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RenE Rheeder

Polymath with potential and leadership and critical thinking skills


In my 9 years of employment I have obtained a huge amount of experience within the following areas: 

Office Administration (drafting processes and procedures for internal use)

Management of an art gallery for 3 years (events/ art exhibitions / budget control/ Marketing as well as management of two staff members)

Secretarial Work (Extensive work on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Filesite

Personal Assistant Duties

Assisting in various other departments (Courier/Post/Fleet Management/Stationery (stock take and control thereof)

HR Duties (Interviews with potential candidates for available positions within the firm, Leave management control,

Arranging of events for internal functions

Fleet Admin (Extensive Reports and data capturing)

Firm’s archive requirements (Metrofile)

Print Room – knowledge of systems, processes and procedures of the Print Room and equipment (photocopying, binding of documents, Laminating, scanning of documents etc).

Monthly reports for budget purposes (vehicles, stationery, postal/courier budget control/data capture for the firm)

I have an outgoing and friendly attitude and I am willing and eager to prove my competence given the opportunity to do so. I am fair and logical and I attempt to resolve matters responsibly. I wish to gain experience in any field and will exceed expectations made of me and achieve momentous success.I like to work under pressure and need new challenges to keep me "up my game"

I love my job and I am very proud of it, but will be very good in this position, as I have all the experience for it

Asset Management

Work experience

Jun 2010Present

General Office Support Clerk/ Admin Clerk/PA

Webber Wentzel

 General office duties

Job description: 

Mail Services

  • Sort, distribute, package and/or despatch all incoming and outgoing mail on behalf of the firm. This includes:
  • receiving and sorting incoming mail/ faxes into batches
  • prioritising and distributing incoming mail to the appropriate areas in the firm in line with urgency requirements
  • preparing outgoing packages for despatch in line with national and/or international postage and courier requirements to ensure the safety of all outgoing packages/ letters.
  • Record all incoming cheques and despatch to Finance.Printing, Filing and Document Scanning
  • Conduct the bulk filing of all manual documentation for reference and record keeping purposes. This includes prioritising and managing time to ensure that filing is kept up-to-date and that documentation is correctly filed.
    • Scan documents for archival purposes.
    • Retrieve, print, collate and/or distribute documentation as required by management.
  • Maintain the safe keeping of records by keeping a record of all documentation removed from the filing system.
  • Follow up to ensure that files are returned.Teamwork
  • Support others in the team when own work is complete to ensure that the administration process is completed on time and in line with quality standards.Ad Hoc Admin Support Duties
  • Perform additional ad hoc admin support duties as and when required.
  • Assist others in the General Office team when there is an opportunity to do so.

Update budget sheet and sorting out all invoices, make sure every invoice will be handed to finance on time. Attend to queries i.e. courier services & sort out problems. Send all couriers out to Cape Town office or to events that WW is hosting or attending.(This is crucial. Delivery must be on time. Tracking and updating the sender is essential.)  Order courier bags and waybills when necessary.   Arrange payment for franking machine.  Assist with archiving system.   Assist with queries. Stand in for supervisor if on leave or not available.  Assist supervisor where necessary.   Meetings with vendors. 

Stationary Clerk:  Stock update weekly for stationary.  Order stationary, arrange delivery.  Always assist if Stationary clerk is not in, update stationary usage spreadsheet

Job Description: 

  • Order, maintain and control required stationery stock levels at all times. This includes
  • placing and controlling standard orders and special orders in line with limits of authority and oversight from the Team Leader
  • conducting regular stock takes to ensure that stock levels are sufficient
  • Ensuring that stock spread sheet records are up to date and that it reflects exactly what is in the store room.
  • Ensuring with every order; a quote, delivery notes and invoice are attached prior to sending it for authorisation to the General Office Team Leader.
  • Providing reports on stock usage and wastage levels and recommend ways to minimise waste.
  • Ensuring that deliveries correspond with orders. This includes signing of delivery notes and acknowledging that everything was received.
  • Conducting quality checks on the goods/ supplies delivered and return substandard/ incorrect items.
  • Checking, authorising and signing all invoices and forward these to the General Office Team Leader.
  • Sorting all incoming stationery goods in line with order specifications.
  • Ensuring all label requirements sent from internal staff are done timeously (Hollis Label System).
  • Manually distributing stationery and internal labels (Hollis Labels) promptly and efficiently to all areas of the firm.
  • Reconciling and reporting on monthly spend for budget control purposes. Providing a monthly spread sheet that reflects all the monthly usage of stationery.

