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About Me

Reona Saito is a Social Media Manager/Marketer, with huge influence on Twitter. I'm not a celebrity or something kind of that but I'm running some accounts with the large amount of followers (more than 1 million followers altogether) on Twitter, I'm posting quotes and promoting daily.  I also have connections with owners of big Twitter accounts. I will work for your social media marketing/management by using social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Google+ and etc. Especially skilled with Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

Twitter accounts: @wisdomsquote @TrivialFacts @LiebeTips 

If you are using social medias like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube etc to bring more traffics to your business (site, products, service etc), you are doing right... But is this actually working for you? You need a social media manager to manage your social media activities on business.

Why Me but not other?

I know how to use social medias effectively, that's why I could have 1 million followers on Twitter. I can manage your social media accounts and build positive reputation for your company and bring more traffic to your contents, faster than other social media managers out there. Is there any social media managers with 1 millionfollowers? I guess No... even if exist, it's only a few. ***Hiring Reona Saito means having ACCESS to more than 1 million people online!***  It (hiring me) is so much more Effective, Easier and Faster to get huge traffic to your contents than hiring a social media manager with hundreds, thousands of followers or friends on social medias or starting from zero. I will do my best to help your company increase more sales and traffics on social medias! 

Basis Tasks

- Posting status update on your social media accounts

- Promoting anything to more than 1 million people thrusocial media

- Getting you new Followers/Likes/Views 

- Managing your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, and many more social media accounts 

- Account creation (any social medias) 

- Posting comments on social medias 

- Bringing more traffic to your contents 

- And tons more