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Work experience

Aug 2009Sep 2012

Volunteer Disc Jockey


I spent 5 years at The University Of Southern Maine's college radio station, WMPG, as a volunteer Disc Jockey, I became qualified for air in 2010, and conducted a total of 10 sub shift shows in the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. If there's any more information you would like to know about my tenure at WMPG, you can contact program director Lisa Bunker at 207-780-4909 on weekdays from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Sep 2012Present


Deering High School

I recently transferred to Deering High School as of later 2012

Sep 2009Jun 2012


Portland High School

I attended Portland High School for my Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years where I had mostly been an honor roll student.


Disc Jockey
I am a person who knows how to entertain and bring a smile to one's face, I am extremely well suited with technology and completely reliable in this kind of position.


I am currently seeking a job in radio broadcasting, I have 5 years of experience in college broadcasting at the University of Southern Maine's WMPG. I trained at WMPG during the years of 2009 into 2010, where in 2010, I became qualified for air, but usually as a sub shift Disc Jockey. I am a disc jockey that specializes in the genre of top 40/ hip hop radio. I am a senior in high school about to graduate in mid 2013. My primary goal is to make radio disc jockeys enjoyable to listen to, to create a diverse audience of people 16-25 years of age. I am a very energetic person who enjoys radio. I have done crazy segments at WMPG that consisted of the purchase of a rockstar energy drink that I gulped down into the microphone, burped loudly, and energetically played the first round of the online version of "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" while making obnoxious noises. I was known for my recorded and edited prank call segments to different restaurants around the state. Right now, I am going by the name of M.A.C over the airwaves.


My objective is to put edgy (again within guidelines of the FCC) radio back onto the broadcasting map, something that was stripped from us in 2008 with the format change with WRED and it's Playhouse Morning Show. I want to give people 16-25 years of age something to enjoy again, something that will make them laugh, something that is outrageous within the standards of the FCC. A show that will sustain a very long tenure in commercial radio.


My interests have been radio my entire life, whenever I wanted to get a good laugh in the morning, I would always turn on my favorite radio station, but that station is gone now. In 2009 I called up Q97.9's Trent Marshall and asked him "What does it take to be a radio personality"? stunned by the question, he responded, "I'm surprised by the fact you want to go into radio so early", considering I was 14 years of age at the time. So he suggested to train at WMPG, in which I did for 5 years. During my tenure at WMPG, there would be times on wintery sunday nights where he would invite me into the Q97.9 studio and record me talking up some sample breaks. Overall, I've had an extremely well connection with Q97.9 and the on air personalities. Now I feel that it's time to resurrect the edgy era (but within FCC guidelines) of radio. I feel that it's time for M.A.C to be born.