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Reese Jones possesses an extensive history within the burgeoning technology field. For nearly 25 years, Mr. Jones has been at the forefront of the technological expansion in the United States. He currently holds titles in a number of technology and related businesses and organizations. His comprehension about the future of technology is evident in his current role at Singularity University. As a board trustee, Reese Jones assists with the institution's mission of the application and guidance of exponentially advancing technologies. The new non-accredited university, operating on the NASA Ames research park campus, strives to bring together individuals with a desire to learn about the development and facilitation of these exponential technology tools and how they can be harnessed to solve humankind's grand challenges. Mr. Jones' background in biophysics has helped him support the FutureMed Executive Programs and the Synthetic Biology, Bioinfomatics and Security tracks at the University. Start-up technology companies related to synthetic biology have emerged with Reese Jones in an active role, including Genome Compiler Corporation, which offers CAD tools for programming DNA as software running in biological organisms. Additional innovative exponential technology start-up companies have emerged with Mr. Jones involvement, including some competing in X Prize competitions. Reese Jones began his journey into the innovation field at the University of California, Berkeley. A student of biophysics, Mr. Jones learned valuable lessons about biological systems and the use of technologies to understand them. In 1985, he established two business ventures at the infancy of the industry. As founder, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Netopia, Reese Jones built the computer software company from a self-sustained start-up to a business purchased for $208 million in 22 years. As CEO of a similar company, Farallon PhoneNET & Internet Media, Mr. Jones invented twisted pair networking and pioneered sound and real-time graphics over the Internet as well as the first commercial sound recording in computers. Through the course of his career, Reese Jones has served as chairman and board member for numerous technology businesses. He currently advises The Related Content Database Inc., a company serving media providers who utilize Blu-ray technology. Mr. Jones is also a partner and strategist for CURRENT Group, which seeks to improve the efficiency of electric grids. He is a partner for Definitive Partners and assists in the branding, financing, team building, product refinement, and creative design. He is also a board member for the Chabot Space & Science Museum and liveBooks.

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Singularity University


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University of California, Berkeley