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“The results speak for themselves. We reached a 419% ROI in the 5 months and 1,795% ROI in the last 3 weeks!All this during one of the most devastating times in mortgage and real estate history.Rene and the Volentum team are the REAL DEAL!”

CEO - $1B Mortgage Company 


“Rene Rodriguez is an amazing presenter. He promotes a feeling of calm well being and elicits great trust from his audience. Rene is a master at promoting and inspiring teamwork and innovative thinking. His workshops help people embrace change and helps eliminate the fear that is often associated with it.

Cindy Ertman, Executive Vice President - Platinum Capital


“Rene is a brilliant industrial dynamics consultant and truly gifted speaker.”

David Fournier , CEO , Mortgage Success Source


“Rene Rodriguez knows his stuff. That's one of the testimonials I look for when partnering with a colleague. And, not only does he know it, he has a knack for sharing it in a real, applicable and understandable way. Rene did his “corporate handholding” for us at our office here in Ojai, CA... it was exactly that we needed. He guided us through the process of clarifying our value and outlining our business strategy. His insights upleveled the conversation to new heights. And, we found ourselves cheering, “AHA! That’s the piece we’ve been missing!” WE could not have made it to this point without his wisdom and clarity, and we tried! He knows exactly what he is doing, and he teaches the skills throughout the process. So, by the end you know them too. He shortened our learning curve so we stopped wasting time and money the moment we hired him. I wish it hadn’t taken us so long to discover this business treasure, but I am grateful we have found him at last! Be sure to review the Pillars of Volentum: - Breakthrough Leadership - Employee Engagement - Change Management - Strategic Selling - Powerful Communications I'll continue to tap Rene's expertise in those areas moving forward through building my own company and organizational structure!”

Jason W. Womack, M.Ed., M.A. , CEO / Founder , Jason Womack Company


“Rene is one of the most unique and engaging speakers I have had the privilege of hearing. Give Rene a couple of hours of your time, and he will help you dig into the core of your mind to help you find your limiting beliefs - and then will help turn those weaknesses to your advantage! I am proud to say that hearing Rene speak at Business Plan 2008 was life-changing - and that I am still referring to Rene's teaching on a daily basis. I have a "N.M.E." (No More Excuses) pin sitting on my desk at all times to remind me of what I have been taught by Rene. If you are considering Rene as a consultant to take your business to a brand new level - don't think about it for another second. You will blown away by what he can provide for you and your company!”

Galel Fajardo, President - Coast Mortgage Group


“I can honestly say that Rene Rodriguez is one of the smartest people I have ever met. That said, I think his biggest strength lies in his ability to articulate his vast knowledge into relevant and engaging strategies. Rene has been in front of a room of thousands of people and there are moments when you think everyone has stopped breathing they are so focused on what he is saying. I have also had the opportunity to work with Rene in smaller settings where he has radically enhanced an entire corporate culture in just 2 days. I have personally benefited from his teachings and I know thousands of people that would share my sentiments that Rene is not simply a motivator...Rene changes lives by teaching tools that we can all use to enhance our personal and business relationships. If you are considering retaining Rene's it! It's the best business and personal decision you could make. I guarantee it!”

Eric Mitchell, Vice President - Private Mortgage Banking


“Rene is as intelligent as he is charismatic. He has an uncanny ability to cut through typical business drivel in order to identify, address and initiate positive change in offices, departments and entire companies. His skill spans company culture, structure, production, sales and overall direction and vision. Volentum means "Voluntary Momentum." Rene bridges the gap between companies and individuals that need to move forward so that they want to.”

Kelly Guest , VP Strategic Communication , Volentum


“Rene is one of those people you come across once every decade or of those people that instantly create a level of connection within minutes of meeting him which sometimes takes years to create with friends you may have known for a long time. Not only is he extremely talented in his chosen profession (I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for his services), but more importantly, he is a man of character and integrity like no other. He really cares...his compassion and sincerity are completely real. Rene made an impact in my life both personally as well as professionally; with that said, I would highly recommend he and his company. On top of all that, Rene could sell ice to an eskimo ;-)”

Bob Dececco, CPA , CEO , Aclarian Mortgage


“As a consultant Rene has been a great addition to our team. The mortgage industry is going through remarkable change at this time. These changes are putting pressure not only on us but our clients and service providers. Rene has given us the tools to perform well in these times and set us up for future growth. As someone of wisdom has said, "Changes are the hinges of destiny." - Rene allows you to see the door and keep the hinges on ;)”

Mike Moshier


“I have had the pleasure of working with Rene for the past several years. Rene Rodriguez is one of the brightest individuals I know. He always brings value to any discussion with insight that escapes others. More important, Rene delivers in making the cash register ring for the people he works with. His ability to help others produce is why you want to work with him.”

Jim Sahnger , Faculty Member and Editor-in-Chief YOU Magazine , LoanToolbox


“Several months ago, I met Rene Rodriguez when I attend a seminar that he gave in Los Angeles. The ideas and the manner in which Rene presented them were extraordinary. The concepts that I learned filled me not only with knowledge but with great energy for my life and and my work and the relationships of my life. Rene is gentle, kind person with an astute mind who is generous in sharing his solutions for some of life's high challenges and business's most perplexing problems. I highly recommend that you spend as much time with Rene as is possible for you. You will get a value that is infinitely higher than the moment in time that you spend with him.”

