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I have been nursing for over four years. I am competent in nursing skills to  the level of exposure in the long term/rehabilitation, Senior Behavioral unit  med/surg, and oncology units. I was a Certified Nurses Aide for four years prior to becoming a nurse. I also have 18 years management and supervisory experience in wholesale, retail, and service. I worked in the horticultural industry 20 years, including store manager for a garden center, prior to my career change to the medical field. With the assistance of others I built, managed and worked a non-profit animal rescue organization, creating a volunteer system where at risk teens could learn the meanings of life, love, commitment, responsibility and teamwork and adults could work off their debts to society, though not at the same time. I have a nearly-three year old son whom I adopted at birth through a patient's family member and is the joy of my life. My desire in life is to help others and experience them helping each other. 

Work experience


Beacon Hill

October 23, 2018 to current

February 2017Oct.11, 2018


Texoma Medical Center

Oncology nurse

I currently perform all aspects of a nurse on an oncology unit including palliative care and hospice duties. It is a challenging aspect of nursing but very rewarding as well.

Unit Coordinator


My duties include monitoring for census/staff ratio and amending as necessary; Supervision of Nursing and assistant staffing procedures and performance; Resident and family customer service; medication orders, verification and input of deliveries; interdepartment communications; general staff nursing duties including admissions/discharges/transfers, daily assessments, medication administration, documentation, referrals, wound care, respiratory treatments, mobility assist ADL'S care or assist as necessary, etc. I only left to care for my sister in Sherman when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Feb 2015August 2016

Registered nurse, Senior Behavioral Health/Med-surg

Weatherford Regional Medical Center

Staff nurse Senior Behavioral Health Unit, Med/Surg. My duties include admission assessment and information documentation,  medication administration and recording, physician assistance,  wound care, patient teaching,  sterile procedures,  physical and emotional assistance,  team work and all other duties required of a staff nurse.

Registered Nurse, Full Time

Weatherford Health Care

Physical and emotional assessment of residents and patients, administration of prescribed medications as ordered. Documentation of medication administration, and care of patients. Recommendation to physician on care and follow-up with residents and patients. Physician assistance. Medicare assessments and care. Wound care, physical assistance to patients as necessary. Overseeing Certified Nurses and LVN care of patients and training as necessary. Training of new nurses in daily activities. Work 2-10 shift, Monday through Friday and as needed PRN.

Certified Nurses Aide and RN

College Park Rehabilitation Center

I worked as a CNA, caring for residents and rehabilitation clients on the morning shift. My duties included assisting with personal hygiene, ambulation, bathing, dressing, transferring, assisting with meals, perineal care. It was a vast accumulation of physical, emotional, social, psychological, understanding and assistance with great diversity among individuals. I enjoyed every aspect of the work but could not continue full time work and full time education and feel I was doing my best in each aspect simultaneously so I gave two weeks notice and continued my education into the medical field. When I graduated I told them I would return as an RN and did so for a few months before I realized I would not utilize what I had learned in this setting and went to work for the hospital in Weatherford.

Certified Nurses Aide

Santa Fe Health and Rehabilitation

I worked the overnight shift and some morning shifts as a CNA. My duties included caring for all the men on one hall. There were 18 rooms with two men in each, except for one private room. I would care for them at night, providing incontinent care, repositioning each every two hours, bathing eight individuals per morning, giving them haircuts and shaves, assisting with dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, assisting with meals as necessary, and providing comfort and understanding at all times. Then nurses called this group the "grumpy old men"  because before I came to work there, some had refused bathing for days, even weeks for a couple and did not participate in activities, they were sullen and reclusive for the most part. They just need to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserved. It took me a few days to win their respect and cooperation but managed to get them all to bath regularly, assist in their own care and become friendly with not only me but others.  I was touched when I gave my two week notice to go to work for College Park and the residents on my hall gave me a going away party in the lounge. Some of the "grumpy old men" even cried. I almost didn't go, but thought it was a good opportunity and gave me a shift that was going to work with my schooling schedule.

