Rebecca Webster

Rebecca Webster


I have recently passed my driving test and in my spare time I like to drive down the beach and take my family out. I go to the cinema often and usually listen to dance music. I like to spend time on my laptop browsing shopping sites and socialising with my friends. I like to watch football or go to the matches as I have recently had a season ticket. I like to go to theme parks or abroad every year with my family and friends.


Personal Profile:

I am currently at Bede College studying my second year in ICT Practioners National Diploma Level 3 as well as my Level 2 in Numeracy. I work part time at JJB sports and my time here I have proven to be reliable and punctual. I am always polite and like to make sure everyone is happy. I am a very sociable person once I get to know people and like to meet new people. I am confident with challenges and targets and like to learn new skills. I am a hard working individual who enjoys working as part of a team but prefer working on my own as i am independent.

Key Skills:

  • Computer Skills
  • Reliable
  • Timekeeping
  • Communication skills

Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2008 - Present

Sales assistant

JJB Sports

When working at JJB I have to serve customers, help them in making correct decisions for specific purposes. For example running trainers to suit their needs. I also clean certain parts of the store where I am based when no customers need assisting. I also have to ensure trainers are put back onto the correct shelves with the correct prices on them. I assist customers by getting their size shoe from the stockroom if it is not available on the shop floor. I am also responsible on occasions to mark off delivery and put them away in specific places in the stockrooms. I also have targets which requires me to sell shoecare with the shoes for example, shoe whitener or insoles etc. I work as part of a team and take turns on different departments if a member of staff is not available or there are many customers to make sure all customers needs are met.

2007 - 2007

General Assistant

Ellesmere Linen

During year 10 I took part in a weeks work experience at Ellesmere Linen. I had to help other workers with laundry tasks such as sorting the laundry into the different colours and sizes as well as counting how many were there. I also helped pack them up to be delivered to hotels and restaurants.



BTEC National Practitioners Level 3

Bede College

Adult Numeracy Level 1                      Pass

Adult Numeracy Level 2                      To be completed June 2010

ICT Practioners National Diploma    Distinction (Year 1)

Sep 2008 - Present

BTEC National Diploma Level 3

Bede College

Adult Numeracy Level 1                      Pass

Adult Numeracy Level 2                      To be completed June 2010

ICT Practioners National Diploma    Distinction (Year 1)

Sep 2003 - Jun 2008


Pennywell Comprehensive

OCR Level 2 National Award ICT    Pass

ICT (Short course)  ~B

English Language ~ C

English Literature  ~ C

Art and Design        ~ C

Geography              ~ C

Religious Studies  ~ C

Science                    ~ D

Adiitional Science  ~ D

Mathematics          ~ D



Communication Skills

Verbal Communication:   I interact with different ages and ethnic origins at work every week and always remain polite and speak clearly. I speak on the telephone regularly and have a good, polite telephone manner.   Listening Skills:   My friends and family consider me to be a good listener as I am an impartial individual and can give appropriate advice. I use my listening skills throughout my employment as I need to listen to customers to find out what they really need. For example a customer may ask for running shoes but when assessing what they are using them for they may actually need gym trainers.   Written Communication:   When at college I need to write essays and reports everyday for my coursework to be completed. I am confident in writing letters and emails in everyday life as well as completing forms and applications.   Body Language Communication:   I always make sure I have positive and approachable body language when dealing with customers ensuring they know they have my full attention and I am generally interested in what they have to say and help them.

Computer Skills

I have used computers from a early age and have used them throughout my years in school. I have progressed well and achieved grade B in my GCSE. I have also recently achieved a distinction from my first year at college. On this course I have done the main part of my coursework on software packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and Web Design packages. I have my own laptop so am usually on the computer everyday.

Customer Service

I have worked at JJB for 8 months and now find it easy to approach and help customers when they are looking for a specific item or just browsing. I like to make sure customers needs are met as I always try my best to achieve this. For example I will phone other JJB stores to check availability in items the customers are looking to purchase and reserve for collection. If this is not achievable I will always spend more time to offer alternatives as possible. If a customer reacts inappropriately I remain calm and continue to give good customer service.