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For nearly two decades, RedChip Companies has offered research on businesses with small-market capitalization and productive investor relations services. RedChip Companies offers a distribution system for small-market capitalization businesses through its division, RedChip Visibility, which concentrates on conventional and digital investor relations, conferences, and research to highlight clients to thousands of investors seeking opportunities in small-market capitalization. RedChip Companies connects businesses with the appropriate investors, including thousands of individual investors, small-market capitalization fund managers, and retail brokers.

In addition to its efficient distribution system, RedChip Companies offers traditional and digital investor relations services. RedChip Companies helps up-and-coming companies gain visibility by analyzing each client’s financial landscape, corporate profile, and institutional perception. RedChip Companies then forms a plan that shows why people should invest in the client’s company. In order to tell a client’s story, RedChip Companies uses established and nontraditional methods to boost a client’s visibility in the micro- and small-market capitalization equity markets. In addition, RedChip Companies offers detailed research to investors desired by the clients.

As a service to its clients, RedChip Companies provides investors with reports written by experienced analysts showing businesses’ financial records, management representation, company strategy, and industry. With a dedication to micro- and small-market capitalization, RedChip Companies’ veteran analysts investigate a client’s competition, interview managers of the client’s company, and find outside research to offer a balanced perspective of a firm’s profile. RedChip Companies also sends business reports to important investor news sites, as well as RedChip Companies’ network of about 150,000 investors, fund managers, and brokers.