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Summary of Technical | Management Experience

Management: Managed a team of technology professionals delivering applications and technology solutions throughout the enterprise. Created departmental policies and procedures aligning departmental goals with the organization's business plan. Defined "best practices" and set reporting standards for analyzing data and adjusting for continued growth.

Business Analysis, Communications & Critical Thinking: Eleven years of technical, management experience, analyzing business procedures and workflow in relation to technology, developing client and customer service skills, understanding workforce requirements for success. Client oriented customer service attitude and standards.

Administrative & Financial: Responsible for the administration of a 440 user network. Organized information and applications, delivered application solutions to end users, administered training and support for software products. Administered departmental processes. Responsible for 2million+ technology budget. Proficient in organizing and delivering information and solutions, and negotiating vendor and consulting contracts for goods and services.

Project Management, Budgeting & Scheduling: Responsible for all aspects of strategic and tactical planning including technical problem solving, Managed multiple projects coordinating operating system and MS Office upgrades across the enterprise.

Software, Systems & Hardware: Microsoft Office 2003 & 2007: Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, and PowerPoint. Adobe: Standard & Professional, Photoshop CS3. pdfDOCS. Operating Systems: Windows 2000/2003, MS Exchange 2007, Windows XP/2003, Microsoft SQL, MPLS Network; Virtual Environments. Communications and Mobility: Citrix, Avaya, Blackberry RIM. Financial: Elite and DTE time entry. Legal Specific: CaseMap, Summation I-Blaze, LexisNexis, Westlaw. Document Management: Hummingbird/PCDocs and Netdocuments. Hardware: Compaq desktops, HP servers, Savin digital copiers, Lexmark and HP printers.



Guiding Principles

Qi is committed to the philosophy that businesses can be profitable and simultaneously make a valuable contribution to the community in which they operate. This can be achieved using a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods that target the core energies of key personnel and decision makers within the organization.

Qi is dedicated to helping business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals transform their lives and their businesses from the ordinary into the extraordinary - to assist individuals within those organizations to cultivate innovative concepts for their business, the community in which they live, and the global economy in which they prosper.

We believe in the value of a global network of socially conscious business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals whose personal integrity and values are reflected in the workplace. This global network will foster leadership by creating workplace environments in which employees will thrive, businesses will experience increased profits and steady growth; and executives and professionals will realize deeper levels of inner satisfaction by maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Summary of Work | Life Balance & Energy Work

Since 1984 the focus and passion of my life has been meditation and the study of gnostic, christian and hebrew scriptures. A student of The Infinite Way, The Keys of Enoch, the I AM Foundation, the Pistis Sophia, Kabbalah and The Bible, my goal has been to integrate the spiritual with the practical. In January of 2009 after many years of "soul" searching, I was finally able to realize my dream of working with others to show them how to bring prosperity, health and happiness into their personal and professional lives.

What makes me uniquely qualified to work with individuals both professionally and personally in transforming lives? The ability to live and succeed in both worlds while retaining my sanity, my health and peace of mind.

What We Do

Qi specializes in assisting emerging and existing businesses in aligning their business principles and internal operations with todays "think global, act local" consciousness.

Qi helps businesses transform themselves into sustainable business models by introducing its business family of executives, managers, and staff to programs that address the concerns of the individual, the community and the business. Together, Qi consultants, business owners and executives map out a strategy for change that fits in with the organization's goals and objectives.

Qi helps businesses embrace change and manage change with buy-in from all organizational units not just the units directly involved in the change process. Qi presents various organizational units and the people that comprise each unit with a holistic perspective on success. Each individual is viewed and appreciated as a valuable contributor to the overall success of the organization. The impact of change within the organization is closely examined, managed and monitored throughout the entire process.

An important aspect of Qi's unique approach to change management is the utilization of technology to communicate and facilitate change throughout the organization. If channels of communication are not in existence, Qi makes recommendations to put them in place.

In addition to assisting business in re-designing and re-defining themselves, Qi works with entrepreneurs, executives and professionals to ...

  • obtain a healthy work/life balance
  • reduce stress and increase creativity
  • transition to new careers
  • transition from the workplace to retirement
  • step out on their own

Work experience

Mar 1997Jan 2009

Director of Technology Services

Broad and Cassel

Responsible for developing and implementing strategic IT directives in response to organizational business objectives and goals. Provide the vision and leadership for IT initiatives to improve business processes with cost effective technology solutions. Design of systems architecture for maximum network performance and user experience. Provide a secure technology environment protecting data and associated work product throughout the organization. Responsible for the development and implementation of creative and cost effective technology enhancements that support operational and financial operations. Determine appropriate support solutions including tools and software. Lead the evaluation process to prioritize departmental and functional IT projects. Manage all functional IT investment spending for capital and operating expenses. Define and implement best practices and methodologies through the use of benchmarking and competitive cost analysis. Develop a team that is talented and motivated to use well defined goal setting and career development techniques.

Jan 2004Dec 2006

Manager of Applications

Broad and Cassel

Provide direction and guidance to multiple, varied work units in the maintenance, adaptation, enhancement and development of computer applications and databases. Oversee and coordinate the introduction and maintenance of new and current applications and techniques in response to the advanced computing needs of users and/or clients. Serve as a member of the management team in the allocation of resources, facilities, and personnel to multiple programs and projects. Responsible for providing a full suite of application development, enhancement and support services as well as centralized management and support data and information resources; collaborate with other IT Management Partners in the development of strategic, tactical and operational plans for information technology.

  • Ensure the effective day to day operation of network applications
  • Manage the action resolution for issues related to network applications
  • Coordinate with IT Management Partners and supporting internal organizational units to review, develop, and implement application efficiencies that improve client experience, attorney and staff productivity and reduce costs
  • Develop and manage a cross functional team that provides effective resolution of system problems and enhancements
  • Develop and measure metrics relating to system performance and overall system effectiveness
  • Measure all costs to ensure that budgeted costs are either met or reduced
  • Help establish and enforce firm-wide processes
  • Continually evaluate application cost-reduction opportunities
  • Work closely with end-users to develop solutions, enhance existing solutions and provide cost effective, technology strategies that complement end-user goals
May 1997Jan 2004

Network Systems Analyst & Help Desk Support

Broad and Cassel

Managed Technology Services Center; designed and built multiple Access databases, presentation and brochure design firm-wide; image creation management procedures; scheduled and designed procedures for software application upgrades and rollouts; prepared documentation of computer systems and applications; provided backup support to System Engineers in their absence; administration of the new hire and termination procedures; conducted network maintenance-related tasks as assigned.