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Skilled and experienced creative concepter, imagineer and director/ cultural producer, crafting concepts for companies, the tourist industry and for the cultural sector. My job is a carefully balanced mixture of marketing, creative techniques and experiential design. An experience is never "just" the creation of chance. It has modalities that can be adressed, created and enhanced. Through careful and well devised concepts, I design the required experiences. 

Work experience in short

From To Company & description Job Keywords
2010 dec 2016

La Clappeye concepting

Owner concepts for culture, leisure, eventing

Experience-design through space and place; Translation of marketing-values into implementation of workable integrated concepts.


  • Concepting for student housingproject UvA, Amsterdam. Fam. Wollf van Ravenswade;
  • Design of concertseries for Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, including winetasting;
  • Publicity & Marketingcampaign for Storioni Festival, incl. daily blog & social media-integration;
  • Media-concept for television documentary "Brabant Kraakt" about squatting and musical legacy.
  • MOL: Music On Location; interdisciplinary arts project on weird locations.
2004 2015 Oude Muziek Brabant Owner; early music concert-production; festivals; jousting-tournaments


  • Production of tour for "Meer es in hu", Gruuthuuse Manuscript live!
  • Programming for Rembrandt festival Leiden; Music-production;
  • Programming for event Ridders & Spelen, 's-Hertogenbosch, 2007
1997 2000 Creative concepter Experience-design; Translating and implementing marketingvalues into concrete products & services;


  • Designing new subscriptions for music website; Rotterdam;
  • Production for El Bosco Music Project P.P. Kleijwegt. Jeroen Bosch production.

1999 2013 Producer; arts (freelance) Creation of event-concepts, directing theatre, production, storytelling for events


Writing and directing "Bagges Lagges" street theatre for festival season

Education and  courses

2008 2008 Branding en concepting Course through Network Culturemarketing
2007 2007 Brand development for ensembles Workshops through "De Kamervraag"
2006 2006 Academic development productionmanagement Course through Vereniging voor Podium Technologie; De Theatercompagnie.
2004 2004 Course bagpiping (private) Course through St. Draailier & Doedelzak, Nijmegen
2003 2003 Courses hurdy gurdy (private) Muziekschool Gooik (B)
2002 2003 Desktop publishing Course through Start
2001 2001 Marketing for the arts Course through LOI
2000 2004 Culturele en Maatschappelijke Vorming (CMV) HAN higer education, Den Bosch and Nijmegen. Bachelor; Graduation project: placemaking and place for festivals
2000 2000 Masterclass direction & dramaturgy "Concepten in drama;" Oscar van Woensel Bierkaai Amsterdam
1999 2000 Scriptwriting third year, Michiel Meijer (private) Muzerije, 's-Hertogenbosch
1999 1999 Masterclass monologue-writing; Gerardjan Rijnders Bierkaai Amsterdam
1998 1999 Scriptwriting second year, Michiel Meijer (private) Muzerije, 's-Hertogenbosch
1998 1998 Dalet (digital audio editing) Boschtion, local tv and radio
1997 2002 "Through Stanislavsky" toneel 1,2,3; text-based acting; on-camera presenting Picos, Den Bosch
1997 1998 Scriptwriting first year, Michiel Meijer (private) Muzerije, 's-Hertogenbosch
1994 1997 Sociale Dienstverlening (diploma) MBO-College, 's-Hertogenbosch
1988 1992 LEAO 's-Hertogenbosch (economic/(administrative) Diploma
1986 1988 LAS 's-Hertogenbosch agriculture
1980 1986 Basisschool Antonius Abt, Bokhoven



Native / excellent

English (UK)

Near-native; academic level





Personal information

Name Renk Jacob van Oyen (Renk)

Address: Sint Lucasstraat 16

5211 ZG, 's-Hertogenbosch,

The Netherlands

Gender: Mannelijk

Date of birth: 22-01-1973

BSN: 122560693

Telephone: +31 (0)6 24805848

E-mail: [email protected] // [email protected]


Playing hurdy gurdy

Computer knowledge

MS Office Kerkythea
Celtx pre-production software Indigo Studio
Movie Maker pro / scheduler Freeplane, MindJet
Casper breakdown software MS Excel
Final Draft MS Word
FilemakerPRO Wordpress, Joomla, Magento and other CMS systems
QuarkXpress // Kerkythea // Inkscape // PaintNET // Photoshop // Gimp Hubspot
Inkscape MS Project; Gantter, Several  projectmanagement software
Exmeralda // Ratsnake // Advene // Folker

Dalet (audio montage)

Reload learning-authoring sysem;

