before publishing The Lost Epistle of Jesus, Reverend Evan Drake Howard spent several years conducting ministry work and writing nonfiction books on help, healing, and faith.Reverend Evan Drake Howard received his call to a spiritual vocation after a drowning at the beach where he worked as a lifeguard in Everett, Washington. Thanks to generous scholarship support, Reverend Evan Drake Howard attended the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. After completing the seminary program, Reverend Evan Drake Howard became Pastor in Cambridge and began his post-graduate studies. In 1988, Reverend Evan Drake Howard earned his Th.D. from the Boston University School of Theology and moved to Rhode Island to lead the Community Church of Providence. For more than 20 years, Reverend Evan Drake Howard provided vital leadership as Pastor and initiated new programs, services, outreach, and building improvements. Reverend Evan Drake Howard continues to promote historical education within the Community Church of Providence, which sponsored his trip to the Holy Land in February 2009 as a gift for two decades of positive service.In addition to his writing and pastoral leadership, Reverend Evan Drake Howard remains involved with community efforts by supporting non-profit organizations and church mission projects. Reverend Evan Drake Howard is a member of American Baptist Minister’s Council of Rhode Island, the Social Witness Team of ABCORI, and the Providence Baptist Theological Circle. Extending his values of faith outside of the church, Reverend Evan Drake Howard regularly comforts the sick at Rhode Island Hospitals, visits with prisoners at the Adult Correctional Institute, aids the homeless at Amos House and South Providence Neighborhood Ministries, and leads missions to the Dominican Republic. Reverend Evan Drake Howard dedicates his life work to his wife and two sons, whom he cherishes spending time with.

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