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Reed Cagle has more than 25 years of experience in the energy industry through his current position as President and Chief Executive Officer of HEI Resources, which he founded in 1997. Originally called Heartland Energy, Inc., HEI Resources was established to review gas and oil drilling prospects. Following review, the company forms partnerships and joint ventures in order to begin exploration, development, and production efforts. Since the company’s inception, Reed Cagle has structured a number of partnerships that have acquired interest in oil and gas wells in Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama. Recently, HEI Resources expanded to include base and precious metal mining. Separate from HEI Resources, Reed Cagle is also the Manager of Mid-Continent Drilling, a limited liability company located in Colorado. The firm is currently drilling in Wattenberg Field through a long-term contract with a firm that has a market cap of more than $800 million. He is also involved with the Colorado Mining Association. Cagle first began in the industry as an associate with Kinlaw Oil Corporation, before launching his own firm. Outside of the oil industry, Reed Cagle has organized and developed a nonprofit organization, Outreachers, founded in 2009. Outreachers was established to educate and improve the lives of children from both the United States and Guatemala. Reed Cagle enjoys supporting other nonprofits as well, including Young Life, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and Rocky Mountain Kids. He also participates regularly in his church, having served as a trustee after a merger that created a nationally recognized church. In his free time, Cagle enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing, and cycling.


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