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Your Strategic Recruiting Partner

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

- Move the entire recruiting process to our desks so you can focus on your core responsibilities.

- We work directly with your hiring managers to help determine what is needed to fill your open positions

- Allow us to determine where to post the jobs to attract our target candidates. We will also post the jobs for you!

- Candidate pre-screens are essential to helping the hiring manager decide whether or not they want to spend valuable time interviewing. Once there is interest, we will schedule the interviews.

- Communication and follow-up are critical. We drive the process to a hire.

- Hourly contract recruiting solutions are customized to your needs and recruiting process.

Just Sourcing

- We will do the networking, cold calling, combing of job boards and searching your internal database for you.

Contingent Search Projects

The Panaro Group LLC will present you a panel of qualified and interested candidates based on your requirements.  We are also sensitive to whom will be a good match for your company's culture. You can be assured that those candidates presented will meet your minimum requirements and you will be prepared to interview them.

Retained Search

Every so often there is a search that requires a recruiting firm's undivided attention.  Retained Search is the solution.    It might be a top executive position, a difficult and rare technical skill or a strategic role in your organization.  Time is money and leaving a position like this vacant could negatively impact the bottom line or perhaps the company's image. We partner with you to locate the select candidate you are searching for. 

Work experience

Work experience
1995 - Present

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