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I am anticipating graduation in June 2011 with a B.S. in Renewable Energy Engineering.

"The degree program begins by establishing a solid foundation of physics, chemistry and mathematics, which pave the way for coursework in electrical and mechanical engineering.  Upper-division courses in renewable-energy specific courses include photovoltaics, energy management and auditing, wind power, biofuels, renewable-energy transportation systems, green building and fuel cells.  The Renewable Energy curriculum prepares graduates for engineering careers in the energy sector in general, and the renewable energy in particular." 

 I see my extensive experience with energy efficiency, data collection and analysis skills,  communication skills, and passion for renewable energy as my major strengths.

Work experience

Student Researcher

SIT Study Abroad - Iceland

• Attended courses and tours at The School for Renewable Energy Science in renewable energy topics.

• Discussed energy policies with government officials.

• Conducted a feasibility study of utilizing renewable energy in a remote region of Iceland that utilizes a mixed

   resource district heating system. Publicly presented findings to community.

Green House Gas Accounting Class Project

Oregon Institute of Technology

• Estimated and analyzed greenhouse gas emissions from a 32-unit apartment complex's water use.

• Suggested mitigation strategies to save 200,000 gallons of water and $625 per year with payback period of 30    days.

Mar 2011Present

Applied Renewable Engineer Apprentice

Biomass Renewable Technologies

• Develop administrative systems and technical library.

• Assist with building a biomass laboratory and biodiesel demonstration models.

• Conduct laboratory experiments verifying catalyst success.

Mar 2010Mar 2011

Senior Project - Air Handler Experiment Unit

Oregon Institute of Technology

• Applied HVAC, instrumentation, and controls knowledge to design and fabricate a full-scale air handler  experiment unit for use in college's laboratory.

• Applied project management skills to set and meet deadlines with a team member. Delegated work to HVAC  class teams and performed design reviews.

Jan 2009Jun 2009

Energy Analyst Intern

Oregon Institute of Technology

• Estimated GHG emissions and implemented changes to reduce the campus’ carbon footprint.

• Drafted a successful proposal to mandate that purchasers consider Energy Star rated appliances to earn an       ACUPCC Tangible Action.

• Presented cost benefit analysis, resulting in dining services changing from Styrofoam to biodegradable    containers.


Jan 2009Present

Renewable Energy Engineering

Oregon Institute of Technology



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