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About myself

I have knowledge and experience of applying make-up and hairstyling for theatre, film, fashion, commercials, body art, beauty make-up, camouflage, airbrush make-up, special/casualty effects and the use and creation of prosthetic pieces.

I have knowledge of the skin, it’s types, conditions and it’s structure as well as an extensive understanding of the colour theory of which I put into practise every day in my work to ensure I am using the correct colours for each individual client. I fully qualified as a make-up artist in July 2015 and during my time studying we worked alongside many professional photographers on fashion, bridal and body art shoots creating a range of images and designs.

I am a hard working and friendly individual who always strives to achieve the best for myself and my clients.

I like to push myself to try and exciting designs and projects and I am always trying to further my education in this industry by completing many different short courses with a range of different schools and teachers. Such as I recently completed a short course through Neill Gorton’s school with the artist Stuart Conran where we learnt and practised casualty effects and the creation of prosthetic pieces.

Work experience

Jul 2015Jul 2015

Make-Up Artist- Advert

Hello Hot Tub Rental

I worked alongside the director and producers to establish the look and feel they were trying to create for the advert and the actors. I then drew up some designs and we worked together to confirm the final look they wanted. I then styled the actors and actresses hair on the day of the shoot as well as applying a natural make-up look on the males to even their skin tone. I also created a sexy dark look on the female to ensure that she stood out in her relevant scenes.

May 2015May 2015

Make-Up Artist 'Jason'

BlueLight Media

This short film was a very intense but short shoot. The director wanted the main male actor to have such an extreme gory look of his eye had been blown out, to scare the audience. I was able to achieve this by creating a prosthetic piece out of gelatine that I then pre-painted with AA paints and applied to the actor using special adhesive. I then blended the piece into the skin to create a seamless look and proceeded to colour blend the piece and the skin to make it seem more realistic.

Apr 2015Apr 2015

Make-up artist 'Hell'

BlueLight Media

Creating different horror themed looks for two male actors in this short film. I had a limited time to do and had to achieve the look of a demon/the devil on the main actor. So using different products, such as bruise gels, alcohol activated paints and many others I was able to achieve a scary and dark effect make-up for each actor that the director and producer were happy with. I also applied a natural make-up look on the female actress as well as styling her hair to contrast with the two 'devil' actors.

Mar 2015Mar 2015

Hair and Make-up Artist

British Film Institute Student Short Film competition

Following the brief set by the directors and producers to achieve the look they want for the short film. So ensuring that the make-up and hair look that I created for each actor and actress was following what had requested. Applying touch-ups throughout the shoot and styling the cast for each scene.

Nov 2014Nov 2014

Hair and Make-up Artist 'The Nativity Factor'

ITN Productions 

Working alongside the director and producer on this short film to create a look for each character. Applying make-up and carrying out touch-ups throughout the day shoot for each actor and actress to ensure upkeep and continuity of the look. Styling and dressing the hair if needed and styling and selecting each actor and actresses clothes for each scene.

Oct 2014Nov 2014

Hair and Make-up Artist 'Annie'

Theatre Royal Nottingham

Designing and creating 1930's period style looks for the actors in the theatre production of 'Annie' male and female. Setting, dressing and styling the wigs and applying make-up on the actors and actresses in a 1930's style specific to their characters.



Sep 2014Jun 2015

Level 3 Diploma in Fashion, theatrical and media hair and make-up.

New College Nottingham

The study and practical application of different hair and make-up styles and techniques. Such as bridal, fashion, body art, airbrushing, theatrical, special effects, camouflage amongst many others. We also extensively studied the colour theory, the skin structure, bones and muscles structure.

Sep 2011Jul 2012

Certificate in Beauty Therapy

Lincoln College
Sep 2006Jul 2008

BTED HND in Media Moving Image

Brooksby Melton College

Triple Distinctions

Sep 2000Jul 2005

Seven GCSE's

Kesteven and Grantham Girls School

I received seven GCSE's during my time here:
History A
Maths B
English Literature B
English Language B
French B
Art B
Science Double Award B


Punctual and organised.

One of the main things that I have always strived to achieve, especially in the make-up industry is to be on time for work. I always make sure that I am fully prepared for any eventuality and on time as I always fully commit to each job that I take on.

The ability to work well by myself and with others.

During my roles within retail I really learnt how to work alongside other members or staff or management to ensure that the work was completed in a timely manner and to a satisfying standard. We had to also ensure that we were hitting the targets set by the top managers so we would do this together as a team or individually for any personal targets set.

Excellent customer service skills.

I have worked in the retail and customer service industry for nearly 10 years and in that time I learnt how to deliver excellent customer service as well as the ability to work to a time limit and to targets.