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Professional development goals include: assertiveness through leadershipsuccessful airmanship practices and self-reflection for improved acumen in aviation.


Logged Flight Times, as of 22-MAR-18



Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations)

Flight One, Archerfield Airport

A 200 hour program where I am training  towards a commercial pilot's licence, with navigation exercises  completed on the Cessna 172R/S and 182Q.  


Private Pilot's Licence

Flight One, Archerfield Airport

Gained my PPL by self studying most theory components under a self-funded scheme. 


Bachelor of Aviation

Griffith University

GPA: 6.20 (maximum of 7.0)

Self-studying the CASA ATPL (aeroplane) exams to gain credit for forth year subjects, under a customised study plan. 

Work History


Flight Dispatcher

Virgin Australia

Produce efficient and legal flight plans for domestic routes for Virgin Australia, VARA and Tiger (bulk plans). Discuss flight plan considerations with pilots and Air Services. Conduct flight following via ACARS uplinks and HF radio transmissions


Cafe Assistant / Barista

Red Spoon Cafe, Archerfield Airport

Prepare food for the cafe and daily catering. Serve coffee. 


Noldus Research Analyst

PARO Project, Health Sciences, Griffith University

I observe and code both behaviours and interactions of patients with dementia. Use Noldus coding program. Work interdependently. Report progress to project leaders.


Deputy Chief Student Pilot

Griffith Aviation Mentoring 

Managed weekly mentoring sessions for over 300 aviation students, with attendees ranging from first to fourth year. Organised guest speakers from the industry to present on their aviation experiences and to offer insight for prospective pilots. 


Leader and Facilitator

Griffith Uni-Skills (Aviation)

Facilitate weekly mentoring sessions where aviation students can also develop academic skills. Refer students to appropriate Griffith services. Encourage success at university.



Griffith University Flying Club

A professional aviation club providing networking and flying opportunities for students. Delegate tasksFacilitate and lead regular meetings. Present during MATES sessions. Liaise with club contacts (flight schools etc.)


Leader and Mentor

Griffith Mates

Leader and Mentor. Organise events to assist international students transition to Griffith University.



RAAF Scholar

Brisbane RAAF Memorial Trust Scholarship

Awarded in recognition of academic achievement, community involvement and motivation in the field of aviation.


Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence

Bachelor of Aviation

Achieved in all semesters for holding a GPA above 6.0.


Minor Gliding Scholarship

Griffith University Soaring Society

Awarded for displaying leadership and initiative, club involvement and gliding performance.