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Sep 1972May 1976



* High Performance Technical Computing

* Advanced Computer Architectures and Fabric Interconnect Topologies

* High Performance Storage Subsystems

* Parallel File Systems

* MPI, Open MP, Hybrid, ParalleX, SHMEM, UPC and COARRAY FORTRAN  

* Profiling and Performance Optimization Tools

* Job Scheduling and Monitoring tools

* Wide variety of Computational Science applications in Biosciences, Astrophysics,Earth Sciences, etc.

My Personal Philosophy

Before I get started presenting the details of my sales career, I'd like to talk a bit about my personal sales philosophy. I've been doing this for a few years, and I'd like to believe that I've learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in this challenging marketplace.

I'm a devout believer in the "Old School" philosophy of sales. Central to that core belief is the premise that  if you take care of your customer, the business will take care of itself. I have proven this to myself time and time again. In my opinion, empowering the sales representative to promptly address customer issues is the number one way to build successful business relationships.

Business and personal relationships go hand in hand. People buy from people - people they trust and respect.

I built my sales career on my substantial technical expertise, and have strived to keep those technical skills current. I believe that customers respect me because I truly understand the technology, and can relate the benefits of that technology to real world problems they need to solve. I believe that customers trust me, because they know they can count on me to treat them fairly, to offer them good value for their money, and to take care of them long after the sale.

In summary, I believe that success in high technology sales comes from a solid technical foundation, and a deep rooted desire to serve your customer above and beyond the call of duty. "New School" Web 2.0 tools, such as CRMs, Social Networking, SEO, etc. are all helpful productivity enablers, but can never replace solid fundamental core beliefs.

Doug Logan



Alan Torres

“Doug represents a productive, talented and experienced sales contributor. His abilities to assess a sales situation, then glean the critical factors needed to convert a prospect, and to develop a customer then to have it lead to a successfully closed sales have been proven time and time again. Doug has the skills and a work ethic that will clearly differentiate him from other sales professionals. Doug has a decidedly creative side to his thinking in establsihing not only sales opportunities, but to help develop the funding vehicles and structure to bring his sales to fruition. His personable attitude is part of what helps him build his network and relationship pool of sales contacts. His positive approach connected with his imagination and personal dynamics in team situations makes him a highly positive influence.” May 30, 2009

Career Synopsis

I began my IT career as an undergraduate CS student interning as an Operations Research programmer for Falconbridge Nickel Mines in Sudbury Ontario Canada. After graduation, I accepted employment with General Automation, in Sunnyvale, CA. I spent several years as a pre-sales systems engineer supporting large financial institutions including the Bank of Montreal and the Bank of America. In the mid 80's I joined MASSCOMP (CONCURRENT COMPUTER), a computer startup specializing in UNIX based real-time data acquisition systems. I travelled extensively, teaching UNIX internals to military contractors and NASA labs. Accepting a promotion to Junior Sales Rep, success came quickly. Partnering with Lockheed Austin, I closed several US Navy and USAF tactical meteorological projects . In the mid 90's, I became a Sales Rep for innovative HPC startup Kendall Square Research. Following KSR's untimely demise, I was hired by Digital Equipment Corp as a Sales Exec supporting TX Higher Ed and State agency accounts. DEC merged with Compaq and later merged with HP, and I maintained a senior sales position through the mergers. My greatest accomplishment was closing the $47M Texas Medicaid project, partnering with Accenture LLP - one of the largest S&L business deals in HP's history. In late 2007 I was privileged to be offered a key sales position with HPC startup SiCortex. SiCortex was the first totally new HPC systems architecture in 15 years, and by far the world's most energy efficient. I was appointed as South Central District Sales Manager, and assumed responsibility for all Higher Ed accounts in TX, LA, MS, AR, KS, MO, TN, GA, AL, FL, SC and NC. I successfully sold SiCortex systems to several major institutions and developed a considerable pending business backlog. On May 27th 2009, SiCortex sadly and unexpectedly halted business operations following a sudden loss of investor funding. It is unclear if the company will resume under new financial backing.


Work experience

Nov 2007Present

South Central US Sales Manager


Developed new business opportunities from scratch with Higher Ed institutions in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina & North Carolina.

Sold a number of SiCortex advanced High Processor Count systems and attached parallel storage peripherals, and developed an outstanding near-term sales pipeline.

Traveled extensively across the South Central/East USA, and established many high level relationships within the HPC community.

Jan 1997Jan 2006

Sales Manager, Texas State & Local LOB


Responsible for selling the full portfolio of HP products and services (Intel/AMD, PA RISC, ALPHA, TANDEM Non-Stop) Servers, desktops, portables, switches, NAS and SAN storage & backup, OpenView software, break-fix services, consulting services, managed services, financing) to Agencies of the State of Texas, City and county government, and Texas Higher Education institutions.

Jan 1985Sep 1993

Sales Representative

Concurrent Computer Corporation

Sold literally hundreds of real-time data acquisition / command and control / weapons control computer systems directly to the US Navy and US Army, Higher Education institutions, and major Defense Contractors such as General Dynamics and Lockheed Missiles & Space. Concurrent's top sales producer worldwide for several years.


Direct Technical Sales
* Consistent multi-million dollar quota achievement. * Worked closely with many top systems integrators i.e. Lockheed, Accenture, Northrup Grumman, etc. * Skilled at uncovering major new business opportunities while retaining established business. * Highly creative "out of the box" problem solver. * Relationship oriented. Sales 101, rule #1 - "People buy from people." * Skilled at presenting highly technical information to technical audiences. * Experienced in assembling and leading highly effective business capture teams. * Able to consistently make tough decisions under pressure, while meeting established deadlines. * Able to organize and execute on multiple priorities. * Proficient with Siebel and CRMs.

My Personal Interests