Certified Nurses Aide

Azle Manor Rehabilitation Center

I began at Azle Mannor training to be a Certified Nurses Aide. I was paid 7.35 an hour. This was much less than I was accustomed to in my prior field of employment, but it was time for a life altering change with the economy the way it was going. I had made the decision to get out of the industry I had worked for the previous 22 years and find a career in the medical field. I start training and working with other CNA's on the morning shift for three months. I passed my certification test on the first attempt and began working as a CNA that evening on the overnight shift. I loved the shift, the work, the residents and the other employees. I was held accountable for the care and well being of 22 residents, most were Alzheimer's victims. I checked them at a minimum of every two hours, assisted with their personal care, dressing, eating, nap time, game time, and ass aspects of ADL's that were needed. I loved the work and would have remained there had I not decided to go to college to become a nurse and wanted work to be closer to the college in pursuit of a nursing career. That is when I started looking for work in Weatherford. I gave a two week notice prior to going to work in Sante Fe but returned and pulled a couple of PRN shifts even after leaving for other employment.

Animal Control Officer

City of Azle

Upon leaving the industry of horticulture I took the first, closest job to my home, as an Animal Control Officer of Springtown Texas. The City of Azle heard that I had created a program for adoption of the animals, a spay/neuter program and that I had been nominated and chosen as employee of the month and came to my shelter to recruit me to their facility to work with their program to enhance their facility as well. I accepted, giving a month notice to the City of Springtown.  It was a challenging and rewarding change of life. I spent my days cleaning pens, feeding and watering the animals, preparing for and training volunteers for pet adoptions, grooming the potential pets, maintaining mechanics of the facility and organizing and completing paperwork for all aspects of the job. When the supervisor was out on medical leave I accepted the duties of her position on top of my own and was rewarded for my work from the Mayor of Azle. Chasing down animals at large, protecting the community for dangerous and/or wild animals and even tackling a 5' crocodile that was being kept illegally in a back yard added to the excitement. It was an experience I enjoyed and treasure. I had the opportunity to place loving pets in homes with loving owners and the responsibility of euthanizing those that could not be adopted for various reasons. It was hard, heartwarming, and heartbreaking, and I am glad I had the opportunity to experience it all.


Aug 2010May 2014

Associate of Applied Science

Weatherford College

I have studied and trained at various hospitals in the field of nursing. Spending time in the ER, OR, Medical-Surgical units, Labor and Delivery, and PACU. I have experience in  the basics of medical care of the individual as well as emotional support of the individual, family and co-workers. I have incorporated the few years as a CNA into my work to recognize other aspects of individual needs. I am confident in the knowledge I have and am eager to continue the  learning experience as I put it into action. I look forward to having a long and prosperous career in as a Registered Nurse.


Associate of Applied Science

Tarrant County College

I trained to identify plants and pests by their generic and familial names, chemicals, insects, weeds, the care of lawn, garden, flowerbeds, landscape, irrigation issues and the care and maintenance of each. I had worked in the field of horticulture for 15 years prior to getting my degree to enhance my employment opportunities. I spent 22 years in the field prior to the economy failure and necessity to find an alternate field of employment.


My objective is to work in the Nursing industry, at a location where there is opportunity for advancement and have a long and enhanced career. I want to better the lives of my family and community through the knowledge and experience I will receive through my career. I look forward to the challenges and experiences I will encounter in this new career. I am searching for full time, long term employment and am interested in a variety of areas of expertise. I believe the more you learn the more capable you become. I pride myself on punctuality and performance.


Sep 2013Sep 2018

Sprinal Screening certificate

TX dept. of state health services
Sep 2013Sep 2018

Vision screening Program

TX dept. of state health services
Sep 2013Sep 2018

Hearing Screening

TX dept. of state health services
Sep 2014May 2019

Basic Life Support (BLS)

American Heart Association
Sep 2014Sep 2016

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

American Heart Association
Sep 2014Sep 2016

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

American Heart Association

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Jun 2014Present

Registered Nurse License #858920

Texas Board of Nursing