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Rene Boisvert

  • Oakland, CA

Rene Boisvert - Philanthropic Leader in Oakland

About Rene Boisvert

A longtime philanthropist and founder of Taking It to the Streets in Oakland, California, Rene Boisvert received a bachelor of arts in political science from the University of California, Berkeley. After spending the early years of his career in the sports and entertainment sectors, Rene Boisvert accepted an offer to become a board advisor with Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, a public charity grant maker and community foundation.

In his current leadership role with Taking It to the Streets, Rene Boisvert works to break the cycle of poverty by investing philanthropic dollars in advertising and marketing campaigns. By partnering with the corporate community and media entities, he is able to multiply the impact of philanthropic dollars for the benefit of those living in poverty. In addition to encouraging companies to give back via matching gifts and corporate sponsorships, Taking It to the Streets promotes the STREETS Ambassadors Program, a grassroots initiative that provides resources for philanthropic supporters and volunteers.

Boisvert presently serves as a board member at St. Vincent’s Day Home. He formerly served on the board of the Oakland Paramount Theatre.

Outside of his philanthropic endeavors, Rene Boisvert enjoys following the San Francisco Giants and walking his dogs.

Work experience


Managing General Partner

Boulevard Equity Group


Taking it to the Streets

Board Advisor

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation


BA, Political Science

University of California, Berkeley

Graduate Program, Philanthropy

Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis