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A life of insight into care and experiences with my own children have developed my natural care instincts into a true interest, and a need to learn more. I have secured a place on a course in Paediatric Nursing because I want to be a part in children and young people’s early experiences of the NHS, and create a lasting impression that the care industry is a positive one. Having cared for my mum growing up, I have a good understanding of the qualities it takes and also an insight into the responsibilities involved.

Current Situation

At the moment, I am fortunate enough to be spending time with my children while holding employment in a fantastic hospital, which is helping me to develop my knowledge and skills within the NHS and health care provision in general. I am hoping to further that personal development with employment in any field, as I believe in all employment there are benefits to gaining transferable skills and a variety of environments and situations. 


My personal hobbies include crafts which require patience and logic, such as cross stitch patterns, and painting. I also love to support our local Ice Hockey team, the Whitley Warriors, at the occasional game, when I have the time available to do so. Once a month, I attend my Bowes Belles Women’s Institute meetings, which have been fantastic for learning about different subjects and remaining part of a wonderful support group. I love to volunteer with them and raise for numerous charities along the way.


I am a hardworking girl, who has excellent customer skills, and a great focus for given tasks and responsibilities. I like to make sure I fulfill any tasks with my upmost effort, which includes my communication with co-workers and the public. Being mum to two beautiful boys, I have enjoyed focusing on motherhood for many years which in turn has not allowed me to build up my work experience to a great extent, but the experience I do have has given me confidence that I can succeed and continue to add to my experience. I always have a big smile to offer and am very open-minded about both people and situations, which I know makes me easy to get on with, and I always try to find a way around negative situations. I work great in a team, and work hard to make sure that every possible task is completed to the best it can be, with a mix of listening and also sometimes leading the way when people need motivating.I love to listen to people when they come to me with issues, and I also speak very clearly, and make sure what I do say, is to the point. Overall, I am a happy person, who would just love to make more people smile.


Sept 2016July 2017

Access To Higher Education Health

City of Sunderland College - Washington Campus

To kick start my ideal career and to help me to secure my place at University, I completed an Access Course focused on careers within health. This covered many key aspects of health care provision and allowed me to gain a better understanding of the core principles needed to support me. I completed the course with an overall Distinction grade, comprising of 4 Distinctions and 1 Merit. 

Mar 2012May 2012

Breastfeeding Peer Counsellor

La Leche League

As one of my personal goals to achieve while being a full time mother, I entered training to become a support counsellor for peer breastfeeding mum's. My own feeding journey has been very special to me, and I was delighted to graduate from the course and be able to help others to make the most of their's too.

Apr 2008Jul 2008

NCFE Level 2

City Of Sunderland College - Shiney Row Campus

At the back end of my first pregnancy, I took part in an Access Course, and gained the following qualification:NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality And Diversity

Sep 2002Jul 2007


Biddick School Sports College

GCSE English Literature -             

GCSE English -                              B

GCSE Maths -                                B

GCSE Statistics -                           C

GCSE Science -                             C

GCSE Art & Design -                      A

GCSE Design & Technology -      B

GCSE French -                              B

GCSE IT -                                       B

GCSE Humanities -                        C

In addition to this, I completed a GCSE Sports Leadership Award in year 10:

GCSE Sports Leadership -          B

Work experience

Dec 2017Present

Nursing Assistant

Gateshead Health NHS Trust

Within this position I am responsible for undertaking care duties and ensuring the maintenance of high standards and professionalism. I need to use good communication skills to work with both the service users and fellow team members. It has allowed my to develop my knowledge of the NHS and many aspects of health and social care.

Mar 2014Jan 2017

Coffee Shop Assistant

Miss Tina's Coffee Shop

I worked in a fast paced coffee shop with a target audience of parents and their young children. I undertook an extra supervisory role at weekends which involved using my authority and organisation skills, and I often organised events aimed at preschool children and their parents. The events helped me improve communication with both young children and their parents, creating positive professional relationships based on trust, and respect. Within this position, I needed to be patient, friendly and able to adapt to and accommodate situations as they arise, while being part of a strong team.

Nov 2013Dec 2013

Manual Data Entry Keyer - Christmas Temporary

Royal Mail
During my post over the Christmas period, I took a short but intense training course, followed by a series of tests, to determine my abilities. I exceeded expectations and went on to surpass targets continually, working well towards the overall team targets. My role involved looking at an image online, and deciphering the various fields of interest to insure an accurate postal service. It was a high pressure position and I believe I coped extremely well, becoming even better as the days went on. I thoroughly enjoyed my chance to prove myself in work and it was wonderful to have that extra aspect to my life.
Nov 2009Mar 2010

Sales Representative

Avon Cosmetics

For four months I worked as a Sales Representative for Avon Cosmetics. My duties included the delivery and collection of catalogues, processing and filing orders, receiving deliveries, compiling orders and delivering the orders to the customers. In this employment, I developed my sense of dealing with customers even further, by providing a smile for every door. This helped me to gain and maintain valuable customers, and also develop new aquaintances. I was faced with a few difficulties to do with late deliveries, and replacement orders, which I dealt with effectively as I had gained the trust of the customers in a short period of time. I feel that this experience was very valuable as it helped with my confidence when dealing with difficult situations, and I realised how useful it was to keep a smiling face.


Sales Assistant

New Look Washington

In January 2008, I started an apprenticeship at New Look, Washington. I fitted in extremely well, and took on my responsibilities with ease. While working there, I was assigned many jobs, from the stacking and organising of clothes rails, to the dusting and polishing of the gondolas. I was trained on the cashdesk, and learnt the system of the backroom, so I could help customers that needed extra help. I was also alert at all times, at the risk of shoplifters, and was precise with the procedure when such problems did arise. I loved working at New Look, but unfortunately, when I discovered I was pregnant, it became clear I would not have been able to complete the course, or the tasks involved, due to policies.

Sep 2006Sep 2006

Care Assistant

Washington Lodge Care Home

During my last year of secondary school, I enjoyed a very positive week of works experience. This took place at Washington Lodge Care Home for a week, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the residents and staff. As the care home specialised in care for Dementia patients, there were a lot of tasks besides the usual cleaning and changing bed sheets. I helped to feed certain residents, transport them around the home, and also communicate with them on a regular basis. I received very positive feedback about my efforts and I loved every minute of it!