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Software Automation Engineer with five years of experience specializing in object-oriented programming, robotics programming and database programmingFlexible, with proven analytical skills and with proven ability to manage multiple projects while meeting challenging deadlines. Extensive background in full-cycle of software development process including design, coding,  testing, debugging and maintenance.

Work History

Mar 2012Jan 2017

Automation Engineer

HGST Philippines Corporation

Creates and applies technology to monitor or control the production and delivery of products and services to the customers. Also, designs, programs, simulates and tests automated machinery and processes in order to complete exact tasks depending on requirements.

  • Maintained two Windows Form C#-based API application to automate  Epson SCARA robots and three-axes servo-driven linear motor that helped implement new functionalities to improve lessen human intervention and to improve DGR to achieve 100% tested products or parts and to increase the life of testing devices.
  • Developed and implemented a system that helped reduce scrapped products where a scrapped part's average cost is 36, 000 USD. This is done by eliminating manual processes that contributes 66% on scrapped products. Developed was an automated process using C# and VB6-based windows application that interface with each other through TCP/IP Socket Communication. The system also used MySQL and IBM DB2 for saving and retrieving data. Stored procedures, triggers, events and datawarehousing were implemted to make the automation possible. Also, a C# based application is developed for monitoring of data through charting, uploading of recipes through FTP, changing of parameters and settings to control the automation remotely.
  • Developed a project whose purpose is to eliminate manual process and whose function is to measure Z-height of some parts used in the line using laser. Laser is attached to a servo-driver three-axis linear end-effector motor. Laser is used to avoid contact with parts to be measured. The movement of the end-effector was automated through C# sending commands to the motion controller. Low-level movements of the motor is coded in DMC using GalilTools since the machine is using Galil. C# and AForge.NET is used as API for image processing since automation includes auto-teaching of parts through vision so the system will automatically search for a part as a reference for measurement. Saving of configurations, settings and calibration used XML serialization/deserialization and registry. GUI used WPF instead of Windows Forms to support touch screen.
  • Continuously supports all implemented projects and functionalities. Release new versions of software with bug fixes and/or improvements.


Jun 2006Apr 2011

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering

Saint Louis University

BSECE is a five-year degree program dealing with conceptualization, design and development of any electronic, computer or communication products, systems, services and processes.