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Rehabeam Kauru Nangura (Remy)

I.T Consultant/Data Capturer


I have been a software developer for a number of companies i.e. Nambia Breweries, Bank Of Namibia and Debeers Marine Namibia.  As a software consultant, I did software development & maintenance for Roads Contractor Company and Government Garage.   Database Management  and SQL (Structured Query Language), Software programming with RDMS (relationship database management systems) are my special skills that was developed over 15 years of work experience.   This has effectively qualified me as a competent data capturer throughout the years.  

I am currently an I.T. Consultant/Data Capturer  for Government Garage, but there is little scope for new projects so I am readily available to start as soon as possible.  Part of my duties at Government Garage has been doing data capturing of log sheets, orders and invoices at a time when they needed fulfillment of outstanding work. Currently I don't have any projects or work commitments, so I am ready to start any time.  The working hours as required by your position will suit me fine.


I am applying for the position of Data Capturer.


Jan 1991Dec 1993

National Diploma in Business Computing

Polytech Of Namibia

Majoring in Computer Programming, Business Management

Work experience

December 2015Present

IT Consultant/Data Capturer

IT Consultant/Data Capturer

I am currently involved with software consultation, maintenance, development and data capturing projects.   I am fairly competent in terms of data capturing.

Previous work experience:  Programmer/Software Engineer/Business Analyst

Debeers Namibia [2006-2008] - Software Engineer

Bank Of Namibia   [1996-2002] - Analyst Programmer/Business Analyst

Namibia Breweries [1994-1996] - Programmer


Donald Tjeriko

Analyst Programmer:  Government Garage

Tel:   (061) 2946250

Cell: 0811573193

Email: [email protected]

Johan Coetzee

Former Head: IT Division (Debeers Marine Namibia, ICT Consultant) 

Cell: (061) 401695

Email: [email protected]

Steven Delport

Systems Engineer                          (Pyxis Technology)

Cell: 0811243769   

Email: [email protected]


Internet/Online Marketing/Web Related

Sports & Computer Games

Outdoors Adventures


English (Very Good)

Afrikaans (Very Good)

Otjiherero (Very Good)


Social Media Services
Marketing of social media services to small business owners.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+
Software Licensing
Value addition services to businesses with no software infrastructure to improve productivity.
Software Consultation

Software consulting in development and maintenance, database programming, management and maintenance through SQL, stored procedures and Fourth Generation language i.e. INFORMIX.  Data capturing of log sheets, invoices, orders.


Namibia Breweries, Bank of Namibia, Debeers Marine Namibia,  RCC, Government Garage



SAP HR Certificate

SAP South Africa

Implementation of organisational management, personnel administration, personal development and authorizations (security) modules within SAP HR.