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Dear: Sir/Madam

Attached is a copy of my resume, which will demonstrate my experience in working with youth and families in executive management both on a local and national level.

As the Business and Community Liaison for a Department of Labor program Job Corp, I have to network with Business Leaders, Politicians, Employers, Apprenticeships Programs, Media, Non –Profits and Community leaders. I also worked for Prison Fellowship Ministries as the National Director for Children Youth and Families.My responsibility was to develop this division on a national scale by providing youth with mentors and programs that could empower their lives.I also previously worked as the Executive Director for the Greater Washington Boys & Girls Club in the public housing complexes throughout the Washington, DC area. I was commended by Councilmen Harry Thomas Senior and Attorney General of the United States Janet Reno for the work I performed in the District of Columbia.(See attached Letters)

As you will note in reviewing my resume, I have had a wealth of wonderful experiences in fundraising, working with an array of individuals and organizations throughout my career. I understand the necessity of being sensitive to the agendas of management, staff, volunteers, board members and community stakeholders.

Thank you for taking this time to review my resume. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications with you and inform you on how I feel I can support your organization in carrying out its mission. I can be contacted at the following e-mail – [email protected].


Edgar L. Reese Jr.

Work experience

Mar 2004Mar 2008

Business Community Liaison

Eagle Group International


Potomac Job Corps Center (PJCC) is a comprehensive residential education and job training program for at-risk youth, ages 16 through 24.Job Corps combines classroom, practical, and work-based learning experiences to prepare youth for stable, long-term, competitively compensated employment..

Business Community Liaison

The focus of this position is to develop and implement an organizational marketing plan aimed at promoting employment opportunities for students.

Significant accomplishments:

·Develop and provide oversight to the Community Relations Council for the PJCC by collaborating with non-profit and for profit organizations, providing services to at-risk youth andbuilding relationship with over 80companies and businesses in the D.C. metropolitan area that will hire students in the hard and soft trades.

·Key representative for PJCC in establishing collaborative relationships with local

     politicians ( D.C. Councilman, Congressional and Senate) to promote the mission and

    goals of the organization.

·As President of the Potomac Job Corps Marketing Team, formulated the PJCC

    strategic plan , provide direction for work based learning and through collaborative

    efforts with the Outreach and Recruitment Department increased female recruitment

    from 85.8% to 104.1% over a one year period through a targeted strategy.

  • Developed effective marketing strategies attracting over six thousand students for  eligibility determination in this fiscal year.
  • Created student career corner to assist students in gathering Labor Market Information, which was cited as a Promising Practice on
  • Brokered relationship between Potomac Job Corps Center and the District of  Columbia’s Health Care programs that resulted in substantial savings to the center for students’ medical cost.
Jan 1997Mar 2004


DC Community Prevention Partnership


The DC Community Prevention Partnership, Inc., aims to empower individuals, families, businesses, institutions and neighborhoods to work on their own behalf to address education, violence, and substance abuse with communities throughout Washington DC

Executive Director

As Executive Director, I recruited selected trained, evaluated, raised funds and managed branch staff members in accordance with organizational policies and guidelines. I encouraged innovation strategies to fully engage youth and approved the branch programs plans aimed at established goals.Significant accomplishments:

·Oversaw the entire day to day operation of the facility, developed the annual budget and supported the operation through intensive fundraising efforts that resulted in my receiving over two million dollars in grant funds during my first year in this position.

·Directedthe recruitment,selection, and training ofcommunity participants to get their involvement in themission and goals of the organization

·Advised the Board President on a weekly basis regarding the operations of the club and implemented outreach plans to expand branch sites.

·Maintained autonomy of the operation of Communicated and explained all administrative decisions to the board.

·Played a pivotal role in the development of a strong board ,and under my direction assisted in their role in setting the strategic direction of the organization..

·Created a checks and balance system in the internal audit of revenues and expenses to ensure proper financial management.

Dec 1997Dec 2000

National Director of Youth Ministries

Prison Fellowship Ministries


prison Fellowship Ministries (PFM)seeks the transformation of believers as they apply biblical thinking to all of life, enabling them to transform their communities through the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. PFM aim is to reduce recidivism and increase public safety throughout the world

National Director

As National Director of the Children Youth and Families Division , I was tasked to implement the strategic development of new MatchPoint Initiative on a national scale and maintain/manage existing sites.MatchPoint was a church-based Christian ministry whose mission is to restore youth at risk of becoming chronic offenders to productive relationships with their families, communities, and Creator.The primary intervention point is a one-to-one mentoring relationship.

Significant accomplishment:

·Directed the development of youth program materials including training  curriculum to support the existing and developing youth ministry efforts of  MatchPoint on a national scale, including identifying and developing

models to reach incarcerated and at-risk youth.

·Built collaboration with organization, politicians, businesses and Churches in order to leverage mutual efforts to reach families in trouble on a national scale.These collaboration effortsresulted in successful fundraising results to support the MatchPoint program in six states.

·Implemented a three year strategic plan that was instrumental in establishing a National Volunteer Plan for the organization that was used as a model in reaching families of incarcerated youth.

·Acted as a spokesperson and national organizational expert for Prison Fellowship Ministry in regards to issues regarding trouble youth.

Dec 1991Jan 1997

Executive Director Montana Terrace Branch

Greater Washington Boys and Girls Club


The Greater Washington Boys & Girls Clubs (GWBGC) .is a youth oriented organization that offers Club programs and services to promote andenhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.

Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the then Montana Terrace Branch, my major responsibilities were to recruit and evaluate branch staff and operations, oversee the financial and program operations in accordance with organizational policies and guidelines

·Supervised the day to day operation (including, but, not limited to staff development, program development and financial management) and the maintenance of the physical plant, ensuring a safe and secure environment for the children and youth being served.

·Reported directly to the GWBGC Board on a regular basis to keep them abreast of Club activities and to coordinate to fundraising activities affecting the organization.

·Served as the GWBGC representative for the annual CFC campaign.

·Maintained the standards and the policies of the GWBGC.

·Recruited, interviewed, selected, and trained persons from the community who can make a significant contribution to the club as board members.

  • Developed collaborative relationships with community representative and political leaders to promote the organizational mission, as well as. introduce new initiatives for the GWBGC. Significant successes in this area resulted in recognition from the then, Attorney General of the United States, Janet Reno and local recognition from the late Harry Thomas Sr., Ward 5 Councilman.
Sep 1981Dec 1991

Youth Specialist

Virginia Department of Corrections

1981 -1991


The Bon Air Learning Center is a juvenile correctional facility that houses young women and young men between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. The facility provide residential treatment, medical services, case management, and clinical therapy to assist youth in making a positive transition back into their communities.

Youth Specialist

As a Youth Specialist I supervised, monitored and maintained youth in a residential setting.

I ensured that all institutional procedures were implemented in providing quality services to

the youth.

·Recruited, hired and supervised staff to man facility.

·0versaw financial and operational management

·Prepared the exit assessment for youth scheduled to leave the institute

·Trained new staff assigned to the residential dormitory

·Oversaw staff logs and other record-keeping entries per established guidelines with no omission of incidents involving a major breach of security or life threatening situation.


Aug 1975Dec 1980


Norfolk State University


Efficient in Microsoft Office