Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2006 - Feb 2010

Senior Market Research Manager

Diebold, Inc.

Senior Market Research Manager / Internal Consultant: Designed major international research studies; online research; research vendor management; developed standards and procedures for information services group; managed team web site.

  • Performed extensive online research across a wide variety of industries; aided associates in making multi-million dollar decisions.
  • Conducted research project from design to analysis and presentation development.Objective was to determine how banks select high-end Deposit Automation ATM’s.Accelerated launch date by 70%.Research was used to develop marketing messages.
  • Designed major international research studies including project objectives, survey and interview guides, selection of vendors and project management; accelerated launch dates by 50%-70%.Elevated quality of final vendor draft presentation by adding graphs and editing; vendors conducted blind interviews and surveys. Research areas included the following:
    • Product offering for ATM division; global study across nine countries: helped determine optimal product mix.
    • Consumer interaction with banks across nine countries: discovered next set of customer needs that demand solutions.
    • China Market Strategy: provided executives with detailed recommendations, resulting in millions in revenue.
    • New Product Decision – viability of development:led to decision to not develop, saving $5M.
  • Discovered expert who provided Porter’s Five Forces analysis on an adjacent market for a potential acquisition.Provided project management and delivered in a 75% accelerated timeframe.Aided M&A team in acquisition decision.
  • Located expert who assisted Diebold in successfully positioning personalized marketing software for banks and understanding competitive landscape.Provided project management.VP positioned product for growth, resulting in revenue increase.
  • Developed corporate-wide “LEAD” (Leader’s Advantage at Diebold) program to encourage associate leadership skill development.Brought in nationally known speakers and Diebold executives to LEAD program; held networking lunches.
  • Managed budget of $1M for contracted vendors and special research projects. Identified, evaluated and procured access to data sources.Negotiated favorable rates.Proactively developed strong working relationship with vendors and research analysts which encouraged vendors to cover topics of interest to Diebold and to write about Diebold in their reports.
  • Built strong demand for research services by building relationships with teams throughout the company.
  • Developed standard group procedures including standardized request form, CI ethics policy and customer service standards.
  • Provided detailed recommendations to Customer Satisfaction Team for yearly global research study.
  • Managed team web site; trained assistants in contributing content.Developed efficient content management methods.
  • Developed and presented executive-level industry trends instructional discussions for top customers.
  • Wrote hard-hitting and engaging commentaries regarding competitors and current events in the ATM industry, regularly receiving accolades from executive management extolling my writing style.
2003 - 2006

Market Research Manager


Market Research Manager: Internalresearch consultant assisting strategic planning, marketing and business development.

  • Conducted consumer surveys and focus groups to aid business development team in deciding which new product ideas to advance; saved millions of development dollars by eliminating unfavorable ideas very early in the process.
  • Co-led a research project, directly assigned by CEO, determining success factors for large mergers in the Specialty Chemical industry and benchmarking the probability of success of Lubrizol’s merger with Noveon.CEO used this research to court investors to purchase a new stock offering, resulting in the successful sale of 100% of the stock offering.
2001 - 2002

Knowledge Management Consultant

Realty One

Knowledge Management / Research Consultant: Independent consultant with responsible for development of a firm-wide knowledge sharing strategy, resulting in more efficient working relationships and stronger customer service.

  • Surveyed 1,000 and interviewed 100 employees in five related companies to identify knowledge sharing/collaboration methods.
  • Authored 100+ page deliverable with recommendations for a comprehensive knowledge management strategy across all five companies; recommendations were implemented, resulting in more efficient communication and collaboration.
2000 - 2001

Marketing Research Manager

Stonebridge Technologies

Market Research Manager: Developed a Market Research Department.Drove strong demand through networking and service.

  • Provided strategic research for e-commerce clients.Verified business plans and strategies utilizing online research and focus groups; developed content strategies; critiqued best practices for web site design.
  • Spearheaded the practice of conducting company/industry research prior to Business Development meetings; won new clients generating millions in revenue.
  • Conducted research and interviews to develop effective competitive strategy in an extremely competitive post August 2000 environment.Armed salespersons with information, resulting in winning of new clients while competing against top tier consulting firms - formerly competed against mid-tier consulting firms.
1996 - 2000

KWEB Team Project Manager, Business Researcher

Ernst & Young

KWEB Team Project Manager (1998 to 2000): Acted as an internal consultant for internal teams desiring to build internal web sites.

  • Coached teams’ knowledge managers in acquiring content, and in motivating team members to contribute to and use the site.Coached the E&Y Italy team as well as 17 other teams, accelerating launch dates by 50%.Developed search engine training class.

Business Researcher (1996 to1998): Conducted extensive online market research across various industries.

  • Developed expertise with 50+ online research vendors.


2003 - 2005

Master of Business Administration

Cleveland State University
1995 - 1997

Master of Library and Information Science

Kent State University

Focus on online business research sources and knowledge management techniques.

1984 - 1988

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Ohio State University


2009 - 2010

Certified Career Management Professional

Career Coach Academy
2009 - 2010

Certified Job Search Strategist

Job Search Academy
2007 - 2009

Competitive Intelligence Professional

Fuld Academy
2005 - 2008

Market Research Professional

The Burke Institute