Several Learning Management Systems

Hubspot CRM


My professional links & profiles

C.V. in full

2015 present Europe "City PubCall" Why crawl the shots if you can call them? Collective pubcrawling through truely local experience
2015 present (Eastern) Europe Hostelconcepting; experience design for hostels. Location Projects; development locative gaming and apps; investigation and research backpacking geography
2015 2015 Warshau, Poland Angloville, immersive language training Coaching Polish in English conversation; volunteer
2013 present Amsterdam Provide specialised training tour guides
2014 2014 Valencia Fotoshoot Valencia for magazine Several photoshoots for article Happinez magazine + Yoga Magazine
2014 present Berlijn, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Europa MOL: Music On Location Programming and projectmanagement international version of MOL
2014 2014 Nationwide Concepting & outline documentary squatting in Brabant, for Brabant Beauties, Omroep Brabant Productiondesign, concept, storytelling
2013 present Jazz in Duketown, 's-Hertogenbosch Conservatorium Talent Award Presentating concours & awardceremony
2014 2014 Berlin, Amsterdam “Staging friends” crowdfunding Panamarenk photography project, staged photography photography, crowdfunding, concept and projectleiding
2014 2014 Amsterdam, Rotterdam (King of the Rivers) Site-production Rotterdam Swim (Rondje Noordereiland) Concert-prodcuction “Rondje Noordereiland,” St. King of the Rivers
2014 2014 Several stages The Netherlands “Cirque Poëtique” Ode to the Freak! Project management, concept, programming and direction
2013 2014 NTI Minor/major Trendwatching uit Concepting en branding; HBO Modular
2013 2013 Kunstnacht 's-Hertogenbosch Recitals poetry and graphics Recitals poetry and exposition of graphics
2013 2014 International Communication & concepting "Piano Pilgrim" Jarno van Es. International project Concepting, trans-media communication; storytelling; production
17-11-13 17-11-13 Avans Hogeschool, Marketing & Communicatie, 4e jaars Give guest lecture experience design and eventing, Education Marketing Physical layout of distinctive experiences; scriptmaking leadership on-site.
2013 2015 “Panamarenk” Art photography and graphic imaging Art photography, reportage, giclee prints, expos. Specialty arts & documentary
2013 2015 s-Hertogenbosch Board member arts ArtiBosch; performing arts portfolio programmer performing arts, poetry, street theatre; concepting
2013 2013 Jazz in Duketown, 's-Hertogenbosch Conservatorium Talent Award Presentation competition and award ceremony
2013 2013 EFFect Festival 's-Hertogenbosch Poetry recitation
2012 2013 Several locations,The Netherlands Workshops wedding planning Of tiny budgets, shaping rituals, experience-design, creating scripts
2012 present The Netherlands, nationally Giving workshops show direction for bands show directing, dramaturgy line, effect use
2012 present The Netherlands, nationally Giving workshops event-design & festival-tweaking creative concepting, experience design, imagineering-techniques
2012 2013 Amsterdam, VU (fam. Wolff van Ravenswade) Concept Studentlife 3.0 with Always On Stage Experience Design Experience Concept & brandbook of durable top-campus; directing presentation day Carré theatre.
2012 2012 Website / informationmanagement Article: The right to know: “Bibli-leaks” als transmediaal concept. 6 juli 2012
2012 2012 Burcht te Wedde, Wedde (sept. 2012) Concept and realisation event "Light The Night" Creative concept, experience design, theater + extras directing, programming midsummer event
2012 2012 Muziekgebouw Eindhoven (febr-mei) Concertmarketing 5 concerten with Beugelsdijk Communicatie Marketing/advertisingmix concerts, campaign direction; concept carpool-action
2012 2012 Column Music From Nl Geen Fancore maar Volgcore Column op
2011 2012 Artibosch kunstenfestival Stage programming Freelance
2011 2012 Designing new subscriptions, collaboration Beugelsdijk Communications Analysis, organisation, concepts and design plus subscription
2011 2012 Radio SOS, post-apocalyptische noodradio Absurdist theatre;Festival seasons in Netherlands and Belgium Writing, directing, production
2011 2011 Bosch Diner 2011 Poetry recitation
2010 present La Clappeye Acts - Acting for Art Cult. Organisatiebureau Creative concepting; experience-design; event-design; organisation; festival-tweaking; programming; projects
2010 2011 5 large Brabant Cities / Music Building E'Hoven P.R. Storioni Festival 2011, ism Beugelsdijk Communicatie Gen. publicity outline; mailing campaigns; soc. Media setup / strategy & daily.
2010 2010 Member Committee of recommendation Capital of Culture Youth
2010 2010 Cafestival, Luxor in Arnhem Poetry recitation
2010 2010 Div locaties wo Ijs & Zopie Act "de taarten van Adel" Writing, directing, concept
2009 2012 Arts project MOL: Muziek Op Locatie inter-local music project "Surfaced underground" Concept, programming, public relations, project management
