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Results-driven and optimistic Business Executive with proven abilities in strategic planning, managing projects, improving efficiency, team building, and detailing project information to determine effective changes. Quickly grasps complex concepts, analyzes, and interprets ideas into a logical strategy. Able to identify areas of strength and weakness, and implement policies, standards, changes, and systems that optimize productivity. Large experience leading international projects. Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. International Executive MBA degree.

Work experience

May 2008Present

Group Program Manager (SOKE)

Mondial Assistance

Mondial Assistance Group is an Allianz Group member, is leader on assistance worldwide providing assistance (medical and automotive) and travel insurance for 30 countries.

Responsibility:    identify and develop new process improvements within the business units (focus on 20 countries) focus on operational excellence.

Beginning of 2007 Mondial Group decided to develop a program to integrate the countries and identify possible synergies, avoiding recreating initiatives and waste time/money worldwide doing the same project on different ways. As this initiative was the first and is a big cultural change I was invited for the COO of the Group to lead this program implementation within the Group.

Jan 2007Apr 2008

Senior Group Consultant

The Allianz Group is one of the leading global services providers in insurance, banking and asset management, with approximately 178,000 employees worldwide, the Allianz Group serves more than 75 million customers in about 70 countries. In fiscal 2006 achieved total revenues of over 101 billon euros.

Responsibility:    support locally Allianz group companies worldwide to implement key strategic initiatives, negotiated with CEO´s, board members or Senior Executives timeframes, investments and results.

In October /2006 I was invited to be part of the strategy consultant team responsible to implement group strategy initiatives worldwide (Innovation, Customer Focus and local specific initiative). Actually, I’m working at the Customer Focus tools to increase Allianz customer loyalty and growth Allianz business around the world with tools like NPS – Net Promoter Score (Bottom-up, Top-down), NPE – Net Promoter Economics, Complain Management, Service Recovery and Broker segmentation. At the moment I am responsible for this initiative for the group companies in UK and South America, but also working in some project in EU.

Apr 2002Dec 2006

Broker Segmentation & Distribution Channel Strategy Senior Executive

Allianz Brazil

Allianz Brazil is a 650 millions euro, Allianz Group Company, with more than 100 years. Offering in the market a big range of product is one of the most important insurance companies in the country. Through almost 5 years in the company I had to key positions, Project Manager and a promotion to Broker Segmentation and Distribution Channel Strategy Executive. In both positions working always directly with local board members and CEO, CEO´s for the companies in South America companies (Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela) and also reporting to the Allianz Group holding in Munich.

Broker Segmentation and Distribution Channel Strategy Senior Executive

Responsibility:    create a department responsible to define and calculate the criteria’s to evaluate brokers, define specific strategies for each segment (4 segment, around 8000 brokers), evaluate and define changes in the actual distribution channels around the country (around 60) and evaluate and implement new distribution channels models with more efficient process and to differentiate the company in the market. Also to coordinate a group to define sales and distribution possible synergies in South America Allianz Group companies (Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela).

Project Manager

Responsibility:    create an area that should be responsible for the major strategic projects that some were at that time running by one of the top five strategy companies and some were new. Knowledge transfer, implementation and results of the projects were also key responsibilities.

The projects that I was responsible touch all process and products in the company. Some of these projects were Financial advisor team, Call centre implementation, General claims restructure, Issuing centralization and a New market position: Financial advisor team, create a new pension and life approach in the market with direct sales model including new IT system, new team and product - Call centre, create a call centre with around 40 attendant points and investment around 400 thousand euros including software and hardware selection, hiring new people, local selection and preparation, and customers communication – General claims restructure, four keys sub-project were considered, partner repair shop analysis (around 1200), including reduction, redistribution and new contract definition, claims handling centralization, centralizing around 20 office in a first phase to 8, then to 4 and then in just one office, included IT system development, team reallocation when possible, communication plan (internal and external) and new process design with a total cost reduction at the end around of 3 millions euro, increase internal inspectors participation in the total of inspections from 20% to 90%, included hiring new inspectors, hardware and software definition, and communication plan (internal and external) reducing around 300 thousand euros per year of cost, and claims handling automatization with the target to reduce 15% of the claims handling process cost analysis included new process definition, IT system development, team training and external communication – Issuing centralizing, centralize issuing in around 40 branches to just one point (around 40000 documents per month), included system development, new process, training, branches administrative activities reduction, third company contract, reducing costs, increasing quality, monitoring and unique standard document for the customer – New market position, create a segmentation process for 8.000 brokers and more focus sales force in the specifics customer needs, including create a new communication process, relationship program, new sales force structure, developing new tools to work with the brokers and a unique broker analysis way through all the product division in the company, an unique speech. As a result for the first year was an increase of 41% of premium in average for all segments and a significant cost operation model especially for small broker sales model.

May 2004Oct 2006


K4R - Knowledge For Results
At 2005 we develop a Training Strategy Consultant Company - K4R, with partners at Portugal, who support us with contents and face-to-face trainings methodology and at Singapore, who support us with E-Learning platforms. Sao Paulo - Brazil
Dec 1997Apr 2002

Project Manager

Atos Origin

Atos Origin is a 5,4 bi euros group with around 50 thousand employees worldwide and 2 thousand in Brazil. Atos Origin is a leading international IT services provider and consultancy service offering a end-to-end solution. Through almost 5 years in the company I had to key positions, Project Manager at the ERP division and a responsible person to develop a Supply Chain Management service in Brazil.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Project Management

Responsibility:    create a new department (Supply Chain Management Service), introduce the new knowledge in the company, prepare a new team of consultant and face customers to sell consultancy service.

        After the ERP high demand the company decides as a global strategy to create a CRM and SCM service in South America. I was chosen together with the local director to create the service and start the new business in Brazil and rollout to South America countries. Learn SCM best practice worldwide, develop a new methodology to approach our customers and prepare a new consultant team was the first challenge. After that conduct two big seminars to our key customer in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro was the second challenge to discuss our thoughts with experts on the topic. The success of the methodology reflects in contract with Michelin South America logistic department and partnerships with companies as i2 and Manugistics.

ERP Project Management

Responsibility:    coordinate ERP Bann implementation and coach of manufacturing specialist consultant team.

Around 4 years of experience in the area of implementation of ERP systems, specifically working with the system Baan, where I participated in the implementation as consultant and project manager. The implementations that I participated in were for companies of different areas, such as: Philips Group, Dixie Toga, Pilkington, Schneider Electric, Votorantim Group etc. In the projects that I participated, I worked in manufacturing areas and logistics as a specialist and also as a project manager coortenating the consultant team and negotiation with customer contract, a new process design. Restructuring of departments such as: planning, project, engineering, production, stocks, greeting and revenue was normal work in the customers. Besides consultant's work and coordinator in the implementation, I also participated in the elaboration of new proposals and in the presentations for the customers, where I was responsible for the functional presentation of the systems.


Nov 2002Nov 2002


Sep 2000Feb 2002


Jan 1993Dec 1997


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