Additional duties:  Assist with client service: Assisted first aid boxes: Check monthly, refill if used, make sure it's always up to standards and clean, and order new boxes.(Temp assistance) 

Assisting Team Leader:  Assist with budget spreadsheet.   Assist with queries. Create SOP's for all areas(Fleet, General Office and Print Room).  Creating systems(forms) in all areas.  Monthly reports for all departments.  Meeting with vendors, arrange meeting with new possible vendors, draw up summary up for vendor file.  Arrange interviews, book boardrooms.   

Refreshments and cleaning:  Manage groceries for cleaners.  Order refreshments and cleaning products, stock take. 

Fleet:  Update after hours usage of WW fleet .  Update driver's spreadsheet monthly.   Implemented a new system. Update spreadsheet monthly. 

Job Description: 

Assisting the Team Leader with the following:

  • day-to-day work allocation, supervision and control of the firm's courier and messaging services including staffing capacity, workflow, work volumes and productivity levels of drivers and messengers.                       
  • fleet of courier vehicles in line with corporate image and road traffic requirements by ensuring that the vehicles are roadworthy, are maintained in good working order and serviced regularly, are clean at all times, are fuelled and are licensed.                    
  • all vehicle expenses and submission vehicle maintenance and fuel vouchers to finance for processing and payment.                           
  • Adhoc project administration.
  • Vendor Liaison
  • Liaise with suppliers on a day-to-day basis to ensure that supplies are delivered as per service level agreements and to address any problems and/or urgent requests.
  • Negotiate bulk pricing agreements with support from the General Office Team Leader:
  • Scan the environment to identify alternative suppliers and/or brands that could provide more cost effective supplies without compromising quality and service levels.  Ad Hoc Admin Support Duties
  • Perform additional ad hoc admin support duties as and when required.
  • Assist others in the General Office team when there is an opportunity to do so.

Print Room:  Monthly reports, arrange machines to be fixed.  Assist staff with difficult printing jobs, oversee print jobs. 

Job Description: 

  • Record and prioritise work requests. Inform management if work requests exceed the print room capacity.
  • Remove staples, paper clips etc.
  • Check document pages to ensure that page numbers are correct, that pages are the right

        way up, and that pages are not bent.

  •  Scan and or photocopy document batches.
  • Collate batches as per originals.
  • Staple and/or clip originals as received.
  • Bind each set of documents as requested.
  •  Box documents for dispatch.
  • Check photocopier(s) to ensure good working order.
  •  Remove and replace ink cartridges and paper.
  • Call out maintenance technicians/ vendors to resolve complex technical problems as per


  • Order and maintain sufficient stock of stationery supplies i.e. ink cartridges, paper and

        binding materials from the Stationery Clerk.

Assist with client service: Assisted first aid boxes: Check monthly, refill if used, make sure it's always up to standards and clean, and order new boxes.(Temp assistance)  .

Asset Management - Tagging, capturing and uploading of assets.  Maintain all assets, make sure if assets are moved, the system must be updated 

May 2009Jun 2010

Creditors Clerk

Webber Wentzel

Job Description:

Processing Creditor Payments

  • Capture and process creditor invoices for payment, taking into account terms, discounts and credit notes.
  • Ensuring that all creditor invoice payments are reconciled and balanced back to the ledger account.
  • Scrutinise invoices for accuracy and completeness.
  • Allocate and capture creditor invoices on the system.
  • Prepare the payment of all cheque requisitions and electronic payments for authorization and actioning.
  • Reconcile the creditors' ledger. 
  • Execute all payment runs for approved payments.
  • Query Handling
  • Handle creditor queries and resolve any discrepancies.
Feb 2009May 2009

Filing Clerk


Job Description:  Schedule meetings where necessary for managers. Setting-up contracts. Create exit and termination letters. Confirm employment status. Send out monthly pay slips. Dealing with new CA's notes and arrange collection from me. Assist with increase letters. Dealing with daily HR queries

Mar 2006Jun 2008

Framer and Shop Manager

Fine Art &Frames/ Art on Bell Air

Organize art expeditions, frame all incoming work. Stock taking, planning day for all incoming work and give workers instructions. Search for new artists. Work out costing of framing. Advice clients for correct framing. Plan and make sure all urgent work is attended to first. Assist corporate companies on art collection and framing of certificates. Attend all problem areas in factory.