2008 2008 Grafisch Atelier, Den Bosch Opening exhibition "My backgarden, your backyard. Poetry
2008 2008 Noord-Brabants museum Course "branding en concepting" Network Culturemarketing
2008 2008 Poëzieproject Jan Wolkers Poetry on work by Bianca Tangande & Jan Wolkers Dichter bij Delft" 2 februari 2008
2007 2007 Vredenburg Utrecht Workshops De Kamervraag. Brand development for ensembles
2007 2007 Klub KOE Guest Programmer Programming acts
2006 2006 Leiden, citywide Concerts in inner city for Rembrandtjaar 2006 Music Programming, production, extras guidance
2006 2006 Theatercompagnie Amsterdam Studiedag productieleiders VPT. Theme: Position of production manager.
2006 2006 Picus Park, Eindhoven Program kick-off construction project for Wooninc. Theatre / music programming, catering & Production
2005 present Netherlands, nationwide Freelancer creative concepting Creative concepts, mentoring startups, experience design, event design, consulting festivals, publicity
2005 2005 Grote Heekel, 's-Hertogenbosch Spectacle piece, De Heilige van de Heekel; Director: Natasha van Maanen Theater / lyrics; Project management.
2005 2005 Rederijkerskamer Moyses Bosch & Internat. Rederijkersfesitval Gent Dutch court of justice, 's-Hertogenbosch Writing theatrical piece "De Lijdende Rechter.'
2004 2015 Netherlands and Belgium Owner agency "Oude Muziek Brabant," early music and historical folkmusic Mediation, promotion, character director, project management, programming festivals
2004 2004 St. Draailier en Doedelzak Course bagpiping
2004 2004 Nazomerfestival Zeeland/Vlaanderen "Grootkwiesien" street theatre Concept, texts, direction
2003 2003 Muziekschool Gooik (B) Courses playing hurdy gurdy I & II
2002 2003 LOI Desktop publishing Course via Start
2002 2002 Encore Magazine "U en uw sponsorschap" Copywriting, longcopy
2001 2002 KPN-mobile Telemarketing Inbound
2001 2001 Essent Telemarketing Outbound
2001 2001 Schinnen, Geleen en Beek Bokkenrijderswandeling VVV & theater Concept, texts, direction
2001 2001 LOI Marketing for the arts Course
2000 2000 Van Voorst tot Voorst P.R. bureau Rosmalen Cabaret for ABN-AMRO, Amsterdam ihkv Milleniumbug" Writing / technique
2000 2004 Culturele en Maatschappelijke Vorming (CMV) HAN higer education, Den Bosch and Nijmegen Bachelor; Graduation project: placemaking and place for festivals
2000 2000 Bierkaai Amsterdam "Concepten in drama;" Oscar van Woensel Masterclass direction & dramaturgy
1999 2000 Muzerije Scriptwriting third year, Michiel Meijer Course
1999 1999 Brabant Literair Publication story "Desmonds Bos"
1999 1999 Bierkaai Amsterdam Writing monologues; Gerardjan Rijnders Masterclass
1998 1999 Festival van Limburg: Maastricht en Roermond Bagges Lagges street theatre projects Directing, writing, production
1998 1999 Media-academie Hilversum Modules item-regie 1 camera, I & II Cameraplan; breakdown/total breakdown
1998 1999 Muzerije Scriptwriting second year, Michiel Meijer Course
1998 1998 BCA Tilburg Course light-plan design Pegasus light plan design & execution.
1998 1998 Boschtion, lokale omroep Course Tekst/autocue-coaching door Arianne de Jong
1998 1998 Theaterfestival De Boulevard, Performers:: Mieke Klomp, Krijn Hermans en Judith Bruynzeels Theatreshow: Mieke Mol's Intern-beleving; met Mieke Klomp Writing scenario
1998 1998 Binnenstad 's-Hertogenbosch; 10 locaties Mirakelsche tocht door Middeleeuws Den Bosch Writing, project management, casting, production, director
1998 1998 Boschtion, local tv and radio Dalet (digitaal audio monteren) Course
1997 2002 Picos, Den Bosch "Through Stanislavsky" toneel 1,2,3; text-based acting; on-camera presenting Courses
1997 2001 Boschtion, local tv and radio Presenter radio & tv; Programme maker div. art / culture programs
1997 1998 Muzerije Scriptwriting one year, Michiel Meijer Course
1997 1997 STOK Kunsten "Miniaturententoonstelling" met P.T. Quekel Poems on art
1997 1997 Corazon producties Educational television commercial "Vrije Tijd" voor NVG Directing, casting
1997 1997 Theaterfestival de Boulevard De Maalstroom & La Cacahuetes Casting and coaching of production extras
1997 1997 s-Hertogenbosch, 6 locaties TheaterTOER '97 Project for 250 students. Concept, programming, project management
1996 2000 Amateurtheaterschool Picos Production Manager Production of performances, events, publicity, staff
1996 1998 Programming exhibitions Galerie Planet Art 2 summer exhibitions; 1 winter exhibition
1995 1997 Galerie Planet Art, 's-Hertogenbosch 15 Openings of exhibitions, P.T. Quekel and others Poems and stories
1995 1997 Thee-etcetera: webshop Columnist: “In bed met Mara en Maria”. Monthly Column
1994 1997 MBO-College Sociale Dienstverlening Diploma
1994 1997 ORVA ziekenomroep Presentator/technicus radio Own radio show
1994 1996 AAC (Additional Asylum Seekers) St. Anthonis Internship Afd. Immaterieel
1993 1996 TOC/AZC Den Bosch Employee Introductie & Immaterieel Introduction asylumseekers in centre
1988 1992 LEAO 's-Hertogenbosch Diploma
1986 1988 LAS 's-Hertogenbosch Agrarisch
1980 1986 Basisschool Antonius Abt, Bokhoven