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Alpha Kappa Psi

Co-ed Professional Business Fraternity

Alpha Omicron Class

April 2008-Present

alpha Kappa Delta Phi

Asian-Interest Sorority

Alpha Gamma Class

September 2006-Present

Positions Held:


Cultural Chair

Spring 2007 Rush Chair

Alpha Gamma Class Pledge Captain

Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Omicron Pledge Period                                                                                                          April 2008 - June 2008


To learn and succeed during the Alpha Omicron pledge class period of Alpha Kappa Psi by excelling in the fields of brotherhood and professionalism while working towards the goal of being granted membership into the fraternity

Brotherhood Committee Member

Facilitated environments to ensure brotherhood bonding. Planned 24 hour lock-down events for all 19 pledges to create pledge brother relationships. Incorporated an accountability partner system into the pledge program to encourage closer ties with one another. Arranged activities, planned the agenda, and prepared decorations/props for the Pledge/Active Activity. Took part in all aspects of banquet; venue, catering, DJ, decorations, with emphasis in decorations and awards.

Fundraising Committee

Aided fundraising committee with fundraising ideas and input. Took initiative to research and arrange to make Alpha Omicron Pledge Class sponsorship T-shirts.

Professional Committee

Organized a phone tree for each member to make certain of professionalism to the best of each person’s ability. Contributed my ideas of secret critiques on paper at each of our workshops.

Public Relations and Marketing Committee

Wrote a press release about the Pledge/Active Activity and the engaging and innovative activities for the newsletter. Contributed to the compilation of the invitations of the banquet for the active body. Take pictures to document events throughout pledge period.

Qualifications and Skills

Demonstrate leadership qualities while encouraging team work settings.

Act as a morale booster to support and promote a positive outlook throughout pledge period.

Effectively reach out to every member of the pledge class to uphold stability.

Work experience

Mar 2007Sep 2008


University Centers Advisory Board

Oversee the board to assure social, cultural, and service activities to broaden the horizons of UCSD students. Send board members weekly reminders electronically to ensure a high attendance rate at board meetings. Record the board meeting minutes to document all aspects of activities in the University Centers. Managed relationships between the University Centers Advisory Board and students on campus. Served as the backbone of the board of 20+ members to make sure all facets of the board are running smoothly.

Jul 2004Sep 2006


Blitz Development

Created real estate websites and assisted with with website programming codes. Acted as a representative of the company and answered 10+ inquiries per day for website conflicts and questions. Analyzed clients' wants and needs and brought in additional clients and increased sales.

Jun 2005Sep 2006

Front Office Coordinator

Spinner Mortgage

Acted as a liaison between 50+ clients and 5+ mortgage brokers and ensured clear understanding of each client's portfolio. Managed 4-8 arrangements per day for clients and employees to make certain for an organized environment. Advertised to customers the benefits and advantages of Spinner Mortgage. Attended to all mortgage brokers and assisted with any tasks for marketing purposes. Obtained knowledge regarding the business aspect of real estate and developed stronger interpersonal skills.