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Work experience

Aug 2014Nov 2014


Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Animal behavior analysis using AI such as: Machine Learning, Image Processing, MATLAB, and Computer Vision.
Feb 2014Jul 2014


Limkokwing University
Catwalks, Photoshoots, TV Commercials.
Sep 2010Dec 2013

Shop Assistant

Rema 1000
Customer service, cashier, maintenance, responsibility, and much more.



Academic Degree

Erhvers Akademiet SydVest
Computer Science, Java Programming, E-business, Accounting, Database Design, Computer Architecture, System Development, Software Project Management

Information Technology

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Exchange student for one semester in Malaysia with following subjects: Advanced C++, Mobile Systems, Android Development, Artificial Intelligence, Web Programming with Java, Web Design with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and Drupal.


Teknisk Gymnasium Sønderborg
Subjects were: math, physics, chemistry, english, embedded systems, psychology, technology, and biology.


OOP languages that I am able to implement effecient and stable software in, are Java, C#, C++, and Visual Basic. I have 3 years experience in OOP. I have also learned other programming languages such as C and those that apply under "Web Development"-skill. I can also implement the 23 design patterns from "Gang of Four" as well as applying OOP in database design (DBMS) and work with both MySQL and SQL Server including SQL language and Java connectors.
Computer Architecture
As a subject in university, learned about essential functions in the OS (Linux and Windows), such as scheduler, threads handling, and multitasking. Learned about hardware components such as the features of CPU, GPU, RAM, and HDD. Learned how to use shell, batch, command prompts, and text editors like vi and nano. Got taught how to install and use several Linux OS such as Debian, Ubuntu, and Gentoo, along with kernel hacking, network configuration, and scripting in simple languages like Ruby, Python, Batch, and Shell.
Web Development
Familiar with client-side development languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and server-side development languages XML, Java, PHP, and SQL with skills in CMS systems such as Drupal and Joomla.
Embedded Systems
Learned development of embedded systems with hardware components, Assembly language, Arduino, and lots of projects throughout 3 years. Projects include microphones, speakers, simple displays, and mechanics, made from scratch with hardware components from resistor, gates, transistor, etc. to designing circuit boards and programming in Assembly or C.
As a veteran Linux user from the beginning of Red Hat and Fedora to the more modern Ubuntu. Able to install and configure Linux systems such as Gentoo along with skills in scripting, kernel hacking, module installation, and network configuration.
As a subject in university, I learned several business models for strategies, customer relationship, organization, and supply chain management, as well as the concepts for E-bussines and E-commerce. I learned to use Enterprise Systems like SAP, and how to do financial accounting.
With 3 years of experience, I am able to design efficient and stable software applications/systems with the use of UML and static or dynamic modeling such as Class Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Use Case Diagram, etc.
Software Project Management
Agile and iterative methodologies I've learned are: SCRUM, XP, ATERN, and UP. I am also able to adjust, make decisions, lead, and build teams which is knowledge I've gotten through experience. I also learned useful tools and models for planning, risks, requirements, testing, and management.
Android Development
With lots of experience in Java, I am smoothly learning how to apply the skills in Android Development along with its features, functions, and graphical appearance.
Artificial Intelligence
With work experience brought straight from Japan and university lessons from Malaysia, I can implement AI systems which include essential machine learning techniques, image/video processing, and several distributions such as Gaussian, Bayesian and analysis (PCA) along with MATLAB skills.

Hotel Management System

A system for hotels that allows them to manage bookings, payments, employees, and customers by using Java and MySQL with OOAD/OOP such as UML, design patterns, and agile approach.

Animal Behavior Analysis

Applying machine learning and image processing in artificial intelligence to build standalone software that can analyse animal behavior from videos both supervised and unsupervised by using MATLAB.

Library Self-Service

Instead of using librarians to borrow books from the library, this software project is focusing on easy-to-use self-service for registration of borrowed and retrieved library items.

Stadium Management System

A system for stadiums to manage ticket sales, matches, and seat bookings. Includes both a client-side for managers and customers, and server-side for storing, managing, and retrieving the data.


I strive to change the world and make it a better place through futuristic technology. I keep challenging and improving the most powerful thing in the world, the mind, with enthusiasm and determination. Since nothing is more valuable than time, I make sure to spend it wisely without waste and regret, so I can make the best out of what I got and become the one I want to be.