Attend to all incoming work. Plan deliveries for the day. Organize art expeditions. Liaise with clients and give them the best option on art and framers.Manage 2 shops and organize everything for both shops knowledge of art. Organize, marketing and set up of art expo’s


Jan 2001Dec 2005


Hoërskool Randburg

Afrikaans, English, Art, Geographic's, Computer Literature, Hospitality



Computer Skills

MS Outlook

MS Word

MS Excel

MS Power Point



EAM (Asset Management system)

Personal Skills

Can manage difficult situations with ease.

 Deadline orientated. 

Flexible, adapt easily.

Resolve clients complaints with ease.

Communications skills

Flexibility to handle change

Hard worker



Believe in myself

I have ability to cope with failures and try to learn from my mistakes

Team player

Planning skills

Full commitment to my work

Highly energetic

Open minded

Well organized and like to be neat with all my work

A good helper towards those who need help

 I am a quick learner. I have a great problem-solving skills and willing to learn new things to get the job done

Self motivated

Able to maintain confidentially at work. 

Excellent planning and organizations skills/ attention to detail. 

Can work exceptional under pressure




Health and Safety Representative

Action Training Academy

Basic Health and Safety


Fire Fighting

Action Training Academy

Basic Fire Fighting


Management Skills for Office Professionals/ Advance Management Skills


Critical Skills for Effective Management


 Time Management

Dairy Management

Project Management

 The Importance of Planning

Managing you People for Increased Performance

Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

 Dealing with Emotion

 Stress Management

Finding Opportunities for Personal Growth

Achieving Personal Goals

Maintaining Balances

End Message

Effective Listening

Diversity Management

Working Independently

Business Ethics

 Meeting Minutes

Jul 2014

Emotional Intelligence

Kwelanga Training

Emotional Intelligence:

The Principles and Concepts of Emotional Intelligence
Self-Awareness and Self-Management
Developing self-awareness and control while being aware of others emotions
Learning emotional self-control
Becoming transparent and adaptable
The impact of Emotional Intelligence on Life and Work Interactions
The impact of emotional intelligence on organizational effectiveness
The consequences and impact of applying emotional intelligence in life and work situations
Emotional Intelligence in Relationship Development and Management
Inducing desirable responses in others
Influencing others
Communicating correctly, Conflict management, Anger management
Building bonds
Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses
Using emotional intelligence to facilitate clarity of thought process
Investigating techniques for developing strengths in emotional intelligence including promoting:  
self regulation, self-motivation, empathy and social skills.
The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Life and Work situations

Aug 2012

Service Excellence

Kwelanga Training

Service Excellence:

Service Excellence -Customer needs and expectations
Analyzing service levels
Portrait of Service excellence
The dimensions of service quality
Effective Communication – a Vital Tool for Excellent Client Service
Improving your listening, questioning and explaining skills
Essential assertiveness – improving confidence and self esteem
Value and impact of communicating a positive image and attitude
Shifting communication styles with different personality types
Explore ways of dealing with different customer-types in all situations
Handling conflict
Weak words and expressions to avoid
Building Exceptional Client Service Relationships
Reliability – getting it right first time
Consistency and dependability – keeping promises
Responsiveness, promptness - a sense of urgency
Dealing with customer Complaints
Principles for handling the irate customer
Managing conflict
Solution vs. problem orientation
Using the complaint to improve service
Wow! Service – Going the Extra Mile
Personal accountability

Nov 2009

Strategies for Superior Service and Support

6 Degrees  add-IT

Module's that was completed:  Telephone Management Skills
                                                                Enhancing Relationships with Colleagues
                                                                Empathy and Listening Skills
                                                                Communication Skills
                                                                Conflict handling Skills
                                                                 Business Writing Skills


Webber Wentzel - Brenda Stapelberg - 011 530 5719 or 076 453 2662 (Manager)

                                  - Patricia Morokong - 011 530 5487

                                  - Chris Silva - 072 555 2620