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Staff Improvement:

One thing that I believe the staff needs to improve on is our ability to meet deadlines. I understand that this issue has already been addressed and we, as a while have been doing better with getting our stories in with enough time to get them on a page, but I know we can do better. It can be very frustrating when someone is designing a page and there are missing, and incomplete elements. To solve this problem, each and every member of staff needs to bring it to forethought to get stories done on time and to quit procrastinating! Another goal that the Staff needs to improve on is story content. Even though we have been trying to remove fluffy stories from the paper, I don't believe that it's working. The stories are written well and some are relevant, but a lot of our stories still don't pertain to much of anything that students care about. In order to remove these fluffy stories from publication, before ladder happens, ever staff member needs to make it their duty to do as much research as needed to get solid and pertanent story ideas. The third goal that I believe staff needs to work on is staying on task. In the lab, there can be days when multiple songs are being played and conversations going on, and it can be really distracting. To solve this problem, we can work to only play one song at a time, keep unnecessary conversations to a minimum, or get our work done through the distractions, because it's a lot of fun:)

Personal Initiative:

This year in Talisman, I have been forced to go out of my comfort zone many times. One time in particular was when I decided to create the Student Lounge Survey and Graphic. Throughout creating this, I had to learn how to use a form from Google Docs, something I had never done before. It seemed to be pretty self explanatory after a while of messing with it and changing things, although it seemed intimidating at the time. Another challenge that I faced with this assignment was creating a graphic. Graphics aren't exactly my forte, due to the fact that I don't find myself to be the most creative of people. This assignment allowed me to break away from my comfort zone of writing stories and attempt to make myself more creative in other ways. This assignment was also one of the most complex pieces that I have done, and it required me to do more than simply writing a story or designing a graphic; i had to create a QR code, create a survey, and design the graphic.


- Greeter at Buffalo Wild Wings- Member of the National Honor Society- Member of the National Society for High School Scholars - Media Center helper at school

My Highlight:

My highlight moment from Talisman had to definitely be when the eight of us went to San Antonio for the conference. That was the furthest I have been from home since I was seven and everyone that went made it a great experience. I feel like I really bonded with each of the girls on the trip and I feel much closer to every one of them. The conference was also a wonderful opportunity. The seminars provided a lot of useful information and I feel like it really strengthened me as a journalist.

Best Work:

Changes in the Library - I think that this story was the best story that I’ve published so far. When I wrote this story, I was really passionate about it and I think that greatly affected the manner in which it was written; I didn’t blow through it, I took my time, and went in depth with the information. Depth is important when writing journalistic pieces.School Closings and Delays - I believe that this was one of my better pieces because it required me to do research, which I had never really had to do before, but is good to do as a journalist. This piece was also the only other solid news story that I have written for the paper so far this year. I think that, although the topic was boring to me, there was a lot of useful information incorporated into it.Retail vs. Resale - I believe that this was one of my stronger pieces because it was an opinion piece and I have really strong opinions. This piece also showed my ability to persuade readers into thinking what I want them to, which doesn't exactly help me as a journalist, but definitely strengthens my abilities as a writer. This story also required me to think logically and find facts, which is important when writing journalistically.


- Improved photo editing skills- Gained skills on a Mac instead of a PC- Improved InDesign skills- Gained skills working with google drive forms- Gained skills working with QR codes, generators, and scanners

Goals for the 2nd Semester:

For the second semester, my one main personal goal would have to be to write more solid stories. I feel like my writing has been nothing more than average in the past few issues and I believe that it could have a great deal to do with the fluffy and uninteresting topics that I volunteer to write about. I believe that if I set a goal for myself to take more time in the stories that I write, and to put more forethought into selecting stories that I can write and be genuinely passionate about, I will then be able to better solidify my writing and make it better for future issues.