Jimmy Israel


“Rene has a macro understanding of the human mind, organizational culture and the sales cycle. He has harnessed that knowledge and combined it with his past experience and background to create a phenomenal company. Rene connects with every level of an organization which is why he and those who partner with him are so successful. I have witnessed Rene speak on numerous occasions and have personally experienced his handiwork. Whether you're looking to initiate change within your organization, improve sales culture and performance or simply be provided tools and training to perfect your business game, Rene is a business ally you must have on your side.” 

Wade Humphreys , Regional Operations Manager , Decision One Mortgage


“Rene's ability to help create clarity and results based on a deep understanding of how people truly change has provided me with invaluable insights to help move my sales career forward. I have seen his impact on other business partners as well and the look of a-ha on their faces after a conversation with Rene only serves to reinforce his skill, expertise and ability to create positive change.”

Steve Smailes , Director of Business Development , LoanToolbox


“I've gotten to know Rene over the past several years, and consider it to be an honor to be on the same teaching faculty with him at Loan Toolbox. Rene is insanely brilliant, but at the same time, he has the unique ability to communicate with an audience in a captivating and personal way. His authority and passion are easily transferred to the listening audience in a way that demands immediate action. I personally have benefited from Rene's "No More Excuses" philosphy in both my business and personal lives. Thanks for all you do, Rene!”

David Kuiper , Vice President - Mortgage Lending , First Place Bank


“I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Rene on many occasions. We've brainstormed and created some amazing presentations, and I've also been a participant in several Rene Rodriguez "experiences." He brings an energy and passion to everything he touches, and he has been an inspiration to many.”

Tony Pinto , VP of Product & Content Development , LoanToolbox


“Rene has a remarkable ability to take the pieces of the sales puzzle apart, break them down and rebuild in such a way that the people he coaches instantly see how they can be successful. He then takes the ball across the lines and helps people understand why they are struggling with a certain aspect or step in the process and shows them alternative solutions. I can't count the number of "aha!" moments I have witnessed at his sessions. He is without a doubt a master at his craft.”

Andrew Seifert , Principle, Wireless Solutions , Telemedia Solutions


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Indispensible is the word leadership teams at Coca-Cola, Liz Claiborne, Daimler Chrysler, FORD, Microsoft, ABN AMRO and Loan Tool Box use to describe Rene and his expertise in generating results.He specializes in applying brain research to problem-solving and improvement on individual and team levels. His unique methodology and approach in creating voluntary momentum (Volentum) in sales, work culture and leadership have made him a trusted advisor and growth partner to his clients. Return on investment and processes that create action are central to his work and philosophy.Rene is on a mission to eliminate sales shame and lead the resurgence of the sales professional for the mutual benefit of businesses and their customers.

Rene is a popular, sought-after stage presence.His credits include:Featured speaker at the Microsoft Annual Convergence Conference, the Presidents Network and the Business Plan 2008 Conference in Las Vegas. UpSize Business Magazine highlighted his work and he has been cited in several newspaper and magazine articles about weathering and positively sustaining change.

Rene’s experience includes:

Former CEO of Rapid Change, a consulting firm that trained over 50,000 people and whose training and tools were named a Best Practice in three Fortune 250 companies

Chief Learning Officer, founder and former Dean of the Corporate University for a national mortgage bank

Founder of the “NME Sales Academy”, a sales training curriculum based upon brain and sales research

National sales champion in a high end home products business

Sharing the speaking stage with Jeffrey Gitomer, Roy Firestone, Lou Holtz and Ben Stein, and being the highest rated speaker by attendees among these and other speakers at the Business Plan 2008 Conference

Coaching select leaders and speakers in creating influential, memorable presentations that drive action and maximize influence

A captivating, high-energy speaker, Rene is in high demand for annual events, conventions, and keynotes.

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Mortgage Success Source
Certain Success in Uncertain Times

Mortgage Success Source brings together the power of The Mortgage Market Guide, LoanToolbox and The Duncan Group as a central resource for mortgage originators to find all the tools they need to be successful in today’s market.

We are committed to providing you with strategies, information and practical resources that help you work smarter, increase your loan volume and generate leads.


Chief Executive Officer


Volentum is an enterprise education and consulting company specializing in the application of The Next Generation of Change Making, practical ways for individuals and groups to grow and renew themselves even as they engage and profit from recurring change. We specialize in improving business performance by facilitating the individual’s personal awareness and understanding of the innate and natural ways we human beings are “wired” to resist and/or welcome change. As individuals grow in their personal effectiveness, EQ and performance there is positive impact on overall productivity in the workplace.

We currently work directly with leaders, managers and employees in medium and large for-profit organizations within multiple industries. We have assembled a team of professional business people, consultants, instructors, and coaches who are experts in helping organizations create work environments that promote trust, lower stress, inspire teamwork, diversity, innovative thinking, creativity, and continuous, effective change efforts.

Volentum’s tools and techniques accelerate adult learning and growth. Consequently they enable people to accelerate change, decelerate change, anticipate change, and even enable groups to change the direction of change itself. With the increased capability to work with change – the principles of what change is and how it happens - individuals and groups move more quickly through the phases of natural resistance and conflict into cooperation and creative problem-solving.

Sample list of organizational results that can be expected:

  • Job satisfaction increases,
  • absenteeism and turnover of key talent decreases,
  • innovative thinking and conflict resolution increases,
  • getting real about problems and working on the “right issues” increases,
  • understanding the company strategic direction is enhanced,
  • overall performance and productivity are positively influenced.

As individuals and groups become more “organizationally healthy,” profits and bottom-line results move towards health as well.