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Relax the Back Bellevue isn't just another store promising comfortable furniture and products that ease back and neck pain. Since 1984, Relax the Back has prided itself on providing products and services rooted in medical innovations and proven self-care solutions. The company's expertise in this field has earned it praise and recommendations from doctors, nurses, and orthopedic specialists across the country. Relax the Back's Bellevue, Washington, location is one of more than 100 stores found across the United States, expanding over the years from what was originally a single shop. The store is staffed with sales professionals who are routinely educated and trained on the store's various offerings. Relax the Back's expert staff advises customers on purchases based on their types of chronic pain or injury, whether in the lower back or at the top of the spinal column in the neck. The products sold at Relax the Back Bellevue cover a range of life situations, including home, work, and even travel-oriented equipment. You can also find back massage equipment, lumbar supports, and equipment developed to aid in fitness and physical therapy. Relax the Back supports several charitable foundations serving its surrounding community and individuals in need around the world. It is a sponsor of the Ten Grands concert, which benefits The Snowman Foundation and provides musical instruments to children in music education programs. Relax the Back in Bellevue has donated mattresses to victims of tsunamis and earthquakes around the world and also donates used furniture to Goodwill.