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As a leading provider of debit card and credit card processing services for small and medium-sized merchants, Retriever Powered by NPC brings industry longevity and experience to its clients. NPC offers a range of solutions for electronic payments, including merchant processing services, payment processing equipment, and merchant support, as well as additional services in secure transactions, bill payments, mobile transactions, and check processing. Retriever Powered by NPC is designed to help grow businesses’ revenue by allowing them to offer customers convenient payment options. Along with processing credit and debit cards, it provides services for electronic check processing, gift and loyalty cards, and other payment options. Because of the importance of keeping cardholder data secure, the firm offers protection plans for point-of-sale terminals and eCommerce transactions. It serves a range of businesses and organizations, including charities, government and utility companies, health care providers, hotel and lodging establishments, property management companies, restaurants, and retail stores. The company’s point-of-sale equipment inventory comes from leading manufacturers such as Hypercom, Nurit, PCCharge, and VeriFone. It also offers a growing selection of wireless terminals. Partnering with Retriever Powered by NPC allows a business to take advantage of customized payment processing programs through a sales partnership. The company offers partnerships through its Financial Institution Program, Independent Sales Organization Program, and Merchant Referral Program, along with best-in-class solutions service and the latest in transaction technology. Retriever Powered by NPC is based in Louisville, Kentucky, with facilities in Chicago and Houston. More than 240,000 businesses across the United States rely on it and its partners for seamless electronic payment processing solutions. For more information, visit


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