Richard Harter


Twenty Six years. experience as an Instrument fitter

Seven years experience as an I & E Design Draftsman

Three years experience as both a I & E General Foreman

and I & E Foreman in the following capacities:

I & E Turnover Gen. Foreman

Instrument Auditor/Progressor Gen. Forman

Steam Trace Gen. Foreman

Steam Trace Testing and QC Gen Foreman

Generation of Instrument Sell off Packages

P & ID Walk Downs.

Licenses & Certifications

Apprentice Electrical License

Basic Petrochemical Operations Certificate

NCCER Certified as Instrument Fitter

NCCER Certified as Safety Technician

Construction Site Safety Technology Certified

NCCER Certified Safety Supervisor

CPR & First Aid Certified



To use my skills, knowledge, and supervisory experience to ensure that all safety rules, regulations, and procedures are in compliance by all employees

Other Education

S & B Supervisory School 1996

Construction Site Safety Technology 2008

CPR and First Aid 2008

Project Types

Chemical/ Refineries, Nuclear Plants, Plastics Plants, 

Co-Generation Plants, Agricultural Processing Plants

Analyzer Shops, Chemical Processing Laboratories

Desired Occupation

Certified Safety Technician


1968 - Present

High School Graduate

Glendora High School
1995 - Present

College of Mainland
1988 - 1989

Lee College